19 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

The only GOD who is considered as a FRIEND :-)

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             I remember the dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan on the occasion,"Aaj khush toh bahot hoge tum....". I did imitate almost the same thing when I had some argument with Lord Ganesha in a temple of Nashik. I had great trust on Lord Ganesha since my childhood. Today, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, I am sailing in the memoirs and beauty of my childhood. The first love always remains to be the BEST. And the first always happens when you are a kid. For me, the first God that I started believing in was Lord Ganesha. Every Sunday, it was a regimen to wake up early in the morning. My mother used to send me to the local kirana shop(which are in danger today because of FDI :-)) to bring Bread and butter. Later, we used to have breakfast with certain episodes of different Mythological based shows from 9 AM to 12 PM. For these 3 hours, I used to live at my home as if I'm sitting with a team of MOST POWERFUL GODS. 9 to 10 slot had Ramayana. 10 to 11 slot had Sri Ganesha. 11 to 12 slot had Vishnu Purana. Later, Zee TV started its own version of Shree Ganesha at 8 AM in the morning. So it turned 4 hours of spiritual enlightenment for me. :-)

            Out of all the 4 programmes, I liked watching the two that were based on Lord Ganesha. For every child, a small kid with a face of an elephant is a fascination. I was no different. I loved the way they showed Lord Ganesha jumping here and there to defeat the respective rakshasas and danavas. And to my excitement and curiosity, my favorite hero always won. And hence, I started dreaming of being as strong and intellectual as Lord Ganesha. In my imagination, I always saw myself hitting and killing almost everyone I disliked then but the only problem that prevailed all my imagination was- How could I get a head of Elephant so that I can look as cool as Lord Ganesha. I used to ask all the bhaiyyas and uncles of my societies to tell me the reason behind the head of Lord Ganesha being of an elephant's. Later, in a repeat telecast, I saw how his own father- Lord Shiva cut his head and then, the head of an elephant was transplanted. And because Lord Ganesha suffered this, a Goddess ordered to the world that whenever any Puja would be done in the dharma, it will begin with the praying to Ganesha first. And I got more fascinated then, that my favorite GOD is prayed before any other God, even before his own father who is considered to be the mightiest of all. :-)

             But later, when I grew, entered my teenage, my expectations and desires increased, I found that Lord Ganesha wasn't fulfilling even the basics that I demanded. My heart was broken. And then, I shifted myself away from spirituality. It was then that I imitated,"Aaj khush toh bahot hoge tum..." :-) But later on I landed up on Sai Baba because he is being worshiped by every religion, caste and creed. Today on Ganesh Chaturthi, I want to apologize Lord Ganesha for all the anger I have with him. I still have but for the next 10 days, I want to rejoice him. :-) I want to celebrate his arrival. Living in Maharashtra since my birth, I have a special respect for this festival and these 10 days are no less than Bliss. Even today, when I see the animated movies releasing that has a cute animated character of Ganesha, I wish to go for it. But, I don't. I feel as I'm quite grown up to enjoy these childish things. :-) 

        A very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all the people who idolized Lord Ganesha once in their life. :-)



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Happy Ganesh chaturthi to you as well!
hope all wishes are fulfilled and everyone is blessed :)

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Wish you the same

roopz said...

Belated Ganesh Chathurthi Wishes...And indeed it is a good post :)

Village Girl

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks all..

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