23 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Our Inner Self rate our Relationships, Not We!!!

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            As always, Abhilashnand baba will speak about the topic that people easily relate themselves to- Relationships, the topic on which I have posted the most number of my blogs. Obviously, after book reviews. :-) Relationship with anyone is the toughest thing to maintain in life. Not always do we get a partner who compromises to each and everything of ours. When we get one of a kind who is too adjusting, almost 75% of our life becomes positive and productive. But, once we get someone who loves creating problem for each and every misunderstanding, 100% of our life becomes destructive. Being too practical is good for nothing most of the times, in such cases. Being emotional is obviously, too hazardous to handle. But in any kind of relationship, either good or bad, your life flows with it. It does not care about what attitude do we have. Life always flow according to the relationship we carry with us in our life.

             Relationship with anyone cannot be said to be strong and audacious until and unless you don't promote the person a level up than what he/she was in initial days of it. And you do not need to promote, the person automatically gets promoted in your mind, heart and soul if he/she deserves. Take an example. If your sister would be walking on road where you would be eating pani-puri with your friends, will you refer her as you refer every other girl by saying,"Abe wo ladki dekh jo wahaan jaa rahi hai"? No, you'll not. You'll kindly say,"Wo jo ladki jaa rahi hai wo meri BEHEN hai". We don't use the word "Girl" for our sister. Because for us, she is not a GIRL but a SISTER. For us, our MOTHER is not a LADY but MOTHER. We will always refer her as MOTHER and will never use the word LADY in any case. Similarly, when we really love our partner, we always use GIRLFRIEND while introducing her to any of our friend, chahe saamne ya peeth peechey, but we never use the word- GIRL. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say *like a teacher* :-)

              Today, when I stand with my male friends and a female friend of mine crosses, many of them pass comments. When I don't join them as I normally do (:-)), they ask me,"Kuch bola nahi be. Sudhar gaya hai kya?". And I answer,"Meri DOST hai woh". Now, she is as much GIRL as others are on whom I pass comments among my friends (Kindly note that those comments are healthy, not cheap. No? Ok sorry. :-)), but for me she is not a GIRL but a FRIEND. My mind, heart and soul has promoted the person from GIRL to a FRIEND. Now I can never use the word- GIRL for all such friends who have been promoted by my inner soul. Even when some of the people fail in a relationship, but if their ex-partner crosses the way, they don't miss referring them as "Mera ex-boyfriend hai woh". They don't use such sentences like "Mere pehle waale college mein ye ladka mere class mein tha". Because their inner self has promoted LADKA to EX-BOYFRIEND. They can just never forget those moments they had with the particular boy, sorry ex-boyfriend. That is how each person gets promoted or demoted in our inner soul's relationship meter. 

             Some times, the relationship meter shows some insignificant results too. The one who was a FRIEND for someone or you can say got promoted to the word FRIEND suddenly gets demoted and gets referred as,"Uska naam mat le be, insaan nahi hai saala woh, kutta hai woh". :-) And if such people tend to remain closer in our life, like if they are our classmate, neighbour or always bump us through mutual friends, our life becomes uneasy and frustrating. This is how the course of relationship takes it toll on us. We get affected by it, deeply. None of us can handle the pressure of relationship if it does not get promoted by our inner soul. And practically, we have no control on the decisions that our inner soul takes. Spiritually, we can control our inner self according to our thoughts. Sometimes we can, but in relationship, many a times we can't because of some idiots who get demoted in the court of our inner self/soul. Thankfully, my inner soul has promoted many people quite higher in its hierarchical tree and the one who were meant to be demoted in the tree got their branch cut by the roots. :-) 

            Now, it's your time to talk to your inner soul and analyze who is ranked where in its hierarchical structure. :-) 

P.S.: Last year, in 2011, I posted 155 posts only. In 2012, this is my 156th Post. Aap sabhi ko is time pass uplabdhi ki badhaiyaan. Ok Bye. :-)



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Anonymous said...

As u say...SO I...Abhilashnand[Baba :P]!!!

Keep ON..

Aarthi Baskaran said...

good one...!! i got time to read your blog after many days..!!

Anonymous said...

Abhilash .....really very well written.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Raja sir, Aarthi and anonymous.. :-)

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