6 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Ek Tha Tiger- Sachin Tendulkar!!! Ek Laut Raha Hai- Yuvraj Singh!!!

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            Two days from here, and we will begin with the T20 matches against New Zealand of which Sachin Tendulkar will not be a part. But certainly, Yuvraj Singh would be. And everyone is excited to see him after the kind of terrific job he has done in front of the world. There are many celebrities who are suffering with cancer but they don't speak it in public as it's still a taboo in the society. People fear of getting ignored, untouched and humiliated. But the way Yuvraj Singh carried out the whole process by continuously informing people about his treatment, surgery and various other medical processes through his Twitter account surely motivated many of us. And everyone was too sympathized towards Yuvi because he has been the BEST reason because of which we have World Cup in our hands today. The World Cup- a Feat that we achieved after 28 years. Almost two generations passed in Cricket and we got what we play for- WORLD CUP. Yuvi is again a favorite because he did hit those 6 Sixes in an over in T20 World Cup tournament that we won. And after his record Sixes, India didn't lose a single match and won that WORLD CUP too in 2007. 

             Now, the whole INDIA will keep their eyes glued into the television on 8th September when Yuvi will return back to Cricket. 2nd April, 2011- The day when India played its World Cup Final is the last match that Yuvraj Singh played. Just after that he got detected with Cancer because of which he remained away from field. Now, almost 1.5 years have passed and Yuvraj Singh will play his Second Innings in the Game. It's a very big achievement in personal terms to return to the game after beating a disease of this kind. Hats off to Yuvraj Singh. :-) But I am scared of a fact. An event that I might also participate in. As soon as Yuvraj Singh will enter the field with his bat that hits Sixes, all of us will expect him to play a remarkable and epic inning as a Comeback match. But if the unfortunate happens and he gets out at a very bad score, he might get criticized. But may be not because everyone still has sympathy and respect for the man as he has just returned to the game. 

              But what is happening with Sachin Tendulkar after his great performances in three respective innings in New Zealand Test series is partially correct and partially wrong. He has been unable to cross the 20-runs mark twice and 25-runs mark once in the Test series. This is embarrassing. When every player of his time has retired even after being in the almost same kind of the form in which Sachin is, Sachin still chose to play and play and play. After the retirement of Dravid and Laxman, new talents like Pujara, Kohli, Pragyan Ojha, Ashwin and others made their performances cemented in our memory. In the upcoming test series, everyone will look forward to these new talents that are giving us something incredible to remember in almost every match. But Sachin has occupied a spot where another new talent could have befitted in. If Sachin would have scored, hit, thrashed, performed, no one would have asked for his retirement; as one of my Twitter friend said that the Day Sachin Tendulkar retires will be the DARK NIGHT OF CRICKET. And even when all of us in fury, angst and frustration asks him to retire from the game, we will all get choked the moment News channels will start flashing the headlines that Sachin Tendulkar is about to arrive for a press conference to announce his retirement. :-( 

              But, if the game would have been based on a single individual, all of us would have loved to see Sachin in the game- with any kind of performances. Sushil Kumar, our Olympic silver medalist was about to announce his retirement after this tournament but he agreed to perform in next Olympics too. He might lose in next tournament(I am confident, he won't) but still we are ready to see the aging man to fight the opponent with all the kinds of pench and daavs. :-) Because the whole game is dependent on him. In the game of Cricket, until and unless everyone is performing equally good, even if in different matches, one cannot get the confidence about the team that is representing his/her country. I have no doubt that if Sachin plays till World Cup 2015, he will certainly score 15-20 more centuries but currently, he is spoiling the Indian Cricket Team's strength. Just because he devoted 23 years of his life in the game does not mean that we will keep him as a showpiece for next 23 years too. We remember all the match winning performances that he has given in the past, but then he was young and fit for game, now he is not. And that is visible right from the moment World Cup 2011 ended. 

                Many people say that "You play Cricket for 23 years and then Comment on Sachin Tendulkar". How am I or any critic not eligible to comment on Sachin Tendulkar? If one is performing where there are spectators to pay and watch, they'll certainly comment and place their views. For last 23 years, we celebrated him as a Legend and even GOD, what if we are asking him to leave now with respect and pride than in humiliation and smugness? Are such Legends meant for only good comments even when they perform the worst in the team? Amitabh Bachchan does stupid performances in every Ram Gopal Verma's movie these days but just because he is the Star of the Millennium, shouldn't we speak about his poorness? Aren't we allowed to speak the truth about the kind of character he plays(in RGV's movies) that brings tears in our eyes because of the extreme annoyance and irritation? So, I don't feel that I am NO ONE to comment on Sachin. I am SOME ONE who can. When I waste my time and money to watch him bat, I am eligible to criticize his performance if its not satisfying by any standards. Just because Virat Kohli is performing brilliantly from last 2 years, I will not support him after 23 years when he would be dragging himself forcibly just to break some more records that would be left by small numbers. 

                I hope I am clear with my perspective. And Yes, as I also believe in, Sachin has full rights to ignore criticism of lazy and useless people like me and you. :-) He is the Master of the game and he is himself matured enough to understand what's happening with him. It's just that it happens in front of our eyes that we get angry and ask him or anyone to leave. :-) Else, Yuvraj Singh, we are waiting to see you back. But, there are full possibilities of you getting criticized for giving bad performances hence not being still ready for the upcoming tournament- T20 World Cup. Haha. :-) But we are sure that you'll come back like a Champion and Fighter. :-)



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sohail shaikh said...

like.. Like.. Like...

Anonymous said...

partially correct and partially wrong....

Like Sachin other players are also playing in the same fashion....Gambhir..see the statistics of last one and half year...ETC

You told 'partially wrong'....and I told 'partially correct'...

I just want to balance.. :)

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Sohail....:-)
And raja, thanks for agreeing partially.. hahaha

SMS said...

I always admire Kapil Dev for his bold approach and the confidence he brought to Indian cricket when we had ample talent not getting converted into positive results. However Sachin is a Genius par excellence. While people say he is gifted etc. which is true, but the difference he brought in was Single minded devotion for the game, the innovation in batting techniques to tackle the best bowlers (he had a way for each bowler), the consistency of purpose, the brilliance of the way he batted in difficult situations, the dexterity not only in batting but bowling as well and above all the HUMILITY, HARD WORK, PERSEVERENCE AND THE PASSION. That was the difference between Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli. Both to me are very talented and gifted. One chose to throw it away and the other NURTURED it to PERFECTION. God bless Sachin and wish him all the very best. One thing is sure World cricket will not have another Sachin and cricket will be different without him.

Writing Buddha said...

SMS, thanks for this gem... what a comment.. :-) thanks a lot..

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