20 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

30 Days of Sacredness ENDS, EID MUBARAK!!!

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            The moon finally gave its bestial view again, in evening. With this, the Muslims among themselves hugged each other and wished- EID MUBARAK. From me and my family's behalf, EID MUBARAK to all my readers and friends. Yes, even friends too as DoT has limited SMS capacity to just 5 per day. Huh!!! Our democratic country don't even let us celebrate a festival like EID by wishing each other through the most easy mode of communication- SMS. :-) How autocratic!!! I personally think that Hitler's soul has entered into Manmohan Singh's body after haunting a lot in all the countries of the world. Ok, sorry for the PJ. I apologize. Masjid being in my neighbourhood, I will get to see a real festive environment around my house. Several men in white kurta-pyjama, white cap, new mojdi will read the final Namaaz of the EID, come out of the Masjid, hug each other and wish Eid Mubarak. Then, they'll cut the goats and distribute it among the poor those who sit near Masjid as they know that they'll get ample amount of meat on the pretext of Eid. :-)

           Let's write this paragraph for my Non-Muslim friends who only know that Eid is meant for going to a Muslim friend's house for having Biryani. :-) On Eid, it is forbidden to fast. Hence, a Muslim wakes up before sunrise and pray, then as usual, brush their teeth with a toothbrush- that is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, take a shower before prayers, put on new clothes- if they can't have new because of economical conditions, they can put the best they have and apply perfume. In breakfast, they generally have sweet or date fruit. Before performing the Eid prayer, act of charity is done. Money is paid to the poor and the needy. On the day of Eid, the main motives are to show happiness, give as much charity as possible, pray Fajr in the local Masjid, go early for Eid praying, read the takbirat in an open field, go to Eid prayer on foot etc. In the praying, Muslims asks for God's forgiveness, peace, mercy and blessings. 

            After this, all the Muslims wish their relatives and friends. Now-a-days as many Muslims can't be together because of personal commitments, meet up on Skype and other online conferencing and wish each other. And as it can be said now, after wishing each other, all the Muslim head towards theater for watching Salman Khan's Eid's exclusive film. Hahaha. This year, Ek Tha Tiger it is. :-) With this, even Salman Khan film will enter into 100 Crore club today as it has already collected 90 crore. Sub Allah ki maya hai. :-) For me, Eid has been quite special since childhood. I always had an invitation to my childhood friend- Danish's house where I got to eat South Indian delicacies and to my first crush's house. :-) Let's not mention about her. Bazaar waise hi bahot garam rehta hai aajkal controversies ka. :-) And from last three years, I am visiting my friend- Saquib's house in Mumbai. For every Eid and Bakri-Eid, I do mark my presence at his home. And eating unlimited Biryani at his home is a new fun that I'm introduced to. Yusuf, my local Muslim friend make it sure that he comes with a delicacy at my home as he runs away somewhere in Mumbai CST to celebrate EID with his relatives. As every year, I will be heading to Saquib's house today with my college friends, as they are being invited too. Bwahaha!!!

             Last few days has been very tough for Muslims. First, they are subjected to attacks in Assam and Burma. Then, few of them protested against the riot by getting violent in Azad Maidan, Mumbai because of which others who weren't involved had to face side-effects of regionalism. Latest- North-Eastern in Hyderabad and other Indian states were sent bulk SMS/MMS scaring/rumoring that they might get beaten up by Muslims. Hence, many North-East Indians are back to their state. Recent reports has said that the SMSes were being sent by some Pakistanis. Inki maa ki aankh. So, all the Indian Muslims, if not to anyone else, at least wish North-eastern Eid Mubarak as they might get assured that Muslims aren't enemy with them. Let's expect that EID will bring end to this saddening and depressing news of our democratic India. Allah, please give the love back to all the humans of the last 30 sacred days by forgiving us and giving an end to this shit. Sorry for being selfish but being a CREATOR yourself you know, HUMANS are SELFISH, no matter what. 

     EID MUBARAK to all.



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Unknown said...

Very well written my friend wid mubarak to u also :)

Vijay Rajput said...

watched Ek tha tiger last friday. liked Salman's movie after a long time.

Eid Mubarak to everyone

Anonymous said...

aapko to bahot kuch pata hai....islam ke bare me....EID MUBARAK

Writing Buddha said...

Mahesh, same 2 u sir.. belated..

Vijay sir, a belated one to you too..

Yes Anonymous, I read about all the religions and festivals..

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