13 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

9/11- The Day That Changed The Whole Outlook!!!

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            Sorry for being late on this topic by 24 hours(but let's talk as its being talked 24 hours ago). It's 9/11. The day when terrorism showed its blackest colour. When any kind of terrorism that happens in India, Pakistan, Taliban and other countries, we take it lightly as we know that our Security system guarantees a bomb blast even in Police stations. But, two tall buildings standing in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA being demolished by a Hijacked plane is something that amazed everyone. Though the scenario was terrifying and horrible but still, everyone made jokes about America calling themselves Superpower but still failed to stop a plane attacking their WORLD TRADE CENTER building under a bright sun. But 9/11 made us see many changes in the way the world was looked at and the way people started assuming after the incident. Firstly, my condolences goes to all the families who lost someone closer and dearer 11 years ago. Almost, 3000 people were burnt into ashes that day. The video itself gives us goosebumps when we see people jumping from windows of the buildings to at least die by not getting burnt. So Scary!!!

             Initially, Al-Qaeda refused when they were being accustomed with the terror event but later they announced that it was bought into execution by them. And OSAMA BIN LADEN became the Biggest Terrorist of the world. Americans started expecting from their PRESIDENT to catch the terrorist alive and show the world that they have the power to bring down anyone who shall see them with evil eyes. And the kind of attitude that Americans carried post-9/11 justified that it is not just said but Americans are really egoistic. They started accusing every man with a topi and beard of being a Terrorist. Anyone with Islamic name became a Terrorist for them. It's not a myth that 90% of the terrorists that are caught belongs to Islam but that does not mean every Islamic is terrorist. We hear how our Shahrukh Khan and APJ Abdul Kalam are being troubled every time they take off for USA; just because their database carries a name similar to them who is being listed in the WANTED TERRORISTS. 

            I know how Muslims were being tortured after the attacks. Everyone knows how Afghanistan is being converted into a country left with only distress, fear and despair. Pakistan is continuously under the scrutiny of America. Else, every Muslim that USA found on road, and if they felt little suspicious about him, they caught the person and tortured him for a very long time. Many Indian Muslims those wanted to go to USA were asked to shave off their beard. Many Muslims were asked not to wear their traditional topis as it creates fear among the citizens of America. After the attacks, USA bombed almost 50,000 Afghans and 16,91,000 Iraqis dead. In response to their 3000 lives, they bombed 1.7 Millions Muslims(99% of them). The way Americans killed Laden last year shows that they had the skill to track down the terrorist but yet they being a Superpower did this without any shame and guilt. 

            But if we look it from America's side, they are also right in their own way. Terrorism has to be eliminated from the peaceful world, that it was. And this can be one of the right way to do it. When one ant bites us, we spray HIT on all the ants that we find in our home. They tried to do the same. But they should not have typecast the whole religion as terrorists. This is something that they should have avoided. They could have found some other good way. But I am not that intelligent to tell what's the right way of doing this but I can just tell what according to me and common people think and feel is right. Now, almost the whole world has started seeing Islam as the religion of terror. BAD! Even recently when an American gunshot the Sikhs in Gurudwara, CNN kept on saying "Not every person wearing turban/topi belongs to Islam" justifying America's attitude. They have no problem if the dead bodies would have been of Muslims. As I also said on 11th August's Azad Maidan case, sympathy does not remain for that victim who does the same thing to give themselves justice what the criminal did with them; As America has done the same thing umpteenth number of times more than what terrorists did with them. But at least, the families who knew that they can never get their dearies back can feel a relief that the killer of their mates is being killed brutally. Otherwise, we know how our Indian government is feeding 26/11's executor. 

    Thanks. Prayers for all the immortal lives that are no more physically with us.


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