5 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

ZEAL '11 - My College Fest !!!

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        On 1st April, 2011, I celebrated my College Fest with my classmates and college-mates. This was my 2nd Fest in my college. The experience of first Fest wasn't good as I prepared a performance of 4 minutes but they allowed me to perform only for 1.5 minutes because of the time limitations. Same thing happened with every performer. Even the DJ night continued for just 10 minutes which was a big question mark on the faces of students. This time the Fest was organized in a proper manner and teachers, chief guests and co-ordinators of the program co-operated wonderfully. All the performances were extremely inspiring and wonderful. This time, the cultural activity had varieties rather than having the same kind of dance and same performers performing several acts. This time, we got to see many new faces on the stage. Juniors performed extremely well and I hope their Zeal to perform augments till the next Fest. 

             The name of our College Fest is ZEAL. Zeal means enthusiasm and excitement. This year's Zeal was interesting. I always love seeing the talent getting explored on the stage infront of everyone. I just hate those people who don't like to perform in front of the mob because they don't want the people to know about their talent or what they are good at. Some pull themselves from showcasing their talents because they don't have the confidence. Many of them don't get parental support and therefore they set themselves back from the world. I had all these problems once upon a time in my life but now I have surpassed all of them and came out of my comfort zone. If I know that I can perform in front of 10 people, I try to expand my audience and dance in front of 50 people. In the last Zeal, I performed on the stage after 9 years and it was my first proper stage performance. I got many appraisals and I got to know that I know how to dance when more than 250 people are watching me. So, Zeal according to me is the best event in my college to blow out your talent and test youself and let people know what you can do.

             I and my friends relation has been very wonderful and ecstatic with my seniors. We were giving our seniors a Send-Off party by offering them Momentos. I wanted to do something different so I asked my friend Sohail Mulani, Saquib and Ganesh to sing a song (with me) for them and he got ready and avarice. Now, I wanted to dedicate a brand new personal song to them rather than singing the same songs repeated at every friend's party like Yaad aayenge ye pal, mere college k din and etc. So, I penned down a new song for my seniors. I don't know whether they liked it or not but I tried my best to make it a special one for them. The lyrics of the song is here :

Haath me degree or chehre pe shaan.. le kar nikley hain ye mere yaar.
Bhool na jaaye hamein, hamaarey yaar..
Yaad hai mujhko , inse jhagadna baar bar

 Sharon ka wo muskurana, bina kisi baat ke…
Wo gappey inke saath, facebook pe raaato mein..

 Raman ka wo chchedna hamein, bematlab ka..
Fir uske peechay bhaagna, corridor mein..

 Yaad hai mujhko, Abrar ki anchoring..
Aur uski badmaashi, aur uske ping..

 Ek Rahul hai gaadiyo ka shehenshah
Kabhi Volkswagen or kabhi karizma.

 Yaad hai Sonal ka wo thumka..
BBA sem 6 ki har ek ladkiyaan..

Dono Priyanka ki gaaliyaan..
Aur uspe, Durgesh ki taaliyaan..

 Sushant ka Volleyball khelna,
Prasad ka gym me hamein dhakelna..

 Yaad rahega hamein.. Harsh ka out-dated chasma..
Uski chchoti si daadhi, or faaltu ka hassna..

 Manish tha ek hi, UP ka bhaiyya..
Kabhi masti to kabhi naachna tata thaiyya..

 Boski ka wo supplement lena..
Fir bhi average marks se upar na laana..

 Manisha ka audience k samne kaanpna..
Kabhi apne hi khyaalo me kho jaana..

 Shashank ki pyaari si boli..
Pankaj ki Cricket team ki toil..

 Bas yaadein bas yaadein.. yaadein reh jaati hain..
Aap jaise senior ki baatein reh jaati hain.
Bas yaadein………

 Aap sabhi hai hum subko khaas..
Door jaa ke bhi rakhna dil k paas..
Bahut pyaar se sajaaye hain ye akshar..
Yaad rakhna inhe.. Zindagi bhar..

 Kal subah hotey hi… apni raaho pe nikal jaaogey..
Kal apni nayi duniya me khush ho jaaogey.
Yaad kar lena hamein.. ek do baar..
Itna hi bahut hoga.. mere pyaare yaar.

 Balance ki mat sochna.. kar lena call..
Kabhi aana…lekar bat or ball..
Khelenge firse… milke saare yaar..
Muskurayenge.. hmare din bekaar.

 Kal jab tum.. baithoge office mein..
Check kar lena photos, Facebook mein..
Ban jaao tum itne honhaar..
K hum kahein.. ye they hamare yaar.

 Bharati Vidyapeeth ko hain salaam..
K miley aaap aur bann gai sham..

Aansuo ko rok lenge hum..bas  tum muskuratey rehna..
Koi poochey kaaran… toh hamaara naam le lenaa…
Jaatey jaatey.. apne naye address de dena..
Kabhi free ho toh.. hamein bulaa lena..

 Ek aakhri baaar... Milke chilla le...
Aur aaj ki shaam, Aakhri galle lag ge..
Fir hum yahaan hi ruktey hain..
aur aap apni manzil ki ore chaley jaana....

We Love you, seniors...    

               Last time, in the event of Zeal, I participated in Traditional Day where I secured 2nd position and Tie Day where I won nothing while this time I participated in Traditional Day where I secured 1st place, Carrom Doubles where I secured 1st place again, Volleyball where I was the Captain of my class and we were the Runner-Up team, Cricket where I was in the Runner-Up team squad, Tie Day and Singing Competition where I won nothing. I participated in most of the events and competitions than all my classmates and I won highest number of certificates and trophies. 

               Last time, I won 2 Trophies in 8th class (some 9 years ago) for being the Champion in Carrom and Runner-up in Carrom Doubles in my colony. After 9 years, I won a Trophy again. It was a very special moment of my life. As soon as I entered my home with those Certificates and Trophy, my father hugged me and my mother's eyes were shining like diamond. They never expected that their son will revamp in such a manner and will give them those pleasures which I didn't gave even during the best time of my life. Indian team wanted to win World Cup for Sachin Tendulkar while I want to achieve everything in my life just for my parents. Their only dream in their life is to make their only child as much capable as possible and whenever I prove myself they smile as they have won everything in their life and if they will die in the next minute, they will be proud of what they did on Earth. For such parents, I can go to any extend but with their permission, blessings, desire and love.

              The most beautiful Trophy of my life which will find space in my Drawing room very soon is here :

              The four certificates which I earned for respective competitions are:

               I hope everyone of you are happy with my performance. I don't promise but I'll surely try to earn more certificates with immense effort and dedication next year. I would like to thank my parents first for letting me participate in all these functions as it would have been impossible to participate in any of these competitions without their support. I would like to thank Sai Baba whose name I have always enchanted before the announcements of the results. I would also like to thank all the friends who tell me what should I do on the stage so that I'll win the event and my classmates who always expect something new and unique from me. They are the ones who compel me to perform and win. 



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Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Congrats for ur brilliant performance on stage in the presence of so many people .I also congratulate u for winning so many certificates for ur performance earlier .
I like the poem written by u for ur seniors .Pls continue in the same manner in future too .My best wishes !!

hamaarethoughts.com said...

Congrts..God Bless!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Kul dadaji

Writing Buddha said...

Harman man, just keep ur blessings on me.

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