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ISHITA BHOWN SPEAKS (Member's Post) !!!


          Miss Ishita Bhown is one of the youngest authoresses today. Her first book- "To Get Her" is already one of the favorite novels of youth. I have been her friend since her book released. I generally don't talk to authors but her humbleness is something that is to be complimented. She has promised to write on our Blog space every month on 13th. Last time, she published the first part of her Short Story- THE GIFT. This time, you'll get to read the second part of it. 


           “ Raj, you know everything about my family background. About father and his drinking habit, about mother and the hardwork she does, about Karan and his challenges. Our lives are different. Each day, I have to fight with my life, to make it worthy.  While you come from an effluent background, a single child of your parents, your life has been easier and comfortable. You never had to fight for anything, and I realize that marrying you would make me share the same quality life. We will be the sole responsible ones for your parents, and in return , it will be our duty to fulfill all their expectations , in all aspects.” I became silent, searching for words.
He waited for me to continue.

I knew I had too much at stake, I feared losing him forever. But it was important to ask for these wishes.

“ Jia, before you speak further, let me clarify one thing. I want to marry you, I love you and just you. I am an educated person, and I am capable of earning on my own. Neither me , nor my family expects any kind of dowry. This is a marriage, and not a business proposal . You are educated and that is the only investment your parents had to do for you. So if that is what you want, I will agree to it. I will convince my parents against dowry, and I feel, they will agree to it. “
With this he smiled. 

Yes, that too was one concern about my marriage and I appreciated his opinion and support. I was happy that he brought it up beforehand, but what I wanted from him was not just this.

“Raj, I am proud of you dear. Thanks a lot for being this supportive. I wish my father was even half like you, so I too would have lived a happy and healthy childhood. Dowry is a social sin, and I have seen my own family suffering because of it. I am happy that if we marry each other, then my man would be marrying a girl and not her money. But presently I ask for two other wishes, something very uncommon, but if even half the married couples follow this, then our society would be a better place to live.”

“Jia, please don’t test my patience now. Keep it simple and straight! Speak now- crisp and clear!”

“ Raj, I do not want to have our own children ever, I want to adopt a child and raise him up. There is already so much population and so many orphaned kids. Being a biological mother would only add to it, but, if we give the same care and love to an adopted kid. We can shape someone’s life.”
He stared at me. 

“ Jia, I can’t believe you think that way. What would I tell my parents, they would never agree to it. I appreciate your noble ideas, but we don’t need to do this. If you want to help such children, then there are other ways for it. We can donate some money regularly, or we can sponsor a child, why do we have to adopt one? No one can ever replace your own biological child Jia, just for your sake, even if I agree to it, what explanation I will give to the society and to my parents. They have their hopes to have a heir, no matter a boy or a girl, but our own child, just think about the joy of being a mother. Of seeing our kids take baby steps and then grow up gradually. To love it, to care for it.”

“The same joy will be there for an adopted child too, if we accept him by heart and raise him up like our own child.” I protested.
“See, its easy to think about such idealistic and noble causes. But I will need some time to think about it.  I hope you do realize that not even 1 % of the guys would agree to your demand Jia. You are being impractical. Our society is not yet advanced enough to accept such kids, I assure you that we will be more actively associated with any of the orphanages, we will sponsor a child, or work out any other solution.” He kept on speaking.

“Raj, I know it’s a difficult commitment, but i also feel that you will understand my viewpoint. When I saw you at Disha school for the first time, I felt the look of satisfaction on your face in making others happy. And since that day, I liked this empathy in you. God forbid, if after marriage we found out that we can never have our own biological kids, then would you abandon me? No? Right! We would have adopted a kid at that time. Then we would have loved that adopted kid and everyone would accept him whole heartedly. So why can’t we do it now! Why do we have to take it as an option when no other alternative is present? Instead, why not take a little step in shaping up the life of someone already born. Is it not better to caress for a living creature, than bring someone to life and then caress for it!”
He was silent.

“What is your second wish?” he inquired.
“ I want to donate my eyes and kidney.” This time I said without creating any background.

He looked up into my eyes.

I could not make out anything from his expressions. 
He remained silent, staring at me.
“See Raj, I know both my demands are very difficult to accept. But I really want to do them. This is the least I can do for the society. I had promised eye donation on the day we realized that Karan could never see. I know the pain of darkness.  I can bring color to lives of 2 people with a little support from your end. After my death, I will leave a reason for others to be happy. Just imagine how fruitful and satisfying my death could be!”

I knew I was asking for too much. 
He got up to leave.
I wanted to talk to him, to convince him, to tell how much I loved him. But I do not think that mattered anymore.
It was a choice between my love and my responsibility towards the society.
I had to choose my responsibility, and if the love was true, it would follow!

But Raj was leaving me. I held the ring in my hand- shocked, confused and sad.
I called his name, for the last time. He turned to face me. 
Silently I handed over the ring back to him. He took it. No words exchanged.
He left. I stood there, dumbstruck. 

For the next hour or so, I was blank. My life was blank now. I was again alone- to face my drunk dad, my handicapped brother, my victimized mother, my broken self. I had to start my life from the scratch. The beautiful chapter of life with Raj had come to an end. 

Like a dead body, I dragged myself towards the auto.

In the auto, as I crossed Disha school, the memories of all the time I spent with him flooded back to my mind. All the discussions about our social responsibilities in that building echoed in my head. I stared at my fingers, the ring was missing, the smile on my face was gone. Yet, I acted strong. I knew I stood up for a right cause. I wanted Raj to support me, but if he could not understand my viewpoint in this critical matter, maybe I deserved someone better than him. Maybe our love was not as strong as the social obligations. But this society could only talk- talk about people, talk about its flaws, talk about such setbacks. I didn’t want to be a mere audience; I wanted to do something in shaping it up. And child adoption, eye donation were my form of contribution.
I reached home.

Shut down my room and for the first time in 4 years-I  cried ! Tears rolled down my face. 
I had made a tough decision. But I was satisfied.
I cried incessantly for an hour or so, when there was a little knock on the door.
I wiped away the tears. Mom was gone out for some work. So, It would be Karan, he could not see my tears, and I decided to hide my pain from him.
I silently opened the door. But to my surprise, even without his eyes, he could feel my pain.

He did not know the reason for it, nor did he ask. But like a protective brother, he hugged me tight. And I cried like a lost baby, all the pain flooded out through my eyes. His grip didn’t get lose, until I finally stopped sobbing. That was the true bond of love- no words said, no expressions needed, yet there was a direct connection. I felt lighter, I felt stronger.I felt proud of what I had done.

My bro brought in some toys to play with me. He was with me for the next 2-3 hours, to cheer me up, and it helped. Despite his handicap, he did all that he could do for our family. I loved him all the more for his support.

I was helping Karan with his Braille lessons, when suddenly my phone vibrated.
I was surprised to see Raj’s call.
Instantly I picked it up.
“Hi, will you marry me?” was all I could hear before entering into the new world of happiness with Raj.


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