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A Date with Psychiatrist!!! (Short Story By Rahul Tiwari)

                  Rahul Tiwari has been one of my very good friend since I have started Blogging and Tweeting. Though he keeps unfollowing me on Twitter whenever he feels that I have gone over the top in irritating my Followers, I still respect him for being one of the very good friends on Social Networking sites. He is one guy with whom I can crack any kind of joke as he does not misapprehend any of my abuse-filled sentences. :-) I am quite blithe to announce that he has chosen my Blog Site to publish a very good story that he has scribbled himself. Now let's hear what he has to speak on writing on the medium with which we are connected with each other from last 3 years. :-)


           Well as it is said that when you let someone hold your finger, he will try to hold your palm next time. following this natural rule I again created a story and disturbed Veeru in middle of his Philosophical series of blogs. Some people never say no & luckily Veeru is one of those. Hence i'm slowly being a permanent part of ARB. Here comes my 2nd story...


‘Catch it’, a couple of loud voices entered my ears. I looked up, a ball rose in the sky. It became smaller, then constant and then begun to grow. ‘It’s coming towards me’, I told myself. I tried to run but my feet refused to respond properly. With all efforts I could only touch my fingers to the ball. It touched the ground then.

‘You again dropped a simple catch, why did you come to play when you can’t hold a ball?’ obviously the angry bowler was piling shit on me. I looked at Hemant with “See that’s why I wasn’t coming” look. He smiled & blinked. None shouted so much when I took impossible catches on the same ground, even for this bowler. I pealed off my knees, fingers numberless times to take them but if I dropped two catches today, he’s going numb at me.

Well soon the stunt was over and our team was brutally thrashed by the other. I played a big role in the defeat, made 2 runs out of 12 balls in a 10 over match then dropped two easy catches which was enough to lose the match. I walked past my teammates will a low head, Hemant only was with me with his arm around my neck. 

‘What has happened to you?’, ‘Sarv?’  Our captain & colony’s Doctor asked me as we reached our bicycles. I shook my head with a fake smile.

‘Where were you so many days? Why have you gone so passive, so lean?’  He Continued.
‘He is depressed, out of social contact since a month.’ Before I could find an excuse my moron friend threw up.

‘Why, what happened, Sarv?’ Dr. Pramod asked, opening his mouth as wide as he could in surprise. I wondered if it was a real sympathy or because of the coming municipal elections in which he was a candidate from our ward.

‘Because of a girl’. Hemant was going a real moron. I really wanted to shatter him at the moment he said this. I gave him angry look, as bad as I could. He became silent but not Dr.Pramod cum municipality candidate.
‘What’s the matter Sarv?’ he asked again. ‘Nothing sir’ is all I could say and began to walk apart.
‘Come home in evening, you both’. He kicked started his bike and left. Hemant got a massive abuse treatment by me for his stunts.

‘You guys prefer coffee or tea?’ Pramod sir asked.  ‘Coffee’ was the reply of Hemant; rascal can’t miss a chance for coffee.
‘I have a friend in Bareilly. A youngster had just opened his clinic for psychological treatment. If I’ll refer you he won’t take a pie.’ He winked. I wondered how much can a politician turned doctor can do for votes. Well he was no wrong, my clan has 15 votes plus I have a large friend circle that can profit him.

‘I don’t need a doctor.’ ‘I’m fine.’ I said pausing for breath after every word.
‘He does need sir, please refer him I’ll drag him Bareilly, I can’t see him like this.’ Hemant said in a regretted voice. First time in life I realized that there is someone on earth to care for me.
‘Ok, tell me when you guys are going, I’ll call him.’ Dr.Pramod smiled. Genuinely.
Both of them share some more useless philosophical thoughts before we left. I just did one thing, keeping death silence in entire trip.

After 20 minutes of sucking my skull blood bloody Hemant left me alone in my room. I realized how much you can cost after making such friends who can rule you whenever you are down. 
An alone person always has company of his thoughts. Being alone had been my hobby since last four months. I got worse when I resisted myself only in my room. A guy who used room for just 8 hours a day for half death (my term for sleep) now resisted into it 24 hours. My parents noticed the change but I convinced them saying I’m giving extra time for study but now whole earth will know that Sarv is a psycho.

How can I be? How can I turn from a rocker to a psycho? The guy who guided others to live, the liveliest said guy of entire friend circle has turned into psycho.
‘This girl fucked me, fucked me without an organ.’ I chewed my teeth. The anger grew high. I took my mobile out, opened my facebook, opened her wall, clicked in message, typed “Fuck off Bitch” and sent. 

The very next moment I did this stunt, my throat chocked and lungs froze. Literally, my nose was wide open and I was pulling air inside but lungs were refusing to take the air in. I fought for life for next 25 seconds when my mouth helped to inhale air. I panted like a dog for breath. My eyes become moist, head began to burn and I bathed of sweat. I was damn restless after sending her those words. I picked my mobile again, sent an apology message, one more then one more. Total 10 apology message were sent but still my breath was not normal. My heart was running faster than Ussain Bolt. I could have got a brain hemorrhage if I had not chosen the only cure of breaking my oath of not dialing her. I dialed her for my survival. 

‘Hello.’ The most favorite voice of mine entered my ears. Suddenly my heart & lungs become normal. We talked for next 10 minutes in the strangest way two people can talk. I thanked her for she picked my call in a single time, I told her about how I’m feeling & also that I’m going to see a psychiatrist. She replied in fake sympathy. Her tone of voice didn’t match her words. She didn’t actually gave a fuck for how was I. but at the moment call ended I felt good, I found the pressure of my mind evaporated, like talking to her was the best cure for me.

The therapy of her words didn’t last long. I was back in my situation after two days. She never calls me & I also have taken oath not to call her because though she picks but never talk in a manner I need.

It was Sunday & Hemant came at 8am to take me Bareilly. For family I was going for an entrance exam. We took a Bus & left for Bareilly, in 2 hours we were outside an under construction building. The roaring of cement mixer and yelling of workers was the dominating sound here. Decent Plaza was written in blue paint on a giant banner, must is the name of upcoming building. We entered the building. All places were occupied by the sand dust. Though it was under construction, the prepared parts were already allotted to several stores & mobile shops. Among all these dusty newly opened shops we fount a clinic like figure with a board Dr. Ravi Prasad (Psychiatrist). Under this his qualification degrees were written but I didn’t bother to read them, rather I was busy in examining the left things in the building.

‘Push’, I murmured the word that was written on the glass door of the clinic. We entered. A lady with smile welcomed us & asked how she could help us. Hemant provided information about us she led us in after confirming to doctor on phone, without a smile I noticed; probably she got to know that we are free costumers. As we entered doctor’s room, found the air was conditioned. For the moment I hated doctor for not letting pretty Receptionist in conditioned air & enjoying it alone but the very next moment I remind that she didn’t smile, rather gave a look when she led us in. 

The doctor was busy consulting a lady, he signaled us to sit, with a smile, which was unexpected for free consultants. After the lady left he called me, ‘Sarv, please come here buddy.’ He was a generous guy as I used to be, the word Buddy in his first sentence made me feel really good, I got up & shifted to the chair in front of his, while I noticed my asshole buddy Hemant picked up a Rubik’s cube & got himself busy.

I examined the doctor. He was barely 30, with nice physique & a decent smile. He deserved to be a psychiatrist. I felt good by just sitting in front of him though I still wasn’t turning gay as you can misunderstand my reader.
‘So, tell me what’s the problem with you Mr. Best Fielder.’ I amazed by the adjective he chose for me. He knew a lot about me. After ages, I smiled from inside. I didn’t say anything though.
‘I’ve got to know that some girl is being your problem.’ He smiled sympathetically this time. Actually he had talked to hemant on phone; I got to know it later. 

His words stole that decent smile from my lips suddenly & I froze. I leaned back on chair, was being restless again, my lungs fought for breath again. He saw me panting, offered a glass filled of water. I took a sip & placed it back, I closed my eyes, a couple of moisture drops popped up.
‘Cool, take deep breaths, hold on buddy.’ He said convincing me that I won’t die there.

‘Yeah, now tell me your tale, don’t get disappointed, and tell me like a story.’ He said after 5 minutes when I got bit normal. My throat was still chocked. I tried to speak, failed. I kept silent, he waited.
‘I met her on Facebook, almost a year ago, on a page.’ I stopped. Thousand memories jammed my brain. I become restless again. 

‘Then’, he still wanted to know more. I collected my all strength, decided that I will speak up everything without a break to protect me from being restless again & again. Then I started.
‘I talked her, sent her FR but she rejected. She kept talking for 4 months in inbox, we become best friends and I found that she is something I was waiting for. Being a shy guy I could never gather courage to tell her but luckily she herself proposed me on my last birthday eve.’ I paused for breath.
‘Wow, girl herself proposed you, you’re dude.’ He smiled. I gave back a fake one before starting again.
‘For next 4 months I was the happiest soul living on earth but than one day she got a call from his NRI ex boyfriend and things changed suddenly.’ I failed to hold on and my respiratory problem again hit me. Dr. Ravi again offered the same glass and again it took 5 minutes to get back my breath. 
‘I fought for life four times a day.’ I smiled at him. He responded with one. He knew I was the liveliest guy once.
‘So she went back to him?’ he asked. He was taking interest in my tale.
‘No, she didn’t go back but the day she got the call from him, she changed. From that day she began to talk about him only. If I did something funny or romantic for her, she told me such a moment she lived with him. She told me that he was just a good friend but when she kept repeating his name in every 20 seconds I was ought to have objection like Shakira.’ I paused and turned my neck to check what dumbass was doing.  He was still busy in managing Rubik’s cube, that task even his father can’t do.

‘Then?’ Dr. Ravi was now being restless at my pause. I wondered if he will pay me for telling such an interesting story but is was like expecting Abhilash will follow me after reading this. ;)
‘I cross checked her. I’m a kind of insane. I don’t stop until I find out full detail. I had her passwords. Even though she had deleted his message history but the search option in messages helped me to find out everything and this was full of shocks and surprises. When I interrogated her with evidence, she turned negative, I was no less, I fought with her and she fought with me. Fights and arguments become daily routine. One of us daily kept a material to fight but slowly I noticed that she began to dislike me.’ The breath problem again attacked me but I gathered my chee in my throat and kept on.

‘She began to pick fight & go offline at once. She rejected my calls and I didn’t sleep for several nights in kept calling till battery last & then in hurt feel. Slowly she grew the gap between us. She stopped to use facebook much & stopped even messaging me when she came. It was like death finding that she was ignoring me.’ I felt like something struck my brain and a pain wave rose in it. I tried my best to console my self but I threw up. I placed my head on the table, covered it with my arms & cried from my heart for next 120 seconds. 
I found Hemant’s & doctor’s palm on both of my shoulders. I took out my tissue, wiped my face and helped me with the rest of water in glass.
‘Ok, don’t tell if you aren’t comfortable. Tell me rest part next time.’ Dr. gave me a regretted smile.
‘No, I’m fine. I’ve reached to the end. Now I have taken oath not to call her, I don’t want her to feel that I’m a dog because I’m not. Though the oath breaks whenever I think a lot about her & realize what I’ve lost but every next time I improve in number of days. She never calls by herself but when I call she talks me, like two strangers talk. When I was in depth of my hell none came to me but when I improved a little my rascal friend dragged me to you to prove me a mad.’ I giggled at the end of my speech. Maiden genuine giggle I had in last four months. 
Before we left the doctor told me some things to do which I was already doing, like shifting my mind whenever her thoughts come, making myself busy etc. He wrote a very long prescription & told me to buy it from the chemist shop next to him. He told me some yoga in which I wasn’t interested.

We shook hands. He smiled. Patted my shoulder & whispered “You are a strong man” in my ears and called me after a week.
We returned to the reception. I took out a Dairy Milk from my pocket and offered it to that pretty girl. She was probably a Chocó crazy like Siddra & Aahana (my friends). She grabbed the pack from my hand and gave a childish grin. I liked her.
We came out. I cracked my bones. I was feeling really good I took out the prescription paper, made it two, then four, then eight, then sixteen and finally 32. I threw them in the sky and enjoyed first dry rain of the season.

‘Are you crazy Sarv? Why did you tear the prescription?’ Hemant scolded me.
‘Shut up mother fucker, your father is not a psycho’. I smiled. He smiled back. The abuses in my words convinced him that I was improving. How strange? Hemant did all this just to get abuses from me? Friends are something really funny. 
I hugged him, as tight as I could and kissed him on cheek in front of entire civil lines in a Sunday afternoon. Few people stopped to see what we were doing.
‘I know it’s impossible to forget her but I promise you to start living without her, and I don’t break promises.’ Both of us exchanged smiles and we walked out of the building hand in hand.



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