4 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Identity- You Can Never Get It Until People Give It To You!!!

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            Many would ask you to showcase your talent in the very first move in a new environment. For the basic sole purpose of letting the new people know that you have "something" in you. And for much more talented people, that you have almost "everything" in you. In new environment or among new people, everyone wants him/herself to be identified. Identified so that they are being respected for what they are. Identified so that they are being included whenever something very special is  planned. Identified so that the opposite gender takes much interest in you than all the other people of your gender. Identified so that you are always pushed ahead whenever something crazy and exoteric is about to happen. But do you really think that you can create an identity of yours? Almost 99% of you would say YES. Even I think that it is 100% possible if done in right way. But if in wrong way, definitely you shall get identified but for a shorter time. Ok. Once identified, you are done with it, what I am saying is that the respect which you needed after getting identified will remain for a short time as you made yourself an identifiable person in the crowd where everyone had almost same face with 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose and 1 mouth. 

             I remember when I joined Graduation, I was in talking terms with almost everyone in class except one. Later, in the second semester, a senior came and announced the name of the  boy and said that he has won a Photography competition that he took part in. I was surprised. I was taken aback. I never expected this short height, balloon sized pot bellied person to be a talented soul. Later when the lecture ended, I went to him and inquired about what competition he participated in and how did he win it. He told me all the details and then I came to know that he is a great photographer, obviously in a struggling stage but he is. And since then I respected him the most in class- for the fact that he never made anyone know what he is. And later everyone in class came to know about his skills in photography. That is how one gets a long term identification among new people. And YES, with RESPECT. If the same boy would have come on the first day and asked everyone for his attention and then would have claimed that "I'm a Photographer", do you think anyone of us would have given a damn to him? :-) (I hope you are understanding what I'm trying to hit at).

               My family astrologer is a very unique person in himself. He has served our nation by being in Indian Army for a very long time. While being in Army, he developed interest in Astrology, palmistry and soothsaying. He started reading related books in the library. Later he did Diploma in it to carve his skills more efficiently. And once he retired, he started his business in this. And with the grace of God, his readings started turning out to be 99.99% perfect and he is one of the successful person in the field. But when you'll go at his shop(or I must say clinic?), he will not take your palm in his hand to read but he will start telling you how great he is in his field. He'll tell you almost every achievement and every perfect reading that he has made in his life. This will end up making your 5 hours being wasted at his place where you'll get to know about your future for just 3 minutes at the most. This person has surely created an identity of his but he has never gained respect. He has given a new life to me but still I don't respect him for what he is. I am grateful to him and I thank him umpteenth number of times. But! And today, if someone asks me to make him meet the astrologer who gave an U-turn to my life, I almost deny even after the astrologer has made his identity in many cities. Getting, my idle readers? :-)

               One should not jump in between of conversations to get himself identified. If one does, he will surely get attention but he will never achieve what he wanted for him in a long term run. Let people identify your greatness, perfectness, beauty and excellence. Sachin never said initially that he is here to stay for 23 years(and still counting, FACEPALM) and create almost every record a batsman can. He did it quietly and we identified. Nor is Kohli saying anything of this kind but he is doing and we are identifying his Sachin-kind-of-a-talent. It's all about letting people observe you. And when you'll see that people are themselves approaching you to know about yourself for what you wanted to approach them, you will get the satisfaction that you could not get even after winning all the dollars, luck by chance, in a casino. :-) 

              While I updated this- "Identity is what people make of your's. If you by any way think that you can create an identity of yours in people's mind, come out of this misapprehension. Stay Quiet. Be away from the Light. One day, you would be under the Spotlight. And you would not be the one to bring yourself under the Highlights but people will themselves vindicate you at the top. YES!!! :-) But this takes time." on Facebook, I got a reply from my friend- Abhishek Akrant in Chat box where he told his version by partially contradicting to my views to which I partially agreed too :-)

            He said,"Bhai post acha hain apke.... But Deep inside you know that there's a a unique theory too... If we are good at something, and we once in a while keep bringing that up out in public. We can do the promotion of that skill at subconscious level of the person, then we can see the result sooner than the other way round. And it's 21st century bhai... Here we're all selling everything and it also includes our talent, if you're silent and not selling our potential, then someone else with average talent and great marketing skill will keep leg upon us and climb the ladders... Every aspect of life include sales...Do you know buddy the legendary programmer Denis Richie .. He was not good at marketing his skills.. He gave us the programming language through which we are making programs and software.. In short he gave us the grammar to make write programs correctly ... but he was never a great person .. He died in the same month when Steve Jobs died but people cried for Steve and didn't bother about Richie.. Why? Because Steve, despite not having something extraordinary was a great leader and marketing personnel who knew how to sell, and this is what rules in 21st century.. Sorry for such a long post but it demanded the answer...I didn't post out side kyonki thoda odd lagega ki I am contradicting..   Cheers.."

          Now, it's your chance to finally step out in the audience and create an identity- According to what I believe or the unique belief that you have about the subject, if it's stronger than mine. :-) 



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roopz said...

Visiting your blog after a long time. Nice write up! Identity frames what you are in a society. That is the main reason why we try to please the society always even if we don't like a particular thing going on...

Village Girl

Anonymous said...

It depends on the subject and varies from person to person....
Nice post...

Keep ON..

Anonymous said...

Excellent Stuff Bhai. Really loved the story about Astrologer and photographer. Both are wrong because in one case a guy who has some talent but he hasn't let anyone know about it and in another case, there's a guy who keeps blabbering about himself. To be frank, no one likes people who excessively praise themselves but praising at subconscious level is different, it's more of an art than anything else.


commodity tips said...

Has anybody ever felt like they lost there part of there identity or personality when they cut there hair or something similar? If so what?

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Roopz, exactly..

Thanks Raja

And yes u r right, PeerlessAcme bhai :-)

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