17 September 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

The moonlit Pilgrimage by Dr. Sasiprabha Ps!!!

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            I have finished reading Dr. Sasiprabha Ps's "The Moonlit Pilgrimage". The 148-pages book is published by Power Publishers. It's about an eternal love saga which is written in a very decent and author's very own style. The narration is fine with wonderful at some places while weak at some. Authoress Sasiprabha was born in Kerala. She is 25 years old. Currently, she is pursuing her internship at Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, Kerala. Whenever you see the prefix "Dr" before anyone's name. You already begin respecting the personality without knowing about what they really are. Thus as I began reading this book, I was sure that I might find some good narration if not story. And it happened quite the same. 

             Authoress does have the skill to write. The poems in the beginning and even during the phase of the story are beautiful. As per my information, authoress is basically a poet. And hence, you'll find the whole narration of the story as a poem is being written in an elaborated form. The way sentences have been structured shows that authoress is trying to develop an image that she is well and good in Literary English. Few sentences and imaginations do take your breathe away but few sentences are just cliche. At some places, you fail to understand what actually authoress is trying to convey. 

          About the Book(as described in the synopsis) :
My pen is given to the soul of an young woman who journeys down her memory lane in an attempt to discover the true meaning of the most sought after thing known to human kind-love. She journeys on with a man for whom she thinks she has lost her self-yet a futile loss.Thus she is trying to find out the core and meaning of the paradox of their love. Its her pilgrimage along the ways lit by the moon light of romance.

             For the story, I would like to tell that it's a love story that everyone writes these days but the narration makes it far better than a simple love story. Authoress has inserted all her knowledge regarding science, nature, space and I don't know what what while describing her emotions in the book. If this a true story of hers, I would say- Interesting. If not, I would say- Creativity at her level best. But still, there's a room for improvement. With her 2nd book, I expect that I'll find bar raising up. And to the readers, I will recommend this book for the narration and the way sentences are being crafted throughout. 



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