28 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

G.O.O.G.L.E. Tujhse Mohabbat Ho Gayi Allah Maaf Kare :-)

695th BLOG POST -->>

             Google completes 14th Birthday. I could have avoided talking about it but I won't. You may ask that why don't I talk about anniversaries of every websites and why only about Google every year. It plays a big part in my life. And I would say everyone's life. We just can't imagine the use of 40,000 worth- laptops and computers without the access of Google on it. GMAIL was the first website that I used when I learnt how to type a website's name in the address bar. I made my first email ID in GMAIL and I'm still using it. That's the craziness of First love. Many of you would have tighten your grip to blow my face remembering the betrayals that your first love gifted you. But Google has never betrayed me. :-) Just imagine life without G-emails, Youtube, Picasa, Google Earth, Google Map, Google Reader, Google Documents, Google Images etc. It would not take more than 2 seconds for us to call our providers and ask them to take their connection away. I mentioned 2 seconds because one second might go in thinking about Facebook and Wikipedia that has nothing to do with Google. We might keep the connection alive for these two sites. Haha!! 

             Google is so selfless. We press the number of keywords at any point of time, it replies back with not a monosyllable, bi-syllable but with number of links, videos, pages etc. And it prioritizes them in such accordance that the first five links itself serves the purpose for which we woke up Google at 3 AM. Then, every time we are unsure about our Internet connection or its speed, we press the name- Google.com in the address bar to see if its working or not. Because if Google does not respond, no other site will respond to the speed at which we want to surf them. This is the respect that Google has earned in the last many years. :-) We remember it before anything. The record says that just for a month, Wikipedia became the most surfed site in the world while Google has been the only winner since last 5 years. 

            Today, Facebook and Twitter are our heartthrobs. But it's no forgotten fact that the first Social Networking Site that got famous in India was ORKUT. The site that we still don't want to abuse because it gave us the days when we really enjoyed living our virtual life. The fun in creating communities and inviting friends, posting scraps, sending/accepting testimonials etc is unbeatable and insurmountable. If today, someone would ask you for the best browser, you will answer without even making your ears do the work of sending the data to your brain for the processing of memory and then the respective output through mouth, and will answer "Google Chrome". Almost everything that we do on Internet is possible in its bestial way because of involvement of Google. When Yahoo Messenger and Rediff Bol were a pain in ass, Google Talk gave us a 1 MB set up file to install within seconds and start talking with our love ones unlike the former two. 

             My Blog has many readers. It would not have been possible without the help that Google has selflessly provided. Whenever someone searches for anything that has been talked by me on my Blog, Google recommends my link on the first page itself. This has made many Internet users to come at my blog space, read what they wanted to, then see the right column, browse the topics and read others that attracted them and finally become a follower. This is how thousands have reached to my blog space without me promoting it. How can I be not a slave and free promoter of Google? :-) Even this Blog gets a published status because its a Google product. I have always preferred using the Google Brand before any other except Google Plus. :-) Larry Page and Sergey Brin, thanks for being geniuses and inventing something that is so amicable and close to our lives. GOOGLE!!! A Very Happy 14th birthday. 


  ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU this is the only way how I can pay my tribute to GOOGLE :-)

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roopz said...

Behind every successful human being, there is the help of Google for past 14 years :)

Village Girl

Writing Buddha said...

Yes roopz, undoubtedly

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