16 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

The FINAL CALL!!! (A fictionalized NON-FICTION :-))

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            The days that were beautiful started fading up. The aroma that used to attract me, still attracted but when I moved towards it, it used to disappear. The dreams that trapped me in its beauty and glare stopped celebrating itself in my slumber moments. The world started changing. The island that once showed me the horizons of endless water showed me a barren land which was still to taste a drop of water. The tree that used to give me mangoes of all sizes and shapes begun showing what empty branches are like. The moment she came in my life, I realized that I have got my life mooted to a state where every negativism looked like a cluster of positive thoughts. The rationality and diplomacy that the thoughts had started changing for her. The positivism that I had started turning into orbits of hatred where she was the center point. The life that had a life of itself started turning out to be lifeless. It was hard to identify myself. The boy who showered love wasn't getting a chance to meet his love for a moment. Scientifically, a moment is of 8 seconds. Yes, the love was at its climax. All the white started moving towards black, escaping the grayish shade.

              It was 15 days and the love wasn't getting any better than any of the yesterdays. It started turning out to be the weakest asset that I ever possessed. But still a thought of getting a relationship failed was in my head. I asked her what was her reason to not continue the love that was fulfilling almost every desire of each other. But she had no answer. The only answer that she kept on giving me from last 3 days was "I don't know what but I don't want to be your's anymore. A private problem that cannot be shared. But I hope you get a better one than me". For once, my mind did say,"Oh Yeah, bitch, every girl in this world is better than you. And to be truthful, even a bitch is better bitch than you." But the love dominated the situation, thought process, anger, frustration and even exasperation. The orgasm that one sees in the movies are just a great creativity of the makers. The reality tells what orgasm is. It is nothing except few seconds of fun that a person gets and then forget the emotional connect one had with the person. What remains is physical requirements and desire. Once the hands are touched, a subconscious mind starts shouting for getting further and touching the swollen breast. Actually, they aren't swollen. :-) And once that is done, even conscious mind loses its integrity which is known for its modesty, values, principles and other kinds of shit that it keeps in its memory. 

              She came with a confident face and said,"It's finally over". I stood still. No, it wasn't that filmy moment when the first love of a hero asks him to fuck her away from his life and get associated with bars, alcohols and dog's shits. But the condition demanded answers for all the relationship that broke before this one. It wasn't an achievement to see that a relationship was once again getting diluted in the course of the fast new world where every person forgets the one who does the most for them. And in love, one even agrees to give life. No, I wasn't that fool too. I was in my hosh-o-hawaas. But yes, the hawaas did start turning into the materialistic word for love- Hawas. :-) With tears in my eyes, I had just one request that I made for 3 times,"Are you sure? Any valid reason?" The only thing that got into retaliation,"No. I just don't want to keep. I have certain image in my father's ideal image of mine. I am not willing to break it." And the great girl didn't realize these philosophical self-made quotes when she was getting into all that with me. Then, I think she was considering me as a Gift she would give to her father after some days as a perfect ideal son-in-law. Love is Joke. At least, 99% of times. Only when it's not purely love. If it has something to do with body of the partner, love can never prevail, it always fails. As my love did. She was interested in physicality while I wasn't any less interested in the same. :-) Loving girl is not only loving her soul, but also the body that keeps that bloody soul in it. Soul is intangible, body can be touched, hence one quests to touch and explore it. At least, I do. That indirectly lets one feel that the soul is touched. Ok Sorry. :-) 

             And that was the end of the 15 days of my love story. An affair that is still a laughing stock for my friends. I enjoy it. I understood the real meaning of love for the last time. The relationships before this one only came when I was in teenage. This came when I was almost matured and learnt how to lead a great inspiring life. Hence, in just few days it taught me almost all the philosophies and unsaid clauses that the law of love consists. Now, give me a girl and I'll show you how to love her. Only if she agrees to love a practical boy like me. Because all the emotions for love flew way to rest in peace with this final break-off. Now, all the emotions are being multiplied inside my soul, heart and mind through a certain mechanism for my wife. She deserves all the love now. Not these girls for whom orgasm only comes when they see money in their boyfriend's wallet, bike under their boyfriend's ass and attitude in their boyfriend's gesture when he's talking to his mother. Because this is a blunt truth that every girl wants her boy to give more importance to her than his mother. Bloody bitches are these 99% of modern girlfriends. And the remaining 1% are those that have died but are still immortal- as examples. :-) Now, that my so-called girl is married and has a son. If she would have married me, I would have given her the next legend after Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar. But whatever, deal with Kamaal R Khan Version 2.0 now. :-) Bwahaha!!

   Enough said. And yes, this isn't fiction at all. 



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