17 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

I am MEANT for this CLASSROOM, Not YOU!!!

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            Interacting with few friends some years ago, I often heard from them,"No buddy. I am not enjoying. I am just not capable of understanding these theories while others in my class does every problem before me". And I used to think "What a Loser". I always believed that with hard work and perseverance, one can always stay shoulders with others in the same classroom as all are born in the same year and have the same IQ level. Hence the logic of being a lackadaisical in any part of the academics in comparison to others was too illogical for me. But today I feel so sympathized with those who said this to me and still says to me. Our education system is really something that needs too much improvisation and revolution.  Yesterday reading a book on India and its system, I did read something that was too sensible. The author said,"The best institutes of India are the same from last many decades. There has been rise in number of students, colleges, courses but the BRAND COLLEGES are still those which were in our parent's time". Such a brutal truth this is! And this is not a very good news. We should have had some better institutes till today. Education is so important for the growth of nation. And this part remains to be one of the worst features of India. Shame!!! 

              Coming back on the topic!!! I remember when I took admission for 11th std in a college in Pune. The college name was unknown to everyone in my town. The name with which they identified the college is "Scholar Batch". And everyone in my town used to study hard for cracking its entrance exam and getting into the brand- SCHOLAR BATCH. For that, one needs to score 85% or more in 10th Board examinations. Then, you'll have to be in top candidates in their entrance exam that focuses only on Deep Science and Mathematics. Once you are done with it, you get admission in the Scholar Batch at the fees of 12,000 per year i.e. 24,000 Rs for 11th and 12th(And they keep on giving scholarship of 1000 rs/month to every student for 2 years. That means, all the fees you paid gets refunded. Cool, isn't it?). They also get your CET, AIEEE and other well-known Engineering entrance examination's preparation done. Every student who passes out from this Scholar Batch scores 80%+ easily in 12th and they also get admitted in a good engineering college. Such is the teaching and guiding quality provided to these serious students a.k.a scholars.

              I scored a poor 61% in my 10th board. My parents wanted me to get vindicated in this SB(Scholar Batch). The gap between my score and the eligible score to get into SB was 24%. My parents almost lost all the hopes from me. I never had any with myself. :-) Still, the very next day my father took me with him to Pune. After seeing the college campus, my father's inner soul screamed aloud,"Idhar aake mera beta Engineer jaroor ban hi jayega". My father bought 60,000 rs cash with him as someone told him that they admit students into Scholar batch if you pay 50,000+. And for a child's education, parents are always ready to give their heart and kidneys. At last the institute asked my father to stop insisting them for admitting his mediocre son into a batch that is meant for only those who can devote each part of their heart into studies. I was definitely not meant for this extra-ordinary group of people.

              Then someone told my father that a General Batch is being introduced this year in the same institute for the children those have bought less than 85% in 10th std board. They told us that if the student performs almost equally good as the SB students will, in the 11th std's Unit Tests, he/she will get transferred to the SB. After I started attending the college, I saw a big difference between both the groups regarding studies. SB students always talked about studies while GB students always talked about movies. But I felt comfortable among GB students as they were of the same IQ as I was. Teachers gave individual attention in our class because they know we were weak. While in SB class, teachers just had to clear the concept, students were too studious to do everything themselves at library and home. I liked the concept of separating the students in different batches according to the Intelligence level. 

              Now, I am in Masters of Computer Applications-MCA i.e. Post Graduation. I was too enthusiastic and excited before joining the institute. After 18 days of college, now, I want to take away my name from the course and get prepared first, then join again. I feel left out in the class. I feel ashamed of what I am. I feel frustrated each second when I am in classroom. I have graduated in BCA(that is the basic of MCA, obviously) from a DEEMED UNIVERSITY, that had its own fucking basic syllabus. The syllabus of MCA(Mumbai University) is 10 times vast than our BCA's. Seeing it, I feel tormented. The 95% students in my class has completed their Graduation in BSc.IT under Mumbai University. They had the same syllabus even then. They sit in classroom as if they are here just for revision. While I sit and glare their faces. I feel cheated. MCA is basically for BCA's student. Teacher should concentrate on us, first. These BScIT students are meant for MScIT- which is a real challenge for them. but they opted for an easier path. Thus making it difficult for BCA students like me. We don't have a single logic clear while these students don't let us get it cleared. Before teacher starts teaching, they are done with the solution of the problem. Even after being 100% pragmatic, I keep assuring myself that I will get red mark in 2-3 subjects definitely. 

            Same is the case with the BBA students who enter MBA with enthusiasm. Their main target is to get more knowledge about their subjects against all the students of their kind- belonging from BBA who read just basics about the subject. But they fall into depression after seeing this High IQ people from Engineering in their MBA classroom. These Engineering students see a tough life for 4 years academically. Hence, they get more knowledge about each and every subject. In class, they start performing right from the first day. And the BBA students feel left out among them. The course that is meant for them, basically is being joined by some Intellectuals who didn't take challenge of getting into M.Tech and a level higher, the course that is meant for them. They chose a shortcut- MBA as it is too easier in comparison to M.Tech. Thus, BBA students fall prey to this injustice too. 

             As MCA is open for all the students from any Graduation with Mathematics as a subject in any of the semester, my accusation or concern will get negligence support. But, institutes should think upon this. Either keep extra classes for those who are from the backgrounds that were not as vast the portion that you are teaching today or separate the classrooms accordingly. No need to make 60 students sit under the same roof. Divide the students according to their knowledge in the subject in two divisions of 30-30 each or 40-20 each. Where the latter 20 belong to the not-so-intellectual background. This is something that should be done very soon, very very soon. Else, students like me who were fine in studies in Graduation and came with a will to get the concepts clear this time in Post Graduation will end up being Failure because everyone in classroom already has their concept clear, thus not letting teacher elaborate the respective topic. :-(

   Enough said.



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MyBlogWorld said...

Agree, there are students in any class having some knowledge before hand. And it makes granted for teaching facility not to give their 100%. But I don't support 30-30 or 40-20 format. Teaching facility should give 100% irrespective of knowledge level of students seating in front of them.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes, myblogworld

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