2 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

"Mooh-Boli Behen" Concept is purely FICTITIOUS!!! :-)

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              A Very Happy Raksha-bandhan to all the brothers and sisters believing in this pure and sacred relation. A festival where a Sister ties Rakhi on her brother's wrist demanding for a safe and secure life. Asking brother through their deep eyes to keep them protected till death. And brother in return gifts his sister anything that he knows as his sister's favorite/desiring object. Some brothers who are not smart enough hands cash so that the sister can buy anything that is needful. Now-a-days as the society is turning "nautankibaaz" day-by-day, some brothers among themselves tie Rakhi to each other demanding protection for each other, sisters have started tying Rakhi to each other etc. Following the same rule, I think I should tie Rakhi to all the new teachers that I am introduced to today in my new college. They are the only ones who can protect me from Failure and Embarrassment for next 3 years, at least. :-) And the kind of girls crowd that I have witnessed, I would prefer getting Rakhis tied from them too. That will at least keep me away from any kind of "pyaar ki nautanki" for next 3 years again. Sorry Girls(classmates)!!! :-)

              There used to be a time when I believed in this festival a lot. But now after some beautiful and eye-opening experiences, I have stopped trusting this sacred relationship of Brother-sister. And cousins come no where in the scene. I am a Single-child of my parents. Hence I realized it later that only a REAL sister can be the kind of Sister one desires. Else, let it be your cousin, your "baaju mein rehne waali didi" or "mooh boli behen", no one can love you with the same intensity that a REAL sister does. Just as no one can replace our MOTHERS, no one can replace our SISTERS too. So boys, if you don't have one, stop forwarding your wrist to any girl for getting a Rakhi tied on it. Be a man. Protect every girl. Why One or Two? Bwahahaha!!! Keh ke le li tumhari!!! :-) And for the girls too. Abhi bahot se rishtey juddney baaki hain zindagi mein, jab bhai nahi hai, toh kisi ko jabardasti banane ki jarurat nahi hai. :-) Because at the right time you will have to save yourself, no one would be there to see you. I hope you know about Guwahati's Molestation case. Yes!!!

              I always make it sure that my Mother ties me Rakhi on Raksha-Bandhan for the only fact that no one can love me as selflessly as she does. And she is the only one for whom I can jump from anywhere to protect. Else to any other mooh boli kind of sister, I would prefer to save myself first and then see if I can do something for her. Yes!! I know it's too hard to digest this but at least I am speaking what is in my heart. Other boys won't. As Aamir Khan says,"Dil pe lagni chahiye", in the same way, pyaar dil se aana chahiye. Agar nahi aa raha hai toh jabardasti dikhaawe ki jarurat nahi. Now-a-days, I am also hearing terms like "Twitter sister" and "Facebook sister". Koi toh rok lo. :-) Be matured. Be genuine. Be Human. :-) And to all the REAL brothers who will get a Rakhi tied on their wrists with REAL love from their REAL sisters, I know it would be a dilemma-full moment for you. Every brother knows that they can't save their sisters. They can only desire and dream about it. Today itself, 4 low-intensity blasts have taken place in Pune. It can be High-intensity ones tomorrow and anywhere in India. No one knows who might get trapped in it and when. So protecting someone from it, and promising this is purely fictitious. :-) So lets celebrate Raksha-Bandhan just to show the amount of love we have for our brother/sister respectively rather than boasting about protection and safety. No one is Perfect Bodyguard and nor is this world so slow-moving that one can protect someone every minute without caring about his future. :-) 

     I know maine aaj le li hai is tyohaar ki. But try to understand the message behind this REAL blog post. :-) Hahaha!!!



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Anonymous said...

The writings in the middle in HINDI increases the intensity of your feelings.. :)

Keep ON..

Anonymous said...

me hoon na tumhari real sister. don't upset abhi. but my rakhi for u http://www.tutorialgallery.com/scraps/scrap9/rakshabandhan_rakhi/rakshabandhan_rakhi_scraps19.jpg
(Akankshi Mittal)

Anonymous said...

Being an only child of my parents,I could totally relate to your views.The subject of your blog posts seems to be varied and that what makes your blog unique.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Raja sir, Hindi became necessary in this post. haha

Writing Buddha said...

Akankshi, sister chchod k kuch b bano. I dont trust this relationship even a bit.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anonymous.. your good name will add much flavour to your beautiful comment. :-)

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