30 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Ganesh Visarjan 2012- I Hope Not The Last One :-)

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Spectacular- Only Maharashtra's residents can experience this!!!

            The 10 Days of Ganesh Chaturthi ends. If for one thing I shall always appreciate Maharashtra in future, it would definitely be the passion they have for this festival. Everyone waits for August-September desperately. And by luck, for me, it comes too quick every year. I always feel that "arrey abhi abhi toh visarjan hua tha kuch hafte pehle, fir Ganesh Chaturthi kaise aa gaya" and then I have to go through a reality check and analyze the speed at which my brain works. From 2-3 weeks ago, Ganesha idols can be seen almost in every galli and nukkad of Maharashtra. If you are lucky, you can also find the artists making the idol. The day Ganapati idol's sthapna takes place, you will find almost everyone in new cloths roaming here and there. Everyone seems to be so excited for the next 10 days that you start thinking of taking a break for 2-3 days to enjoy almost all the pandals that you can. 

             We keep on hearing people cribbing about the noise pollution and other side effects that the festival brings with it. Even I had the same mentality till last year. But as it is said,"A Smoker can never leave smoking until he reads a quote himself". It happened the same way with me. On Twitter, my friend Rohit posted,
    "You see the loud music and traffic problems during Ganeshotsav, I see the lightings and decorations all around. All about perspective."

               This changed my thought related to the 10 days of Ganesha Chaturthi's celebration. This time the dhols, loudspeakers, music systems didn't irritate me. I enjoyed it. I gave the tweet a thought. There's a scene in the disaster movie starring Amitabh B and Salman K, God Tussi Great Ho where Salman Khan keeps on blaming the God(played by Amitabh B) about the wrongs and ill-doings that he does. Then Amitabh B tells him to be God for a limited period of time. Salman agrees. And then Amitabh B makes him hear all the noise that he has to hear almost every second that humans make on Earth. That kills Salman Khan's ears for the moment. So, if a God can suffer our incessant and irritating noise pollution every nanosecond, why can't we bear the noise that few devotees make for GOD for just 10 days in a year? We surely can. So this time I didn't get irritated by such acts of devotees. The only thing that irritated me was the choice of songs some pandals played. The item songs should be strictly prohibited to be played by Ganapati pandals. That is a total disrespect to the aura of the almighty. 

              Yesterday, all the devotees finally ended all the customs related to the festival and submerged the idol into water. With the hope that God will return back next year with same amount of blessings, all the devotees danced and made the God leave us happily to come after a year. Though even this part has a side-effects but let's not talk about it again. Let's only concentrate on good parts of the festival this year. It's already a judgmental year for us- 2012, you know. Hahaha! Let's make God as much happy as we can. Before dying :| May be he'll kill us in an epic way but give a residence in heaven, besides Amitabh Bachchan's and Sachin Tendulkar's udaan gruh. :-) Not much time, and we will experience another festival of 10 days- Navratri. :-) And with it, Bakri-Eid is also in countdown. Wow!!! 

     My respect to all who were engaged in Godly activities for last 10 days by leaving every other aspects of their life. God'll surely bless you. 



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