22 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Such is Life, Dearies!!! YOU ARE BEST!!!

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            A struggling phase is either our current status in life or it's something that's coming soon. No life is perfect without having some or the other obstacle that you need to fight against. And until and unless you don't have something to fight against, you yourself ask,"What is my life all about?" And then, there are many among us who know what their life is all about but still we keep on walking on a totally different path. In a fear of colliding with many competitors who are far better than self. It is no big deal or surprising confession that in any field we are in, we always have 9,99,99,999 people better than us. But does that guarantee our failure? Or does that guarantee that everyone above us will get justice for whatever they are capable of? Just as we think that we don't have the right recognition that we deserve, everyone better than us also has the same trauma. But you'll have to moderate your dilemma and decide specifically about your struggle. A struggle that you yourself will chose for bringing your life to a status where you can undoubtedly claim about the amount of happiness you are empowering in yourself. 

             It has been such a marvelous example for all of us when we see the era of every Superstar that arose and declined periodically. When Rajesh Khanna was controlling the roots of the Bollywood cinema, no one ever thought that a side actor with long height and no charming face would become the next. The main reason of the declination of Rajesh Khanna. A man who showed the world that one does not become Superstar by just being a great actor but also by being a great human being- Amitabh Bachchan. And he held another record that was quite parallel to what Rajesh Khanna held. RK had 15 consecutive hits within 4 years of his era. While Amitabh Bachchan gave at least a hit every year from 1972 to 1990- for 18 years without fail. And these are those 18 years when media boycotted any kind of news related to him. But, even he had to leave the position in 1990s when Shah Rukh Khan entered and showed the power of acting one can possess while being romantic on the big screen. People never imagined anyone replacing him. He is still not replaced wholly but Hrithik Roshan has already bought himself to a place where he is being named the next superstar after these 3 legends. Such is life, dearies(as HT also says) :-)

            Let's go to Cricket- the another biggest field that is being talked in our emotional country. When Sunil Gavaskar held the crown of everyone's favorite cricketer, no one ever imagined that a Cricketer would take birth who'll break his records. And not only his, but of every cricketer's in the world. Sachin Tendulkar came in late 1980s. In the first half of 1990 itself, he was declared as a gem of Cricket who had lots of potential in himself. By 2000, he became the GOD of the game. He was behind no one. Everyone started praying him for his excellence. By 2010, everyone started believing that the end of Sachin Tendulkar will bring halt to the whatever success our Indian cricket team has at the International level. The emotional Indian within everyone started dreaming about his son- Arjun playing in the same style as of father's and breaking all the records that GOD created. But not even 2 years since then, currently, all of us are asking Sachin Tendulkar to retire- directly or indirectly. Because Virat Kohli has shown us that there's someone who can be more consistent than the Master Blaster too. And people have stopped talking about Arjun Tendulkar. Everyone is content with Kohli today. He has become the new heartbeat. Till the time he is on the crease, Indians watch the match in hope that we shall win. Once he is declared OUT, half of us switch off our TVs. Exactly what we did when Sachin played in the same way. Such is Life, Dearies- Part 2!!! :-)

              Let's come to the 3rd field- Literature. Though you won't find many readers in India in comparison to the movie and Cricket lovers but yet, after the two fields, the third field that has got the most accomplishment is the world of books. I won't go much in History as already people are less aware of the GREATS in this field. I'll start from the modern times instead. In 2004, when Chetan Bhagat came up with Five Point Someone, people believed that a Writer has emerged who knows every nerve of youths. The book turned out to be the most sold out book in the Indian market. Chetan Bhagat became the star. The 3 books by the writer released after the success of the first and all the three got into the Bestseller as soon as they released. Every writer in the contemporary times got irritated with him. Everyone complained that Chetan's book had no research and only crap. But after his first book got adapted into the biggest Bollywood Blockbuster- 3 Idiots, everyone got assured that there's no stoppage to Chetan Bhagat. But, Amish Tripathi's first two parts of his The Shiva Trilogy got landed up in Bestseller at No.1 and No.2 spots in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Everyone got surprised that there can be a new name at No.1 except Chetan Bhagat's. Not just 2 years that Amish Tripathi's books went on making him earn Crores, we have a new one- Ashwin Sanghi who has acquired the first spot with his latest book, directly- above Amish Tripathi and Chetan Bhagat. Such is Life, Dearies- Part 3!!! :-)

            So, through these examples we get to see that not even Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Chetan Bhagat retained their No.1 Spot and there's always a chance that a new dedicated performer can out-beat any of the living legends- or even dead. And here, I have talked only about the fields that are visible to all of us so that there can be a commonness in the example that can be understood by everyone of us. Otherwise, why can't one over-perform his/her sub-ordinate in the organization? When these legends can be beaten up within the years when they created the records, why can't these people of our field be beaten who are not even legend. Legends? Huh! Not even close to the term "celebrity". But, the only promise that we'll have to give ourselves is- Consistency in working hard. And seriously, nothing would stop us from feeling big about ourselves. These days I feel very small about myself when I see my performances in academics because this is not what I wanted. And such dull performances are the results of under-estimating myself. And I have just thought that why should I? From today itself, I have promised of bringing the confidence back. And to sit for studying as soon as possible. Jab jaago tab savera. It might be possible that I would start studying by mid-October after researching more on myself and above given examples. Hahaha. But- whenever it would be, it will make me feel proud of myself that I did try to excel in my field- in my own ways. Let's see. Hence, my request to all to remember the above given examples and get the secret of success clear that we can overcome the BEST PERSON in the FIELD. Yes!!!



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