15 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Being an ENGINEER was/is IMPOSSIBLE for Me!!!

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            So it's Engineer's Day now. A day meant for all the geniuses who keep on working hard, inventing, researching and developing incessantly without any interruptions and failures. The world would have been a big void if Engineers would not have contributed their piece of mind to it. It has been a very proud moment for dumbos like me to see that our country- India has produced many Engineers in last few years who have managed to amaze us every time they came up with something new. Engineering is the reason behind many inventions and creations. Every man-made object has "engineering" involved in it. The bike/car you ride, the washing machine that you use, the vacuum cleaner with which you clean your house, the mobile that you operate, the television that you see, the mobile through which you connect with your old and long-distance friends- All are the results of magnificence shown by the ENGINEERS. A Very Happy Engineer's Day to all the Engineers of the world, especially India. :-) And to hit the bird's eye, I would like to wish all my friends (whom I know personally) who have successfully held their Engineering's Degree on their respective Convocations. :-) It's a real proud moment to have so many friends who are Graduates in Engineering. 

            It's very easy to say "Aaj kal toh sadak pe ghumta har ek kutta Engineer hai" but it's very hard to earn the degree. Everything seems to be fun and frolic from distance but the one who is in the process of getting sharpen up for a bring future knows the struggle and obstacle in the journey. I have done Bachelors in Computer Applications. I found it very easy as my University was Deemed. But now as I have landed up into a renowned- Mumbai University for Masters of Computer Applications, I have started going through the pain of what a Master of any field goes through. Before today, whenever I found any friend with a degree of MBA, a respect never came from within. But being in the First semester itself(of MCA), I have started respecting all the geniuses who have passed out their Post Graduation with respectable marks. And thus, I know now what a student goes through in an Engineering college where once faces continuous tortures, assignments, projects and I don't know what what.... More over this, I have started respecting IITians and IIMians a lot. All the authors in my contacts who are IITians/IIMians have got a special respectful corner of my heart. Yes!!! :-)

            Engineering is the science, skill, and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and also build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. This is how Internet defines Engineering. I remember how I dithered when I looked at my Science and Mathematics's numerous books after getting admission in 11th under Science stream. That was the exact moment when I decided "I'm not going to be an Engineer ever". Later, I failed the class twice. Many asked me to leave the stream and go for Commerce. I didn't. Because no one in my bloody khandaan has done Commerce. Especially males. Somehow, I passed 12th. My father kept on insisting me to study for CET and score respectable marks to get an institute somehow. I knew that I would never pass my Graduation if I'll enter into the world of Engineering. Finally, I entered a rare class of specie who managed to convince his father that "I'm not made up for Engineering. And your only son is not going to be an Engineer". My father was heart-broken but a huge relief passed through my body in all the horizons deciphering the positive vibes I had then within me. Haha. Hence, I don't disrespect Engineers. I am not capable of being an Engineer. And I am never going to be. So, every friend of mine who has completed his/her Engineering holds a special respect in my heart. I hope in next birth, I would try to race against all the students running in competitive exams for an Engineering seat and stand high after four years of it with an Engineering Degree. If not in this birth, at least in next, but I will fulfill my dad's dream. :-) 

            Koi baat nahi. Even after completing my MCA, I will get a tag of Engineer once I'll get into an organization. And I shall be sitting with all the B.Es in Computers or IT in my office. :-) Hence, to some extent, my father's dream of seeing his only son as an Engineer would be fulfilled. Ok Sorry. I shall leave now. Haha.


 ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU not an Engineer!!!

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Unknown said...

wow i liked it a lot as i m doing engineering m happy that u also remember that today is engineer's day :) ARB

Megha said...

gud one... n thnx a lot for showing such a respect to d engineering students az m one of them...

Anonymous said...

Nice one Abhi..

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Salute to all three of you.. :-)

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