12 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Riots in Assam Protest in Mumbai- So SENSIBLE!!!

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By Raza Academy's members in Mumbai
             11th August has been so disturbing for the people of Mumbai and as well as of the nation. The kind of violence and outrage that is witnessed in Azad Maidan, CST is as shameful as 26/11. We were helpless then, and even now. The protestors, drawn largely from the Raza Academy, a Sunni Muslim advocacy group accumulated to grief and condemn over the killing of Muslims in Assam riots and Burma. And later, they themselves became violent. The leader of this Sunni Muslim group says that the people whom they generated at the Maidan were peaceful throughout the scenario, it is the mischief of some people who were roaming near the Maidan. Mr. Leader, one can be blind, not every one. Over 20,000 protestors were present at Maidan. Everything was peaceful until some elements from the crowd started showing the pictures having the provoking image of the tortures that Muslims in Assam and Myanmar are suffering. This created angst among everyone in the crowd. And thus the protest. 

              First, you feel too bad to see people from your community getting thrashed in some parts of India and then you thrash others. This time, its Muslims and hence you feel so bad about it. Where were you and your academy when 26/11 happened? Where does your academy hides when the whole Nation talks about Kasab? Where is your academy when some other communities are being hurt by your community too? This time, your community's members are beaten up hence you are feeling bad about it. What when people from your community hurt others? And something that is being taking place in Assam and Myanmar, you protest against it in Mumbai, what sense does this make? The pictures that provoked you had Muslims being tortured and thrashed, what about the pictures that are circulated in newspaper today where you have tortured and thrashed others? According to you, justice is being done. You are thrashed by others hence you thrashed other random people. Hisaab Kitaab Done!!! Right? This is what you meant by protesting via the medium of violence. If not, even then it looks the same. You should have been careful before getting physical and wild with others. Who would like to hear your plea about your community getting beaten up when you yourself thrashed others? Tit for Tat. That is what you believed in. 

Trouble in Assam because of riots against Muslims
           Because of the eruption and attack that you did, 2 lost their life and almost 55 injured. 45 of them were policemen. Buses, media vans and other vehicles being burnt by you. The mob then reached CST station and entered ladies coach and even harassed and molested women. Media servicemen were also thrashed brutally by you. You even asked them to leave their vehicles else you would burn them alive. Isn't this the same kind of riot that is being done against you in Assam? So what came as the result to this mob gathering of Muslims at Azad maidan? To show the nation that Muslims can cause as much violence and killing as anyone can against Muslims? The train services of Mumbai was halted. The shops near CST were closed. The Muslims themselves got troubled because of this eruption. Each photo journalist was chased and attacked by 25 men. And the witnesses say that the boys who came via local train from Mankhurd, Govandi had hockey sticks in their hand. And even if the pictures were shown in the mob, how did the few people in mob get the required materials for burning and destroying vehicles? Doesn't this look planned? 

            This is as sad as the riots in Assam. Anyone wouldn't have had any problem with what you did if you would have done this is Assam against those who are brutally killing Muslims. The whole nation is worried about the wicked fact of Muslims being killed without any mercy. The whole nation is together against that. The people are trying to circulate the torture that Muslims are bearing there through social networking sites. Government is being forced to speak and do something about this. Muslims are one of the major religion living in India. And India does not count Muslims in minority. Several facilities are being given to Muslims. But still being negative and thinking that India hasn't still accepted Muslims as Indians is very wrong. Please stop thinking in this sense. Anna Hazare isn't winning from last 1.5 years but he has still kept his calm. He has never done anything violent. Let's follow his path. It takes time but when the result comes out, it is always in the favour of Truth. So let's not do what happened in Mumbai again as it is baseless. It didn't bring any results. The Muslims in Assam might get in more trouble because of what happened in Mumbai. So please be non-violent. Take time, plan and then come as a mob with a non-violence motive to ask Government to wake up and do something with Assam riots. That's the only request. Because of few Muslims, others are tagged as Terrorists and violent. Please don't play with the image of others. And this is the month of Ramzaan, for the sake of ALLAH, please don't get involved in any anti-religious activity.

P.S.: This is only for those who beat and killed random people in Mumbai. For other Muslims, I have sympathy. There are only good and bad people. Muslims that are talking about this issue without violence have everyone's support. But those who are doing it with the help of violence are as worst criminal as those killing Muslims in Assam and Myanmar. Please Understand. 



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sohail shaikh... said...

yes veeru
i'm also against of those ppl who created violent activity in mumbai..
Assam me jo ghatiya, giri huyi harkat log kar rahe hai us me mumbai k logo ki kya galti..
Agar inhe protest karna hi hai toh shaanti se kare..
Assam k kuchh ghatiya logo jaisi harkate yaha hum hi karenge toh farak kya rahega hum me aur un ghatiya logo me...
Yeh public propety ki tod fod,gadiya jalane se khud k hi country ka nuksaan kar rahe hai aur apni image un ghatiya besharam logo jaisi bana rahe hai..

Allah in sabhi logo ko nekk taufik aata farmaye bass yahi dua kar raha hu..
Aur sab shant ho jaye bass yahi chahta hu..

Amit Singh said...

Looking at the violence in Assam only with the eyes of a particular community is wrong. I will not justify whatever is happening in Assam, but the violence is somewhere because of Govt. inaction against refuges. Our doors are closed for Hindus coming from Pakistan, but we give red carpet welcome with ready ration and voter ID card for people coming from Bangladesh ...

Writing Buddha said...

Sohail and A Frivolous Analyser,

its still not totally peaceful in Assam.. Lets keep spreading awareness..

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