3 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

3 Years Since The Same Experience I'm having Today!!!

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            It's 3rd August 2012. On the same day, three years back I attended the First Day of my Graduation. It was as scary as my First Day of Post-graduation has been on 1st August, 2 days ago. Even on that day I didn't find anyone of my kind and even here, I can't find one. As its 3rd year since then, I can proudly say that I have the kind of friends I dreamed of before going for Graduation. And even as I am not quite satisfied with the kind of first two days of PG college has been, I am still quite positive that after few weeks or months or a year, I will find perfect companions for the rest of the Post Graduation semesters. Even after attending the first week of Graduation, I posted it on my Blog that I didn't find any classmates with whom I can associate myself with. The same kind of feeling has again penetrated in every block of my brain since 2 days. I hope I will get the kind of friends I got in Graduation. It's too hard to handle this crowd currently but I am hoping for the best in coming weeks. 

            Graduation has been a beautiful journey. A child of 12th enters into a course after deciding what he really wants to do in life is a big Challenge itself. And then loving the atmosphere, college, children, teachers and everything about the Graduation seems to be so fictitious. Isn't it? It is so amazing that the same person who abuse the crowd of the college in the first week later develops 7-8 friends of the kind that are never going to be left behind in life. In the first week of Graduation, I found my classmates to be very dull, lazy and uninterested while the first two days of Post Graduation has been totally different. Here the students have passed with First class in Graduation. They are keen for answering every damn question asked by the teacher. Before the Question is thrown upon us, 5-8 children are already ready to jump and give their answer. These pupils have dream, ambition, a will to work hard and every thing that makes me feel so small in front of them. The topics that these students chat with each other in class, I am not even aware of. I lack too much if compared to them. But still, as I believe that I have to surpass what I have been doing in my life previously, I will try to concentrate only on myself and what I am capable of. Let's see if I'll be able to. 

            Talking about Graduation, I did it from a Deemed University which sets its own syllabus. My University being too cool has taught very less about Programming languages and Computers. It is hard to believe after seeing the portion of BSc-IT students sitting with me in Post-Graduation and the portion of MCA that they taught us almost NOTHING about Computers. The kind of stringency I have noticed in the syllabus of MCA, I can find that BCA was 95% easier than this. I am too scared now. But this is the same thing that I said in the initial phase of BCA. Later everything came on track, I got used to the new syllabus, way of teaching and conducts. I expect that the same would happen here too. Coming back to Graduation, the three years journey was the smoothest odyssey of my life. I can never forget the tension-less moments that I passed. The college has matured me too much as a Student. It has taught me how to face consequences, how to give exams even when a single question is not known, how to pass each Semester with a smiling face, how to give Presentations in front of the crowd, how to perform in front of the whole college, how to talk to teachers etc. Hence even after seeing such a hype in Syllabus, Portion and everything in this new college, a voice within my heart says,"Veeru, don't be scared. No journey seems to be easy and smooth initially. After walking a few mile you get the idea of how the whole journey is going to be". Hence I want to thank my Graduation college for all the strength it embedded in my personality. 

            3rd August is the day when I saw(for the first time), talked and became FRIENDS with Yusuf. Today our friendship also turns 3 yrs old. :-) I didn't give a DAMN to any other classmate on the First day. :-) And those who were lucky to get my DAMN on the first day left college in future weeks. Haha. The other classmates with whom I am best friends with, started the course of FRIENDSHIP from 2nd year onward. Hence It's useless to remember them on 3rd August. Haha. But still, this is the day when we sat under the same roof for the first time. So, my love also goes to Vandana Saquib Prema Sohail Gaurav. Also to other classmates- Sohail, Siddhesh, Tushar, Prasad, Vrushali, Sulkshana, Prashant, Vivek, Umera etc. Hope we will remain in touch such that we will be able to wish each other a HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY on every 3rd August that will pass in our life. :-) 



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sohail.s said...

like... like...Like...

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Sohail. :-)

AnahcraS said...

Good luck with your MCA!! I am sure you are going to make really good friends in this college too! Remember, everyone around you right now are in the same phase... wondering if they could make friends or not....can be a good MCA student or not! Just be confident!

Good luck again!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Archana mam.. your comments did motivate me at the moment.. thanks a lot for dropping by..

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