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The Average Indian Male by Cyrus Broacha!!!

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             Completed reading the first Non-fictional book by Random House publication. And it is- "The Average Indian Male" by Cyrus Broacha. I am still in surprise as to what did I expect from the book before thinking of reading it. All of us have seen this guy entertaining us as VJ many a times on several music channels. His "Bakra" show has been one of the most popular comical shows. Then we also saw this guy in Jhalak Dikhlaja where he danced less but made us laugh more with the spontaneous humor-filled sentences and PJs. When I came to know that he is up with a book, I was surprised. Seeing the cover page of the book, I was sure that this guy has tried something very comical and laughable.. and after completing this book, I can say that yes, the book had sequences where it bought smile on my face but there wasn't many Laugh out loud moments, which I was expecting. 

             The 75% of the book(which Cyrus has named as Book 1) consists of several letters that he claims to have received it from some victims of average Indian males, to which Cyrus has answered in his own style. Reading these questions and answers are a fun part. While reading the question itself you start smiling by imagining the answer that Cyrus would give. And once you start reading his reply to the question, the fun goes to a new level in the same way as rocket goes after the launch. You find yourself in a different world of humour and PJs while reading the answer and as soon as it ends and a new question is introduced, you come back to earth to get ready for another ride. But after a point, these question and answer session becomes monotonous thus, boring. And it is the right time at which the Book 2 has been introduced in the last 25% that has kept me intrigued till the end. 

             Book 2 is quite different from the Book 1. It has some general topics on which Cyrus has penned down his strange views. And by "strange" you can imagine what kind of views. :-) The book is written in a South Mumbai students' accent or you can say, Delhi's elite university student's accent. Thus, there are few sentences that has gone over my head. Also some jokes seemed to be funny but I didn't understand them because of less general knowledge than Cyrus. For enjoying this book to the fullest, you need to understand many terms and who's who before reading, and that is obviously impossible. "Dhoom 4" is the first chapter that came after a long time in the book that finally made me laugh as I wanted to or expected to after knowing that the book is penned by Cyrus. 106th page is too sensible where Cyrus tells why Indian males stand so close to a stranger. I found his explanation too genuine. Being an Indian, I felt proud while reading "Aap aise queue ho". Else, book proves that Cyrus has neatly observed all the Indian males, residing in all the zones of India. :-) I will rate this attempt of Cyrus, 3/5. An average.



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