3 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

That's what I can say at most for a BEST Friend!!!

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             It has been a long time since I have stopped writing about my friends individually on my Blog or wishing them their Birthdays. It is been done because I feel that talking about my personal life is not that interests people but talking about other things does. But as some people become too worthy in life, I just forget every rule, regulation, term and condition that I create for my self. :-) I still remember the day when I and other two boys of my town raised hands in class for being in a group of 5 for a Presentation. We were still unclear as to who the other two would be. 2 girls raised their hands with us indicating that they would prefer coming in our group. Who knew that later on, I would become such a good friend with one of them. It is rightly said that "Few small moments in our life builds a phase of it". We were just a Group but today, I and Vandana share a bond that is unbreakable and something that everyone needs in life. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013(running) and upcoming 2014 and 2015- These 6 years is a phase of my life which will always be remembered as the best moment in my life because the way I am developing and also because I have her as a Best Friend. Today, as she celebrates her 22nd Birthday, I would like to wish her through this medium. I have talked about all my friends in group over this Blog Space except her. And even when terms of Blogging has changed since then, I want to break it for this opportunity that has come up.

              Every time I have told her some thing about her life that reflects exactly as it is, she has tried to revive those moments back. She has tried her best not to repeat her faults but loop her positives. As I have already said that the complexion of body does not tell how beautiful or smart you are but your work does, giving examples of my mother, Vandana is just another example to this. I find her beautiful because when she stands on stage and speaks, I don't find anyone in my classroom capable of touching her brilliance. When she decides that she is doing some thing, no one can stop her. The only problem is that she takes an era to decide if she is really going to do a particular task in life or not. :-) But once decided, it ends up getting accomplished. I keep on scolding and teasing her every day but somewhere I get inspired. Yes, I do. But not to her sentences like "Ab main ye permanently nahi karne waali hoon". Bwahahaha!

            There are many things that she possess which I don't. And having a Best Friend of such kind is a dream. As my terms are to have Parents, Wife, Best Friend and Children of a kind that I should get inspired, at least I have won in Parent's and Best Friend's part. I don't know how my Happy Family is going to be. :-) The good thing about both of us is that we make it sure that we abuse each other when something is going wrong and also appreciate if someone is doing something which he/she was never meant to. We respect each others' life and hence, we are never in fighting terms. Since last 3 years, there has not been a single incident when I and she have argued on something. Even when she used to be aggressive once, she never ever evoked her volcano over me. She has always been sweet to me and I, a lecturer to her. Haha! 

            She never let me know the amount of affection she has for me but she shows it through her gestures. I remember an incident when 8-10 friends of mine were sitting in Inorbit Mall. We always make it sure that both of us sit together as we know that no one can entertain us better. :-) I said in between to all that I need to go to a computer shop for my work. Suddenly, her jaw dropped and she said it in a low voice,"Kitne der mein aayega?" When I told her that may be half an hour or something, she was skeptic about what she has to do. Finally, she said to all that even she is moving with me without caring about what they'll feel. Even when a friend said to her to be there with them, she didn't stop or looked back. Second- I was facing it hard to cope up with Maths in my last Semester. I asked her to learn it from her childhood friend and I'll manage mine. She scolded me a lot saying that she will only learn Maths when I'll be positive about the subject and learn it from her. At last, she made the subject easy for me. Only then she felt good about herself. 

            Every time she finds that I am not visible around her, she starts messaging me and asks me to be there within minutes. But when I come, she never tells how much she missed me but abuses for being someone who is not on time and other shits. Haha! And this is how even when she is possessive/careful about me, she does not say it directly but her gestures are enough to make me feel special about myself. Any problem and I just need to hold her hands and say that I am with her and I'll not let her face any problem alone, she finds strength in her life. I still remember that phase of life when she was sure about not doing MCA, she used to talk only to me. At 4 AM, I used to get messages from her. I comforted a lot. Every time we met, I used to tell her how to spend a year and come to my college next year. And the day she got admission in my college in the same year, same batch, both of us got our complete life again. 

           Our bonding is such that we don't have any thing called EGO between us. We never wait for one to contact or talk about any matter at first but do it ourselves. This does not let the complexity come between us. A vacation of 15-30 days, we never talk to each other for hours on phone but when we meet after the duration, it is as if we were never away. As I am too workaholic, it happens many a times that I don't wait for anyone and run home. As she accompanies me to station every day, I even leave her behind. She feels bad but still she forgives me for this. I am sure that no one else would have managed me at this level. At least, not any other female for sure as we know how noisy girls are. Haha! And if I would not have had a co-operative and understanding friend like her, I would have not been able to call anyone my Best Friend at this point of time. But thanks to her that she has made my life enough interesting that I can claim that even when I don't have time to maintain relationships, I have a Best Friend. 

            On this 22nd Birthday of hers, my first Published Work "A Date with Fate" in "Uff Ye Emotions" is going for prints. My Blog is going to turn into a Promotional Campaign from today to 10th of this month, the day when book will be finally releasing. A Contest is coming up. Thanks for getting born on this particular day, my dear friend. :-) Vandana, I don't have much words to say how much you teach me, inspire me, motivate me but I can only say that in whatever condition that might come, I will always be there for you. I am not promising but I will make it sure that my actions would speak. Six Years in Life is not a small thing. And after my childhood friends, it's you with whom I am spending such a long time. And you know that our Friendship is better than our Friendships that we have with our respective childhood friends. Bwahaha! Hence, never ever feel shy or reserved for any thing in life when it comes to sharing or demanding for help from me. Always be the way you are. You know that I am that friend of yours whom you can call up at 3 in night and I would come up for your help. I can at least promise that I am going to be the same for life. 

             I work sleeplessly to make close people like you in my life to be proud of being associated with me. I want to become something more than ordinary. I hope that I will make you enough proud that you can say it to the world that "Abhilash is my best friend". I hope! I am working towards it!

            My Best wishes are always with you. And through this post, I need to let you feel confident about your life. You are a sweet heart and I don't want you to live just another life. You are a talented girl and I want you to live a life that will serve an example for the coming generation. Analyze yourself, understand yourself and bring out the best. You are indefinite and hence, don't confine yourself. Break the barriers and achieve that none female can of this generation. Be happy in life. Be Considerate about people. Be loyal to your time and family. That's all I can wish/demand for/from you. A very Happy Birthday to you from your friend, Abhilash. That's all before emotions take its toll over me. :-) 



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