30 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

6-Years' Experience on Social Networking made me write this!!!

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            On 28th August, 2006, I woke up at my friend's hostel. I myself lived in hostel then but went to his place to enjoy a night out. To clarify your doubts, we didn't do any of "those" kind of mischief for the whole night. After doing some gupshups, he and his friends started talking of going to the cyber cafe. I was surprised as to why are they all excited to land up to a cyber cafe-together and at the same time. Because I visited Cyber Cafe before that day just to check my Gmail a/c and chat with Sugla Brothers(the two friends of my childhood) if I got green dot with their names. Else, I never understood the purpose of surfing Internet. Yes, people are introduced to porns as they get introduced to Internet or you can say that they get introduced to porn initially, hence they get Internet connected at their place. :-) Throughout the walking period of 10 minutes from their hostel to cyber cafe I kept on hearing term "Orkut". For a moment I made a small celebration in my heart that I got introduced to a new abuse as I loved maintaining collection of abuses then. How silly! But surprisingly, I love adding abuses in my list even today. :-) Can you see the dedication towards a purpose? No? Ok.

            Finally, I got my Orkut a/c made. I got a small Demo by the friend as to how to search people, find interesting babes, send request and wait for it with one hand on mouse and another on penis that keep on standing and sitting in excitement of getting one more target to blow out. Ok sorry for the details. :-) And this is how I got acquainted to the world of Social networking sites 2200 days ago. You can see how date and time conscious I am. :-) And Orkut was fun then. It was an out-of-the-world feeling to get scraps added in our Orkut profile with testimonials, friends, hotness, sexiness and coolness. And the more addition you made in your profile, the more dude you were claimed in your friend circle. Then, I remember in 2009, I started hearing from some friends of mine who tried to add extra coolness in their real life profile, by claiming,"Yes, I don't get time to check your scraps because I don't access my Orkut a/c these days. I am on Facebook most of the times playing Farmville". Initially I thought they were arrogant but later on 23rd March, 2009, I joined this new social networking site too.

           Gradually, all the people from Orkut shifted to Facebook almost at the same time. If Facebook would have been owned by Raj Thackeray, I am sure that many of us-Orkutiyas would have been beaten like anything to get back to Orkut with all our shits on Facebook. And then, a new world of Social Networking site got introduced. I need not describe Facebook here. And after few days when I didn't find Facebook much intriguing, I joined Twitter on 4th October, 2009 co-incidentally on my birthday. Here the game is easy. Keep on posting as much shit as you can, if there are other shitty people like you, they'll start following you and if you find some shits like you, start following them. This is how, you end up all your day in reading and posting shits. But to be frank and biased, Twitter is better than both the experiences I had before it. 

           Social Networking sites are world in itself. Only the people who are gaining benefit from it can understand. Others will keep on blaming it for being a time-killer for school/college students and a medium through which one can spread rumour and make a part of statesmen to migrate back to their state by scaring them of getting beaten. But, these sites help one to talk to many people if he is basically of a very shy nature. I have seen many of my friends who aren't very talkative in real life but open their heart out to many on Chats. Thus, getting into a strong bond with respective people. If for these people, these sites didn't exist, they would have died being an introvert and reserved personalities. They got a medium to build relationship even when they lacked all the qualities of being a fun loving person. This is how Social networking has bought life to may life-less people. 

             But yes, these sites are useless if they are made an addiction. We should try to limit our time of being on these sites. Now-a-days, children have stopped playing on playgrounds in the evening as metro cities don't have any in the horizon because of several new construction, bridges, parking etc. Instead they spend their time on these sites considering that playing the games on Facebook and posting their scores will make them raise high in the approach that their friend have for them. No problem in this. In my times, I and my friends were allowed to play for 1.5-2 hours in the playground. We can still use the same amount of time on these sites but a minute more is hazardous and unwanted. It is as dangerous as falling into depression. After some days, we stop our concerns toward studies, parents, responsibilities in real life. The only concern that we start having is- Have my statuses got Likes, Comments? Ok, if they have got it, is it more than that of what my friends' statuses has got? Fine, but how many girls have liked it? And once you find that you got all that you wanted, you start feeling as if you have gained Success in life. Ultimately, a big foolishness to think as one stop giving priorities to the real life issues. Secondly, if one does not get the appropriate answers of above mentioned questions, one tends to fall in depression as he/she feels that people don't even like them on Social networking, leave in real life. 

             After 6 years of Social Networking experience, I have no interest in these idiotic competitions. I don't even add friends, generally. Even after joining the new college, I have seen my classmates adding each other and spending all their evenings with each other by commenting on each others' posts and days in the same classroom under the same roof. I don't know what sense does this make but whatever this is, we will have to get rid of this else the real CV of our life will have nothing but these virtual profiles will have many elements embedded into it but that will bring no benefits in life. Be Socially active on these sites, but in a time limit. And once you log off, don't think about the activities that you have left behind on it. Even I am trying this. :-)



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aditi said...

nySH :-)

Anonymous said...

" Keep on posting as much shit as you can, if there are other shitty people like you, they'll start following you and if you find some shits like you, start following them. "
LOL to this statement .. Nice and funny shit you wrote this time.. The first half of the blog was exceptional. :D


Anonymous said...

Too straight forward.. :)

Keep ON..

Unknown said...

It's a magnificent written piece~ I undoubtedly cherished reading it.Resume Samples

Writing Buddha said...

Aditi- thanks...

Peerless Acme- u know it as much as me.. hahaha

Thanks Raja sir..

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