6 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


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              It wasn't enough to digest the news of a man dressed in Batsman attire killing 12 people going to watch TDKR Premiere that another American has gun-fired in a Gurudwara located at Oak Creek in USA. Till now, it has been reported that 7 people have lost life while the witnesses says that the figure might go up till 17-25. Americans have just lost the control over themselves. They have become too arrogant and in other way, corrupt. Just an attack that Osama Bin Laden did and they find themselves as the only ones who can give justice to all. To be precise, to the Americans. But why do they need to kill people needlessly now? They have already got their biggest enemy- OSAMA BIN LADEN and they have sent the Devil to hell. America is Superpower but there should be a limit till which the world can deal with them. If this will continue for long, it's not far that the world might get together to blow off America. Americans have already killed/harassed/troubled umpteenth number of Muslims just for the sake of making it sure that no terrorist is alive in their space. How does "any" Muslim becomes a Terrorist, Americans? Seeing these two incidents, should we announce that Americans are the ones who can fire anyone randomly hence please be aware of "every" American roaming on roads in "any" country? 

              CNN is continuously making it clear that "Sikhs are not Muslims". This is enough to state the mentality of Americans. For them, killing Muslims is fine but because the Sikhs are been attacked now(might be because of a misconception that they are Muslims), they are trying to make their American brethren get clear with the concept that every Indian/Pakistani with beard is not a Muslim but it can be Sikh or in that case a Hindu too. Huh!!! This is height of using the powers of being a Superpower. You have such stupid gun laws that every 2nd person has a revolver in hand. Your people have grown so intolerable that they have started killing everyone who seems to be of the religion from which LADEN belonged. The kind of hatred you have developed for a particular religion/region is shameful. Rather than killing innocents, try to improve your mentality, rules, regulations and preaching. 

              If you can kill those innocent Sikhs who were in Gurudwara for Prayers and Devotions, try to analyze the amount of sickness you have developed in the Top layer of your body. It has been 11 years since that attack. You have not been attacked ever after that. And when the same happens with India, you advise us to deal with the matter in "just conversations" as it is about the neighborhood country. Why don't you talk to Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and other Islamic countries you have problem with? Why did you kill them blatantly? And why are you still trying to show how genuine you are by killing more? The world isn't appreciating you for the Droll attacks that you target on any Islamic country you feel like. You are just turning out to be the most dumb, aimless, arrogance, egoistic and shameful country ever. And anything can be tolerated but the death of innocents by you is something that the world will have to stand against you. And it might happen that you will have to drop down from the tag of "Superpower" because of this. Yeah!!! I hope it happens soon. World will have to unite. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. And another fact, you aren't terming these gunfires by your Americans as TERRORIST attacks. Is this term meant only for the people committing crime belonging from the religion of Islam?

             Too much anger for now. Hence, signing off.


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sim cards uk said...

It is a shame for the whole world that they attacked on the unknown peoples and government only relief them for some time.

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

you hit bulls eye this time! Very valid points.

Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

Here are my two cents on this massacre... Read on http://divyavirmani.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Makes complete sense.

We have bomb attacks every bloody year, we call the Pakistani's our brothers.

What 2 buildings came crashing down in their area 11 years ago, they went on a rampage.

Writing Buddha said...

THanks Samyukhta, i tried my best..

Thanks Divya mam.. and thanks anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Did not read the whole piece...a fast read...think u need to read a lot more before commenting on such subjects. The attack is not from USA, the country. It is not similar to the attack in Mumbai by Pakis...which was govt. sponsored (albeit softly). US is a good country. Some policies of the past were not right...they'll change. Read, read, read & then write.
Good that you write at a young age...:-) Keep writing.
Take care.

Writing Buddha said...

Anonymous, first of all you claim that you have read it fast and not wholly and then you judge me.. Better you improve yourself first...

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