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Not Dahi-Handis, Being KARMIC is the MESSAGE!!!

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             Lord Krishna- the one who recited the whole Bhagawad Geeta took birth on the same day. A very happy Janmashtami to all of you.  Kansa- a wicked king of Mathura was famous for his ill-doings, arrogance, crimes and dictatorship. It was predicted that he would be killed by the 8th child of his sister-Devaki who was married to Vasudeva. In the rage of this, Kansa killed all the male child that Devaki delivered. But since the 8th child of Devaki was destined to kill Kansa, Vasudeva saved the child from the clutches of Kansa. And this child- Krishna then lived in Gokul during his infancy till the 11th year of his life. He, being the avatar of Lord Vishnu hid himself for 11 years in Gokul from the clutches of his maternal uncle- Kansa and finally killed him later. And in the respect, tribute and gratitude to the almighty God- Lord Krishna, Janmashtami is celebrated every year between mid-August and mid-September. 

              Sri Krishna is known for teaching the human kind about Karma and its concept. It has been merged into a term- "Karma Yoga". Krishna says that a man gets the result/fruits according to his actions. If one has done just good deeds in life he will get all the results in positives and advantages. If one has done only bad deeds, he is bound to get only bad results. No matter how much he fakes himself. And if one has done both, we would get accordingly. And thus a human being is asked to perform his work, deeds and karma with pure honesty and justice. One should follow the right path that is pre-determined in our holy books. And one should never tolerate injustice. Karma Yoga is action performed without any kind of expectations or even a slightest thought of reward. One should perform his karma selflessly. If he is deserving, God will bless him with reward. And if he is not, God will put him to test again to prove himself to get one. Interesting!!!

               And if one does the Karma Yoga in his life, one is said to purify himself at the quickest and break all the limits of life. Being Karmic does not only mean to act physically, but it also includes any work that comprises of mental strength and stress. According to Krishna, when one gets reward, he reaches to the state where he forgets all the people who helped him get the reward, thus, turns egoistic and arrogant. Hence, Krishna asks to perform any task without thinking of any kind of reward just to serve humanity without any desire, selflessly. One is asked to show Unity in Diversity. There should be no discrimination among people. All should be treated equally. This enables a being to realize that God exists in everyone in equal form. Krishna asks to stay non-violent but only up to the limit till you are not exploited. Once you find that you are the target of injustice, ATTACK. Attack to get what you deserve. Attack the person to make him realize that he is not right. Attack because a God within you asks for the result of the good deed that you did. Attack because God wants you to kill all the injustice and exploitation that exists. 

           "Dear devotees of Krishna, let us take a pledge today, let us make a resolution that we will not allow even inadvertently any blemish to defame the noble life of that spotless, innocent, virtuous and realized soul. Let us follow the footsteps of the ideals of great people." 
     Following are the words of Krishna-
yad yad acarati shresthasthat devetaro janah
sa yat pramam kurute lokas tadanuvartate

              Let's not only concentrate on Dahi-Handis and the cash prizes that we get after breaking it, but also on these vows of Janmashtami. 



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