11 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Does a Cartoon depicts Sedition or Criticism, bloody Indian Government?

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            We are so proud of our country. Almost everything excites us about it. The history that we have is indeed one of the best histories any country can have. In childhood when we learnt History, we didn't like mugging up the dates but we did like reading and knowing how our Indian leaders gave a challenging retaliation to the torture that Britishers were continuously enforcing on us. Even today, we feel so proud of those leaders who struggled to make us independent, free, democratic and lively. It has been 60+ years since we have been ruling ourselves. Whites are always said to be fairer than us. And defeating them and getting back to the authority of the country's management is the biggest achievement that India can have. Recently, 100th  rocket/missile has been launched by ISRO. Another proud moment. There have been many such proud moments that India keep on creating and generating gradually and consistently. But we aren't content. Our Country is known as the Biggest Democracy of the world. And this is something that we should thank God. The countries that aren't democratic but autocratic are facing such rebels that the word- PEACE is something that they have deleted from their dictionary. 

             But, as it's said above, are we really Democratic? This isn't something new that I'm asking through my medium. Everyone of us is concerned about this. We are said to be Democratic, we are, but are we satisfied with the kind of democracy that we are being donated? Donated because our current Government is undoubtedly the worst that we have seen in 60+ years of Independence. Whatever we get from them seems to be a Donation rather than our Right. UPA government has been concerned only about the stomach and roof of their ministers. They have nothing to do with the society, citizens and other public welfare. I don't know what really goes in the mind of UPA government even after knowing that 99.99% Indians are annoyed with them. Do they still think that our vote will go to them? Are they seriously kidding us? Or they have surrendered? Are they ready to lose in the next election that is coming up in the couple of years? No one can know the answers to these questions because ministers have never kept transparency with us. They have always kept us under their shoes. Yet, they call our Country Democratic in the Parliament debates. 

             Recently, a cartoonist is being arrested on the terms of sedition just because he sketched Parliament as a commode. Yes, it can be said as an insult to the Indian parliament but the charge at which they have arrested this 24-years old cartoonist is sick. I hope our Government knows what Sedition means- "Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch." Does the cartoon made by Aseem Trivedi provokes us to rebel against the system? What a joke. A cartoon is meant to be seen, observed, understood, laughed of and forgotten. And our dear government made an issue out of it. Actually, they made joke of themselves. This shows the insecurity that our government has among themselves. If Country's government starts getting scared of criticism, I don't think that there's any thing much that we should expect from them. 

            The cartoon depicted the level at which our Government stands. How apart their way is from common citizens. Rather than working on the prospects that can cease the downfall of their party's image, they are unwilling to hear anything against them. When we speak against the system on Twitter, Facebook and other Social media, Kapil Sibal comes and tells us that within 24 hours, all such websites and pages shall be blocked forever for hurting sentiments. What a joke! Today, I find myself too lucky to get this Blog Post of mine published or else who knows they might delete my Blog tomorrow morning after seeing that I have outspoken against them. Or they might arrest me on the charges of Sedition. Haha. Or maybe Terrorism. Nothing can be said about this Government. They can go to any level to kill the democratic part of our lovely India. I don't find anything wrong in what Aseem Trivedi, the cartoonist did. In a democratic country, everyone has right to speak what he/she feels about anything. He did the same. In reply to this, government could have tried to answer their role in country's so-called development. But government chose to arrest the innocent. 

              When their opposition- BJP makes them stall government and adjourn it daily without enforcing any out come of any issue, they do not make any effort against it. Because Congress knows that if we will speak against Sushma Swaraj and BJP, we may end up getting all our secrets revealed in public, definitely. When Raj Thackeray delivers provocative speeches in his famous rallies, they are unable to arrest him even for few hours because they are scared of a local party. There, our government gives full freedom to such leaders to enjoy Democracy. But to us, the common people who can do nothing about government, are dominated to an extent that the person who stands alone to take revenge against government gets himself arrested, beaten up and tortured. Whole India is together with Aseem Trivedi. And it is necessary or we will lose the fragrance of our country i.e. DEMOCRACY. Let us enjoy that, government because your own leaders have no control over what shit they speak. :-) At least, we aren't speaking shits. We are just speaking truth. Sorry, bitter truth for you. :-)



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Soulmate said...

You have written this article beautifully. All points included with the touch of your style.

Yes, Aseem Trivedi does not deserve this kind of punishment from the governement, just for a cartoon!!

MyBlogWorld said...

True .. very true !! This is not democracy definitely. His cartoons may not be good with taste. But it's truth which we have to accept. The person who put this case in court said his sentiments were hurt by seeing those cartoons.
This is bullshit as there are farmers who suicide, there are people who find difficult to get food to eat with this rate of inflation and after this that person's sentiments were not hurt!!
I don't dare to call this country as democratic if such things happen again in future!

Unknown said...

True ARB....!!! Its nt fair what is going...!!! :(

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Snehal, my blogworld and Mahesh

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