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My Life by Brett Lee!!!

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           The only thing for which I, as an emotional Indian remember about Brett Lee is how he blocked Sachin Tendulkar in his way in the last Test series we had with Australia when Sachin was running between the wickets and got run out. Once again the dream got shattered- A dream to see Sachin scoring 100th 100 in the then match. All Indians abused Brett Lee on Social Networking sites and said that he did it intentionally. In an interview, Lee made it evident that it was a mistake that happened unintentionally. And what I have said above is too injustice to do with a player like Brett Lee. I also remember him for many balls that he has bowled with a speed that is unbeatable. The only person who has been able to give tough competition to him has been Shoaib Akhtar- who surpassed 161 Km/hr speed which still remains unconquerable for Brett Lee. You would be thinking as of why am I talking about Brett Lee in a specially dedicated post even when there's no match going around that would have made him an inspiration of mine. :-) Actually, I am done reading his Autobiography- "My Life" that is released by Random House in India.

             Now, as I have completed reading this 405 pages autobiography, I must say that the book is not really inspirational or motivational but just an experience- Experience of living a life of a fast bowler in the game of Cricket during the beautiful tenure of reading this book. Every time we read and focus only about batsmen but very few of us really concentrate on the life of a bowler except Ashish Nehra. Bwahahaha. :-) But reading Brett Lee's autobiography has been a wonderful odyssey as he has been one bowler who has stunned everyone with his express speed of bowling. There has been few fast bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar, Dale Steyn, Zaheer Khan who we have seen recently but Brett Lee is quite different from them. Yes, he is. Not just because I have read his autobiography and turned into a fan. :-)

              Book starts with the foreword by Allan Border that is a very light read. Then, the first chapter about how a photographer tried to climb the building through balcony in Brett Lee's room just for an interview/click is interesting to read. Through the very first chapter, Brett Lee tells how he still feels unbelievable that he is one of the celebrities. After the story of a cricketer begins, the injuries that are told about in the initial chapters frustrates you; and imagining the condition of the cricketer who has potential but still can't play because of an injury is too disheartening and a feeling of helplessness. First tryst with Steve Waugh is an amazing read as Lee tells how he didn't give his T-shirt to him just because he challenged Lee to play nicely and be a part of the team to win it himself. WOW. Sachin Tendulkar's detailed mention as one of the two batsmen including Brian Lara bought smile on my face. Aapla Sachin!!! :-) 

              A Cricketer is being seen as a role model by many youths and children. Lee clarifies in a part of the book about his strong and weak points to make it clear about why he can be seen as a role model and why he can't be. The sledging that he makes against batsmen is the most interesting chapters throughout the book. Haha. His initial perception about Graeme Smith is another funny part to read as he has openly told how much he hated him. :-) A match where Shane Warne got out at 99 is another humor-filled chapter when it should have been a depressing one. The way Lee celebrated as he's charging a machine is also described by Lee as to how it happened. Steve Waugh scoring century when critics targeted him is described very emotionally in the book. The description of India and why Brett Lee loved the country so much in many pages exactly in the middle of the book was another proud moment for me to read, being an Indian. :-) I respect Lee for giving the only country- India such a description in his autobiography. He has not even done this for Australia in the book. :-) The letter of a girl in the end of the description made me cry. The controversy of Harbhajan-Symond is talked very sensibly and maturely in the book as it's not easy to vindicate such an event in writing form. 

             The entrance of IPL in the international Cricket is also described by Lee in the book in a very detailed manner. I liked reading it. His break up with his wife is another emotional read in the book while his love for his son-Preston is also clearly visible from the kind of sentences he has formed to dictate it. :-) The reason why he retired from Test is also written in a detailed emotional form. I didn't like what happened with him. All the moments when he didn't like Ricky Ponting has also been narrated. This actually surprised me. It's not an easy thing to do. And the best part of the book is when he tells how he was waiting for Sourav Ganguly to declare the match but later he thought the captain is waiting for Sachin to touch 250 but when he saw that the match is being declared before him scoring 250, he saw that his bowling figures has crossed 200, hence, embarrassing him. Hahaha. If not for anything, read the book for this part. :-) Else, there are many other events that I can't subject here in the review as 

              Else, the book is 50% interesting and 50% stretched. I personally feel that this autobiography could have been completed in just 200-250 pages. 405 pages is too much. Plus, Random House selling it for Rs. 500 is another drawback. They should come down by 50% at least. PLEASE. Otherwise, this autobiography will go unnoticed. I would recommend this book to all just for a reason that you shall come to know about the perspective with which a Fast bowler plays on the field as all of us know what a batsman feel. 


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