26 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Criticism from a Wrong Person is _________-Appreciation!!!

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            I have seen many people running away from their usual life just because some people don't like seeing them in that particular manner. Criticism take its toll on them. They get so much affected by anti-appreciation statements that they stop doing what they like. We have already read it many a times that Criticism should be taken as a Challenge and not as a discouraging factor. But still some people think that these words are just meant to be read and forgotten. No. These words have lots of content and material in them that can change our course of life. We can get our lives totally changed if we take these words just not as words but as a gem of knowledge that we were searching for since our birth. In childhood, all of us love doing what people don't want us to do. People ask us not to play in rains, we used to play only in rains. :-) People asked us not to eat chocolates as its dangerous for our teeth, and we used to eat chocolates as much as possible. This is how we were, then. But suddenly some unwanted things got added up in our personality, thought and approach that we started giving utmost importance to criticism. Why? 

           With age, maturity proliferates. With maturity comes responsibility. With responsibility, you start becoming conscious of every activity that you do. Before smiling, you think if you look good while smiling or not. Before cracking joke, you think-Will people would laugh on it or I'll get rejected? Before going to gym, you start thinking if people in gym will accept your lame body in their vicinity. Before approaching a stranger, you fear if he would reply with the same zeal as of your's or will he turn out to be rude. Such doubts kill THAT brave, audacious and fighting spirit of ours. We should think about the people who are commenting on us. If they deserve to be given attention, we should hear once what they want to say about us. We should even ask them how we can improve ourselves. But if there is someone who has himself done nothing in life except Facebook-ing, why do we feel shy in performing in front of him? Why? 

               If body-building is our passion and a friend says,"Tujhse nahi ho payega yaar. Tere body mein wo baat nahi", we tend to under-estimate ourselves and leave the visits to gym right from the next day. Instead, if it would have been Salman Khan at his place and he would have said,"It's impossible for your body to get into the shape you are dreaming it to be", then there's a point of thinking about the comment for umpteenth times. Because he is someone who is Master in the field. He has done something in his life that is concerned with healthy body. But that friend? He is himself a Loser and he tries to tell you that you are on a losing end because you are working out which will never show its effect, how silly and stupid is that. Isn't it? If Hrithik will tell me that you don't dance well, I will think upon it and ask him where do I need improvement in but if someone who don't has guts himself to stand up on stage tells me that your dancing skills are irritating, I would love to ignore him in the best way I can. If published authors would tell me that my Blogging isn't good, I will have to give a second thought to it but if someone who has himself never tried to write a poem will comment on my work, I will just take it as a BARK of a random dog.

               Criticism from a right person is acceptable. But from a combo of a stupid and discouraging person is a complete shit that needs to be flushed and flowed. Never keep criticism from such people in heart and memory. Neither feel bad about it nor demotivating. Rather feel proud of it that someone who is an idiot feels jealous about you, your performance and your will to be better than others and get vindicated into the category of "Extra-ordinaries". I am not any Robin Sharma to give lectures on such topics but what I experience, I try to let others know too. So that they don't repeat the same eventual activities that I did because of some criticism that had no worth which I realized later. :-) Now, I never ask anyone about my performances in any area of my life. Instead I ask a judge that lies within me which is an expert while judging others. I ask it to judge me. And fortunately, it is too blunt and straight-forward. It tells me how shitty I am when I do something that's terrible. And it also tells me how wonderful I am when I do something perfectly that isn't the cup of my tea. :-) 

              Ending this blog with the few lines that I read on Amitabh Bachchan's Blog written by the Star of the Millennium himself-

"When the work that you do increases, so does your capacity to give it your best. If your best is measured by others, it no longer remains the best. The best of you is the best that you measure. Gauged by others, is gauged without distinction or merit. Masters of all that pervades your life shall eternally be the ones that shall decipher your worth. My worth when declared to me personally by another, is an embarrassment for me. Acknowledging it would be the epitome of arrogance ; showing acceptance, rudeness. Pretense of humility shall ever be caught in its moment. Trouble me not with such occurrence. I am capable enough of recognizing it. Challenge me then with truth and sincerity ! How would I imagine in deciphering it ? Simple ! I read a face with certain dexterity and design. I know not how, but I know !"



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Anonymous said...

Nice post. Some people criticize you, just because you don't fit into their bracket,doing this helps them feel superior.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes anonymous.

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