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Barfi!- Not every movie can speak with Mute Characters!

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            I remember the last movie of Anurag Basu- KITES for which I went to a local theater in my area for just Rs. 50. The movie didn't deserve even Rs. 5. Then, I recall the last movie of Priyanka Chopra- TERI MERI KAHAANI, another thunderous movie. I still can't understand whether the movie was meant for humans or aliens-those wanted to die. And now remembering Ranbir Kapoor's Rockstar. I didn't go for Rockstar because of Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahaani's memories. And I disliked it to the core. But later on when Rockstar was telecast on Television, I saw it and got to know the potential that Ranbir Kapoor carries. And when Barfi released 3 days back, and everyone started talking about his magnificence and flawless performance, I got my advance ticket booked for Ganesh Chaturthi's day. :-) 

            Firstly, I would like to Copy-paste the plot of the movie from Wikipedia as I am not good in writing a story of a movie without disclosing anything. :-) " It tells the story of "Barfi", a mute and deaf Nepali-origin boy in Darjeeling, West Bengal and his relation with two girls, one of whom is autistic. A boy named Murphy, whom everyone calls "Barfi", is always ready with a prank up his sleeve. He’s quite the charmer, especially with the ladies. In Darjeeling, Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) is the talk of the town, even though he can neither speak nor listen. His bitter-sweet relationship with two beautiful young woman, Shruti (Ileana D’cruz) and Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) sets in motion a chain of events that will turn his life upside down."

             Normally a story that rush from one year to another or between decades, confuses the audience just as Pankaj Kapoor's Mausam did. But the way Barfi is being executed right from the first minute even when they keep on shuffling between years and decades, is truly commendable. The last time when I loved a Anurag Basu's movie was when I watched LIFE IN A METRO. It was like a soulful song. Barfi seemed better than that movie. Throughout the movie, I felt as if "Tujhse Naraz nahi Zindagi" song is being played. You may be knowing what effect does this song brings when heard in loneliness, same kind of an effect was made on me. At times, it made me cry. At times, it made me laugh. At times, it made me smile like a stupid. Sometimes, it asked me to jump. Sometimes, it asked me to think what exactly my life is. 

             The selflessness that the character of Barfi is portrayed with surely guarantees to change you, if not for life at least for some days after watching the movie. The character of Priyanka Chopra- Jhilmil makes you think about how lonely are you in life. Or the people that you have around you really love you or are they just because of some benefits. The helplessness of her character makes you feel good about your life- even if it is worst according to you. The character of Ileana D'Cruz- Shruti makes us think about the number of times we asked our heart to control its feeling and did what others guided us to, and later regretted. Every second of the movie inspires. It has so much to spread- Love, sweetness, innocence, magic etc. And such infinite messages could not have reached audiences if the performances would not have been exactly 100% flawless.

            Ranbir Kapoor shows the amount of potential he has. The role in Rockstar was too loud and aggressive while this one in Barfi is mute and deaf. Yet, while watching the movie you forget that it's Ranbir Kapoor. You watch as if you have been introduced to Barfi- a new person in your life. The role has so much in it that even after having a perfect physique, we want to be like Barfi- mute and deaf but still a Good Human Being indeed. :-) Priyanka Chopra- the hottest actress in Bollywood shed all the sexiness and hotness that her body and face carries. She does a role that makes you feel sympathized for her each and every moment. Just as Ranbir Kapoor, she made it sure that you don't find a bit of Priyanka-ness in her character. Ileana D'Cruz- This girl is a renowned Superstar of South. I have been waiting for her introduction in Bollywood since 2008- for the first time when I saw her in a South movie and asked a friend from South India about her. :-) As soon as the movie rewinds back in 1972, the look that she has been given makes you go crazy for her. She has not only made us drive mad about her beauty, but also about her flawless and mature acting skills. I'm in love, jaanu. :-) Else, all the other actors- Saurabh Shukla, Rupa Ganguly etc are perfectly cast for their respective roles. 

              The movie and Ranbir makes you laugh in the first half. As soon as the time travels back to 1972, Ileana's presence on the screen makes the whole environment beautiful. :-) The second half makes you cry at times because of the pain that the character of Jhilmil portrays. Every expression of both the mute characters reaches perfectly to the audience. Every gag that was designed for the role of Barfi was perfectly executed on the screen and makes you laugh. We can proudly say that our filmmakers also have quality to make something like Charlie Chaplin's series. :-) The moment when Barfi's heart breaks at Shruti's house and the way Ranbir enacts the whole scene, is the most epic of all. Later when Ileana yells at her mother that she lied her about love and its memories, is another terrific scene. Before the climax, when Barfi and Jhilmil meets is a scene that can be listed in Best Scenes of Bollywood ever. What an enhancement made in the scene by the actors- Ranbir and Priyanka. I just can't understand which words to use to give justice to the amount of happiness both the actors have given to me. The only drawback is the second half of the second half. Its bit stretched. If Ek Tha Tiger can earn 200 crore, this movie in comparison deserves 10 times of it. Please go for it if you want to see a real powerful cinema. 



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Anonymous said...

very nice blog abhi. movie such me bohot acchi hai ya fir tumhe isse promote karne ko kaha gaya hai well it's a joke. abto movie dekhni padegi. mere hisaab se ye Ranbir ki best movie hogi after Rockstar. (akankshi)

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Akankshi, the movie is very good.

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