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             Rahul Tiwari has been one of my very good friend since I have started Blogging and Tweeting. Though he keeps unfollowing me on Twitter whenever he feels that I have gone over the top in irritating my Followers, I still respect him for being on of the very good friends on Social Networking sites. He is one guy with whom I can crack any kind of joke as he does not misapprehend any of my abuse-filled sentences. :-) I am quite blithe to announce that he has chosen my Blog Site to publish a very good story that he has scribbled himself. Now let's hear what he has to speak on writing on the medium with which we are connected with each other from last 3 years. :-)

           Its really a great feeling when nobody knows you and your story is published on a blog which is in eyes of several Lakhs of people, for that I'm grateful to Veeru. Social networking sometimes give you such people who become more closer than your own family and Abhilash is one such person for me, A friend, Mentor and an Energy injecter in my veins whenever I'm down.
          This story is 40% taken from one of my friend's real life and I've added 60% imagination. The way people let go their love and not try to get it as Once tried by lovers like Laila Majnu, Romeo Juliet etc is what I want to tell.

    Yes, I’ll let you go!!!

‘Yeah, I will call you, don’t worry dear I’m not going to forget my love’, I said in a low voice as guys do when they have to convince a girl. 
‘I hope you wont forget as all do, I’ve reached will talk you later, bye, love you’. The call ending tone followed her last words. I whispered ‘love you too’ in myself. I threw the cell on bed & climbed upstairs.

Hi I’m Vivek Mishra, a student of MBA last semester, I live here in Lucknow and the girl who was just talking to me is my Girlfriend who has gone back to her City Nainital. Though she is not the only girl I have affair with but don’t know why something inside me is not well after she has gone. 

It was my college friend Mohit’s sister’s birthday when I first saw her, Four months ago, an autumn evening. Ruchi, Sister Mohit introduced us. Her name is Riya Gupta, a student of fashion designing in Lucknow University; we could not chat enough because of the party. After 3 days accidently we met in Buddha Park and that was the day we exchanged contacts.

I already had three girlfriends, one in my home city, One in College and another one my neighbor’s daughter; I have had many in past so I have a good experience about girls. Probably it is because I relate from Shahjahanpur, the only Distt. Of UP which produces more girls than boys, so I Have a capability to handle many girls. Apart from the writer of the Story all of my friends have multiple GFs just he failed to have one ;-)

After about a month of regular phone calls and meetings I found interest in her, she is not the most beautiful girl of the globe but not so bad also and I have a motto that I never look at the beauty of a girl to affair with and she was most beautiful from inside. On 21st March when national New Year started, I proposed her.
She acted same as many other girls had acted before, ‘I have never think about it, we imaged us as very good friends, I never knew that you will ask me for this, etc.etc.’ but after 3 days of several swings she accepted. I am quite experienced of this kind of nature in girls, they maybe loving you but they make you walk 3 days before they accept.

Next day we met in Buddha Park our permanent meeting place but with a changed relationship now. She looked more beautiful than ever in that blue jeans and a white Top on which a guy was standing holding heart in his hand. Maybe it was the change of my view or she really turned beautiful in a single night after accepting me that I lost looking her until she asked why I was looking her like that.

We sat on a bench, she gave a hesitating smile looking in my eyes; her eyes were most innocent among all the girls I have been so far. I took her hand in mine and shifted myself close to her; she hesitated from the touch of my body, than co-operated. In front of almost 200 evening walkers we had our first kiss, though it was barely more than 2 seconds, she got up suddenly and stood away giving a shy smile. That day I took her out on a dinner and we were with each other till 10pm coz none of us had a family trouble.

 I was happy with her and I felt like I really love her from heart unlike I interact with others, though it didn’t shut down rest of my affairs but I begun ignoring others. We used to meet often in parks, restaurants, at my room and hers also. Three months passed happily when finally she told me about her departure from Lucknow. I had gone to her room, she had just got up from sleep, her roommate offered us coffee, then she left.

During the sips of coffee she asked me, ‘Will you forget me if I leave Lucknow?’
‘What kind of question is this?’ I looked up from the coffee Mug, Surprised.
‘Actually I forgot to tell you that my Fashion Designing course has been completed now and I have to go back home.’ She let out a fake smile.
‘So?’ I put the empty mug on the table ‘You will never return?’ 
‘Yeah, I will come sometimes but I wont live here anymore’, She gave a convincing look this time. Girls give such looks when someone dumb is asking useless questions to them like me.

‘Ohh, I’m going to miss you, how we will meat?’ now my brain was responding to the situation.
‘For that you will have to come to Nainital, if you get time from other girls.’ If you ask me what girls do best? I’ll simply reply, ‘Taunt’, that’s what she doing.
‘What kind of other girls?’ I was aware of the situation now.
‘The kind of one you are calling 20 times a day from last week’, she gave me a teasing smile. I was on blade age now.

Last week when I went home for two days, I got a missed call on my phone, when I called back some girl spoke but I couldn’t recognize the voice, She disconnected but since than in seek of another girl I dial that number at least 20 times a day but none picks, now matter to worry is how does she know it?

‘You know Vivek when I asked you to talk, you said you’re busy with family so I missed call you from my new number, you didn’t have time to talk me but for an unknown number  you had time to dial 20 times a day. She gave a disappointed look. I was freeze. I felt like if I could evaporate from there. I was just caught red handed.
I gave her a mild slap, smiled at her & kissed her cheek in response,’ so it was you crosschecking me? She smiled.

Either it was the effect of kiss or Gods grace or probably the feeling of going away that she didn’t stretch that matter. I was preparing a list of excuses in my mind but all went vein coz she didn’t talk anything about that.

Now I feel she had convinced herself that it doesn’t matter now to investigate me as she was leaving and this tale is not going to last for a long time. We didn’t meet for next seven days though both of us were at room due to vacation but we only talked at phone. Yesterday she told me that she is leaving today. I felt my heart coming out of my mouth. All the night I couldn’t sleep, kept thinking about us while my friends were busy playing cards, I lay under the sky, staring at the moon like it could help me not letting her go. I slept after 5am. 

I got up at 12pm, I saw my mobile screen it had 23 missed calls from her, I abused Sudhanshu for not waking me up. I ran in bathroom, almost jumped in bathtub, got ready as fast as I could. Her train had to depart at 7pm. When I reached her place, she was packing and her roommate was helping her, as soon I entered she hugged me, as tight as she could.

‘Where were you? Calling you since morning.’ She said in a very low voice. I felt love in the air but next moment I realized this air is going to Nainital’s atmosphere this evening, my throat chocked.

‘I couldn’t sleep all night so....’ she interrupted in middle. ‘Why, what happened?’ 
‘Nothing was thinking about us.’ I said with my face looking downwards. She lifted my face by her fingers, Smiled and kissed my cheek, than again smiled. She looked more beautiful than ever.

I grabbed her again in my arms. I helped her in rest of her packing and then we went out for lunch as I was dying of hunger. We reached a nearby restaurant. I ordered full lunch while she resisted herself to a burger. We kept mostly silent there, just talked about her journey and future plans.

‘Why can’t you study further in Lucknow?’ I said.
‘Dad is not ready to let me out anymore, he wants me to get marry as soon as possible, also who knows where you’ll go after MBA or you got some missed call from somewhere.’ She winked, I looked down.

We went to our old meeting place Buddha Park. We sat on the bench, as close as two bodies can. I kissed her there, again in public. I clicked a few photos of her for memory. It was 5pm, we reached her place, picked her luggage, she and her roommate had a long crying session before I brought her out coz auto driver was going numb.

We reached station at 6:30pm, her train came in a while, I helped her in placing luggage inside, it was impossible for her to do it alone. I realized the luxury girls feel having a boyfriend coz he can turn into a driver, cook, coolie and much more according to the situation.

I sat next to her, looking in her eyes, making her face to be scanned by my eyes and printed in my brain.
‘Will you miss me?’ She asked. I nodded. She looked outside then at the floor then towards me.
‘I know its not going to last long but I really love you a lot’. She broke into tears. 
‘Who says so?’ I held her face in my palms. ‘It will last forever Jaan & you are in my heart, I love you too.’ I tried my best to console her but she didn’t stop crying until I joined. I literally cried. My heart melt and that converted into tears. 
‘Please, you don’t weep, I’m so bad, I made you cry.’ Interestingly she stopped crying when I started. Did she only want to see me moist? Girls are something impossible to predict.

Her fellow passenger who was also a girl entered, the train whistled. It was time to leave. She came with me till the door, we hugged, we kissed and the train began to move. I wanted to hold her as much as possible. She realized the train gaining speed and told me to rush out. I got down trembling from the train. She waved, I responded, until the X mark appeared I stood there and then took an auto back home.

Yeah, I know it’s not going to last long. She was right, I will go to meet her but sooner or later we will be apart. I don’t know where I will go after MBA; I don’t know how long she will take to marry. This tale is bound to be unsuccessful but all I know that today I love from the bottom of my heart and she does the same.


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Tanx bhai for letting me post on ur blog and for such beautifull words about me :-)

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Mast bro...!

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Welcome to ARB Rahul....
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Edit this word Abhi(meat-meet)

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The story is about Rahul Sharma, whose girlfriend Sonia just broke up with him after having a two year relationship.

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