5 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Kyunki Har Ek Friend Teacher Hota Hai!!!

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            It's 5th September and as every Indian knows, it's a Happy Teacher's Day for all of us. Teaching has been the most selfless profession, as per my knowledge. If a teacher teaches a generation for spreading knowledge and developing skills in each and every student as much as they can, the progress ratio of the generation could raise by zenith. But sadly, there are 99.99% of teachers into the profession just to earn as much bucks as they can. Hence, the education status of our country has been getting poor to worst day by day. For me, the involvement of teachers in my life has been incredible. There has been many teachers who have been my favorites while I have been lucky in being favorite to many teachers. The number of times I have heard "Abhilash, keep quiet" from my teachers have crossed the total number of Indians living in the country. :-) But those teachers knew that I do some mischief and unwanted activities in class just to keep myself interested in class as I have always been as much interactive as possible with teachers. (My new classmates will definitely give a big grin if they'll read this as I have been 200% quiet till now. Actually, I'm still adjusting :-()

             Out of all the teachers I had, there are many who taught me several things that have made me into a much better person than I was. Mr. Fernandes in school made me realize that my creativity while writing Essays in class was superior to others. Mrs. Hirana made me know that I am one of the coolest student one can have. Mrs Tehseen made me realize that even by staying quiet, a student can develop a kind of good image in a teacher's view. Mrs. Dalaya made me know that I am not just academically good, but also terrific in many other fields (Ok Sorry. :-)). Mr. Zaheer made me know that it's not just Coding that one requires to be a good programmer but a positive attitude that my program shall execute one day does. :-) Mrs. Nishat made me know that my jokes and sense of humour does not interest only the people of my age group but all, the only thing that I should care about is to make it sure when I should crack them. Haha. Mrs. Ritu told it to everyone indirectly that I am the one who can answer all the questions that a teacher asks but only if I decide that I shall. Similarly, there are many teachers who developed confidence, right attitude, positive approach, perfect gesture and many other traits in me. They had no selfish gain from it but they did, because they wanted a COAL like me to discover a DIAMOND within me. :-) And with the grace and will of GOD, I did. There is still lots of sharpness that my personality needs, hopefully the teachers from Post Graduation will play their part perfectly. :-)

              But, I have been taught many a things just not by my parents, teachers and elders but by my friends too. Friends are the best teacher, I believe. They are the ones who will clearly tell you what you are capable of and what you are not meant for. :-) A friend is the only person who'll tell you the right dresses that suits you, right attitude that makes you look cool, the parlance that people love of yours, the secrets that people know about you, the next step that you should take to impress the ones who hate you etc. Friends tell you most of the things which no one can. A teacher just sees you for an hour or 2 in a day. Parents only get Dinner time to spend with you hence knowing nothing what you do once you step out of the door. :-) It's Friends whom you meet at 9 AM in the morning, share classroom for next 7-8 hours, then hang out in canteen for an hour and finally see-off at 7 PM in the evening, meet again at 9 PM on Facebook, chat for 5 houts and wish good night at 2 AM in the morning. :-) So, the amount of time that they spend with you is almost equal to that of what you spent with your mother in your infancy days (Ok Sorry, I know this is too much :-))

             Many Friends have made me realize many things that have again developed me in some or the another way, in big amounts or small. Rohit, in childhood, has been the best companion I had who always told me how easily can I with him bring revolution in the peaceful world. Haha. Gaurav taught me how with mugging up the answers one can score 80%+. Suresh still makes me feel that FOCUS is something that I need in life to be consistent since birth. :-) Arun makes me realize how bad decisions can ruin one's life. Mahesh taught me how right things done at wrong times respectively can ruin the whole essence of the moment. Ganesh bhai taught me how selflessly can one help someone whom we don't even know. Hmm. Yusuf taught me how buttering is needed in this world where no one remembers you in the crowd of 100s. :-) Saquib taught me how one can get himself intrigued in the activity that he is most scared of, which results in overcoming the fear and excelling in the same. Sohail taught me how to stay calm even when the world is enforcing you to retaliate in anger and violence. Vandana taught me how having just fair complexion doesn't make someone look beautiful, but it's smartness that impresses.

            Similarly, there are many such friends who have kept on teaching me with their activities. For me, these Friends are real Teachers as they never give me lectures but still make me learn all the good lessons of life that is needed for a long-term survival. Ok Sorry. Recently, a Twitter friend, Mamandeep made me learn that Life is about Living and not Surviving, by beating Cancer successfully. This is the first time when I am making you, my friends know that you have been a Kind-of Teachers to me indirectly because saying it to all of you is like kicking my own....!!! Chadh jo jaate ho tum log. :p On this Teacher's Day, I would like all my dear friends and readers to realize that Teachers are not in just the form of Parents, Teachers and Elders but you may find them in any form near you. But for that, you should have the attitude of Learning. I have, except academics. :-) For me, living LIFE is the biggest challenge and appreciation. These academic successes are just meant to bring smile on my middle-class parents. Hahaha!!! Come on, now wish me Teacher's Day, I have taught you such good things through this post. :-) Ok Sorry, BYE!!!



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Anonymous said...

Friends are the best teachers because they can tell you what they want with out BARKING or.....

Nice post Abhi..

Keep ON..

Unknown said...

HappY Teacher's day!! I learn lot from you everyday :)

sohail shaikh said...

you taught how to TWEET.. :) hahh

commodity tips said...

After you graduate, would it be ok to friend Your teacher/advisor on facebook? Do you think they would get mad at you if you did friend them?

roopz said...

Thoughtful writing ;)

Village Girl

Writing Buddha said...

Raja sir, :-)

Thanks Jayanth

Sohail bhai, majaak mat udaiyye :-)

Thanks Roopz

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