17 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Water Canons & Tear Gases Can't Suppress This Generation's Voice!!!

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            These days our country is not only struggling with common political governance but also about the fact that the democracy is getting killed daily by little amount. The one thing of which we have always been proud of our country is its freedom. Let the government ruin us as much as they can by hiking prices of almost every commodity and service, but we always stayed happy that we can at least speak about it. We never feared of talking about any politician anywhere in public. But now the case is not the same. When we used to hold the mike in public platform, we never gave second thought to what we speak. We used to evoke almost every thing that we had in our hearts. Let it be complain, criticism, provocation or whatever. But now, we fear. Today, we don't appreciate holding mike and speaking something in front of a big crowd. Even if we hold the mike, we fear that for which word or sentence, we might be jailed. You never know that a normal sentence against someone can jail you.

              India, being a country of diversity, needs to understand that 120 crore people will have 120 crore different views. 60 crore will talk positive while the same amount of people will talk negative in a balanced situation. How can you slaughter the voice of almost half of Indians when you are following authoritarianism which is the worst kind of leadership in any example or history? You will have to give us our own space to speak. The situation is the same as of what happens with us in market every other time. We go to purchase our T-shirt. We don't find it nice after trying it for 3 different occasions. We tell 5 other friends to not to purchase clothes from the same shop as they are not of good quality. What wrong have you done in this case? Nothing. You have just stated your point of view for a respective shop which you tried. What if you are been beaten up or jailed for this? What if a legal notice is been sent at your residence? What if you are been tagged as criminal for the same? INJUSTICE!!! Right? 

               When Girish Karnad spoke in Mumbai Lit Fest, he was been objected. When Ashish Nandy spoke against SC/ST and other communities, Jaipur Lit Fest's organizers were asked not to leave the territory until they get the final notice. Kamal Hassan's movie- Vishwaroopam was banned even before its release when no one watched it. Government didn't even give him chance to show his movie initially. He kept saying that there's no objectionable content but still... Certain songs and their lyrics are banned for umpteenth number of times. Internet censorship is been talked of every 2 months. TRAI has bought the rule of not more than 100 BULK SMS in a single day so that we can't share any urgent provocation against Government in a go. Shivsena's youth party banned Rohinton Mistry's book "Such a Long Journey" just because they felt that it had obnoxious content about Mumbai's Dabbawallahs. Ridiculous! How many times will we have to hear such occurrences of unwanted events regarding the "free speech"?

              I, as a Blogger, will have to talk every time I'll fear of writing anything against anything. This is not what I would appreciate to happen in my nation where I was once allowed to read and write whatever I want to. I remember when my first article was published in newspaper against a local political party, everyone who knew got scared that I might get beaten up for writing against them. They all started preaching me that I can write anything that I want but not against any political party or power. This is how the "free speech" is been killed these days. You are not even allowed to speak against those because of whom our nation is suffering. It is sacrificing its best attribute because of few such people who are trying to dominate certain communities by not letting them speak against them for whatever they are suffering.

               I hope the "free speeches" would be considered as a liability given to us, the people of India. Let the power prevail. We will have to talk. If not, we can not just sit quiet and see all the mishaps. This generation is here to speak and bring on the change. Let's bring it. Let's not fear against water canons and tear gases. 



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