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That's the way we met by Sudeep Nagarkar!!!

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            As per my short term memory, what I remember is that I have read just one book by Random House Publication before the one that I have completed just now. The first one being Preeti Shenoy's "Tea for two and a piece of cake" and the second one that I have completed just now is Sudeep Nagarkar's "That's the way we met". Co-incidentally both the authors got their first book published by Srishti Publication while they moved to Random House for their 2nd book after getting merited as Bestsellers for their First fiction attempt. It is indeed a pleasure to read someone's book whom you know personally. But it is also a disappointment when their work does not touch the mark that you expected them to. Sudeep Nagarkar got fame through his first book that turned out to be a Bestseller- "Few Things Left Unsaid". It is a simple love story. Then, after 10 months of the book release, he released the sequel of the book- "That's the way we met" with a tagline- "...kya life hogi set?" 

             TTWWM is the story of Aditya and Riya- the same protagonist of FTLU. Their story heads ahead with more love and passion than before. The scuffle that they went through and the break up that both of them struggled with, gave them an insight of how much they need each other and how endless their love for each other is. Aditya's friend- Mohit falls in love with Sonam, who turns out to be a good friend of Riya. And from here, the two couples start roaming and hanging-out together. They go on for a trip to Delhi, Manali and other regions in North India. These people based in Mumbai finds peace in that space of India as they are out from the rush for which Mumbai is known for. But after coming back from the trip, lots of change and twists take place in the love drama of Aditya and Riya. To know the dramatics that took place in their affair, Go Get the Book.

             Sudeep Nagarkar has surely improved in the language and narration. I did find lots of difference in his writing when compared to his first novel. He has matured as a writer. But there's still lots of room for the improvement. But I don't even criticize him for this. Because as he has dedicated both his book to his true love whom he has lost and still searching for, he has written both the manuscripts just for her. It is just by chance that he turned into a bestseller as love story readers accepted him. According to this, Sudeep N has written something of which his lost love will be very proud of if she'll find Sudeep's book in the bookstores. :-)

           Coming to the story of the book, it is very simple. After Few Things Left Unsaid, I was expecting a lot from the sequel but it turned out to be similar to the first one. The only change that I have found is- this time the author has tried to explore the different regions of India rather than keeping the base of the story in a city. Firstly, reading about the different areas of Mumbai gave me many nostalgic feeling as I am residing here from last 3 years. Secondly, mentions of Delhi's landmarks, areas and metro train can make a Mumbaikar head towards Railway station and book a Tatkal ticket for Delhi and Manali. :-) Else, the plot of the story is too simple for tharkis like me. :-) The love-making and romantic sequences are narrated in the same manner as other writers writing love stories(pulp fiction) in India does. The climax of the book is quite different else the whole book can only make you imagine more of Delhi, Manali and its environment than the love story and the chemistry between Aditya and Riya. I gave 3/5 to FTLU. To this, I would give 2.5 as this is not as good as FTLU is. Else, the Chapter names are interesting and cover page is exciting. Mr. Sudeep, please come up with something different than a Love story in your 3rd attempt.



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