3 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

An Unforgettable Scary Event by Gaurav Dashputra!!!


             Mr. Gaurav Dashputra is one of the rare writers who reside in Navi Mumbai. His debut novel "And Then It Rained" is running successfully in the market. I, being from the same area, get the privilege to meet him and talk about our literary ideas. This time when I met him we discussed and he felt that he should contribute on this space. As decided, he will be posting his views on every Sunday. This is his first contribution. Let's hope that he maintains the regularity. :-) The first post is too intense. Do read it only if you can deal with the scenario in which a woman delivers a baby. 


           Hello everyone. This is Gaurav Dashputra and I am the author of “And Then It Rained… coz life ain’t always a fairy-tale.” Well first of all I would like to thank our very own Abhilash Ruhela for giving me this opportunity to write for his blog. I feel extremely privileged and honoured because today as I sit down to write this for you all.

            Now for all those who are wondering “who is this guy and why he is here” let me tell you that I am a doctor and have finished my MBBS and am doing my internship from Dr. D.Y Patil Medical College Mumbai. And as far as the second question goes… I am here to share with my posts certain things that amuse me and make my life a little more exciting.

           Okay so without wasting any more time I would like to start today’s post. So as most of you might know after a guy has finished his MBBS which is a 4 and a half year course he has to do a year internship before he can get his degree. What happens in one year is that we have to go and work under almost every department that the medical field has to offer.


       I started my internship this January and was posted in the Gynaecology department. For all those who don’t know what that is, it is the department that deals with the female reproductive system *giving birth to babies* more particularly. Wow JACKPOT!!! You might think. WRONG. It has by far been the most mentally disturbing thing that I have had to encounter in my whole life. You might have seen a lot of child bearing scenes in a lot of movies but trust me in reality it is far worse that you can imagine. It has made me question the whole idea of having children. I am sure I would never like to have children after seeing what I saw. Why you ask. I will tell you why.

            In these past two months that I have been working there I have seen a lot of shit. Both literally and otherwise but what happened a couple of weeks ago has left me scarred for life. Ok so it was a Thursday and like every Thursday I was posted for duty in the delivery room with one senior doctor. The day had been busy with a heavy inflow if patients and there were babies coming out every thirty minutes. So far so good. But then at ten o clock at night a lady comes in with complains of pain in her abdomen and leaking of fluid from her vagina. She was nine months pregnant. My senior decided to take her on the delivery table right away as she was in labour. Once she was on the table we called the children’s doctor a.k.a pediatrician and asked her to push. She let out a huge scream and pushed but the baby did not come out. What came out was a splatter of faeces that fell right on my senior’s shoe. That was one of the grossest things I have seen. My senior too was grossed out but being the professional that he is he still encouraged her to keep pushing. About five minutes later we saw the head coming. After asking her to give one final push the head popped out into my seniors hand but with that a lot of amniotic fluid came out too and splashed on my senior’s hair. If that would have been me I would have left everything and ran straight to the shower. But my senior completed the delivery. The baby was now out and the pediatrician wrapped him with a cloth to clean him up. The baby wasn't crying. Now that was a bad sign. We rubbed his back but still nothing. A lot of fluid had entered his lungs and he wasn't breathing. We had to open his mouth and perform suction through a drain to aspirate the fluid. But he still did not cry. The pediatrician decided to incubate him and put a breathing tube in his lungs so that we could give him artificial respiration through a bag. After giving him artificial respiration for fifteen minutes his colour changed from blue to pink. That was a good sign. Now it was time to remove the tube and see if he would breathe on his own. We removed the tube and he started crying. We had saved the child. After cleaning him up the pediatrician took the child to the mother to show her that it was a boy she had given birth to and instead of being happy she vomited all over the child and the doctor. That was it I could not take it any longer I ran out of there as I was feeling sick myself.

        Now I am not married and I don’t even see myself getting married for a foreseeable future but after seeing all this I think it is going to take some miracle to convince me to have kids. This incident has scarred me for life and if by reading this it has scarred all of you as well then that is a good thing as we would be contributing a lot to control the ever growing population of India.

            Anyway now I would take your leave with the promise that from next time I would write a little less traumatic and disturbing post. Until then…Take Care.


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vidit said...

Dimaag ki ultimate dahi ho gai yaar :-(
khatarnak post

vidit said...

Dimaag ki dahi ho gai , khatarnak post

Anonymous said...

Kudos for the write up...Good that its been shared on this platform..Seriously every boy n husband who hs d typical mentality of having babies n even those who find girls n the wife a sex machine should read the post..Yes it takes a lot of courage so Be a man enough to face n experience that moment live in the labour room....

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