26 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The 3 Mistakes of my Life by Chetan Bhagat!!!

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             It's a good way to start the new series of Blog with something that I love doing the most. Reviewing books. And more when I have read a Chetan Bhagat's novel. :-) I have already read all the novels of Chetan Bhagat's but the first 4 were read when I was not into this reviewing thing. I have read "The 3 Mistakes of My Life" yesterday as I had to watch Kai Po Che today. And because I don't have a great memory I thought of going through the story once again. And seriously speaking I loved reading the book for the second time too. This is the first time when a novel is been read by me twice. I will never rate Chetan Bhagat's first 4 novels because they bought me into this reading habit which made me read more books and now all of you know what relation I share with books. :-) I am also writing one. Well- 1000s of youth are in our country. Big Deal? Huh! This is what you all would be thinking. But then who cares? Haha! When you are showing attitude even I can. 

              3 Mistakes is a story of three boys where one wants to do big in business while other wants to do great in Cricket and the 3rd one wants to do anything else in life but not being a priest like his father. These 3 friends come together and starts a business by opening a Cricket shop. It does well and they start loving this journey of life. But then certain incidents take place and every thing starts getting difficult. Politics, religion, cricket, love etc enter their life and takes away all the fun and comfort. Book is full of emotional saga and you can not leave it once you start reading it. And when it's book by India's most favorite and entertaining author, you don't need any review to read it, right? So go get it and read. It would be more fun, I think, if you will watch movie- Kai Po Che after reading the book from which it is been adapted. Because I loved watching 3 Idiots as I was done reading Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat yet again a week before that movie released.

              Right from the first page to the last, various distinct ingredients are used to make this book an interesting read. Not a page can be termed as boring. As the book's tag says that it's about Business, Cricket and Religion, all three aspects come in the same order in the book. When it's business, you also love the way they start a business with all the difficulties and grow soon. Then an accident in Gujarat and all goes. The way they try to revamp is again a story. The several events of Gujarat are portrayed very beautifully. Chetan Bhagat have carved them in the book and not just written. Calling the book a Fiction work, he has written all that he had to say about Gujarat. He being a part of the state during his IIM days has shown his experience of it in the book.

           Later, Cricket enters the book and brings more interest. Mention of some real matches generates curiosity. I am sure boys will surely like the parts. Then a character teaching Cricket to a very young boy of 12 years old is another beautiful part of the book. When one fails to achieve something and starts nourishing someone else whom he finds just like himself in the field, the emotion is clearly felt. Kudos, Mr. Author. The entry of one character's relative in the book ruins the perfect life of all. The romantic scene in a parallel world to the main plot is also an interesting read. When Chetan Bhagat writes romance as the secondary topic in his books, no one can even touch him in it. Even his love making scene makes us feel good about young romance while other authors write as if love is all about sex and being physical. 

            The climax yet again a perfect end. It's very hard for an author to scribble real politic that involves religion. The way Chetan Bhagat has shown guts in portraying what views Hindu and Muslims had against each other in Gujarat is scary to read but somewhere everyone of us know that it's truth and it still resides. This is the most gutsy attempt by Mr. CB. I will always admire him for this book if not for any else. This book is also filled with wonderful one-liners and humour elements. Typical Chetan Bhagat stuff, in short. I will be reading his 2 States too for the second time but when the movie based on it would be about to release just as I have done this time. :-) 2 States' adaptation has Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as lead pair. Let's see what that movie is all about. But for now, I would like all of you to read The 3 Mistakes of my Life if you don't want to miss one of the bests by Chetan Bhagat.



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Anonymous said...

I have read the book again the night when I saw the film...
How he carried the SOUL of book is unexceptional!!

Good Review Abhi...

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Raja... both book and movie is a nice attempt

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