24 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

"Only God between 100 of Dogs"

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        Whenever you have to talk or write about Sachin Tendulkar, you start searching for some new words so that you can define this man justifiably. Today, Sachin Tendulkar is celebrating his 38th Birthday. A man who has lived 38 years on this Earth out of which he contributed 21 years to his passion - Cricket. Just think if Sachin Tendulkar would not have selected Cricket as his career, what a huge experience all the Indians would have missed. Sachin Tendulkar is the only sportsperson in India who have got such a respect from everyone in the World. He is not the only batsman available in the world but still his batting style is apologized everytime he is on the crease to bat. Every run he scores is like a Century for Indians. Every smile he gives on the field is like blessing for all the Indians. Every time he gets out on the duck, people take it positively and refer it as the coolness before a disaster by Sachin in the next match. 

              I have started writing this post after touching Sachin's feet on the television screen when he was giving interview before the toss between him and Sangakkara for today's IPL match. This is just the second time in his 20 years career of Cricket that he is going to play on his birthday. When he played for the last time, he scored 130+ runs. I hope today Mumbai Indians will score 130+ runs for him. ;-). Even if Sachin will not score better today, I am Okay with it and my heart will not be broken because he has already done so much in his Cricketing career that I hope nothing more from him. What I hope from him is to stay the same forever and never change himself because we are just growing by watching him and we are not ready to accept a new side of Sachin Tendulkar which can be dangerous. You may feel the last sentence annoying but I am saying this so because few months ago there was a news that Sachin is going to act in a Bollywood movie. Sachin reported that it is false and he is not acting anywhere. But if he would have acted, it would have been no less than Himesh's step of acting. I just don't want Sachin to accept any such glamorous option even for friendship. It is even hard to accept him in advertisements but now as its the culture, we are Okay. 

               Sachin has already refused to endorse a tobacco-based company which raised his character in the mind of people. Sachin is also engaged with AVIVA where he helps the uneducated people with literacy and helps to provide them old books so that they can study. The biggest issue in India is illiteracy and Sachin engaged in promoting education for poor children is awesome. Sachin is also engaged in lots of charity and its the sign of his good intention in life. He could have just played Cricket and gain respect from the world but he is involved in charity. This is what differs him from other cricketers and other well-renowned celebrities of India. Bollywood has been the best source of entertainment in India from many decades and people considered actors as God. Amitabh Bachchan was God for everyone till early 90s because he was an ultimate actor who never disappointed his followers. Whenever a film used to release where Amitabh Bachchan used to be the Lead actor, people used to rush towards theatre and the result would be the presence of police doing lathi-charge on the over-crowded audiences. When Sachin Tendulkar came to play Cricket in 90s when India had no hero (because the era of Amitabh Bachchan also landed then, Rajiv Gandhi - the awesome politician was no more and there was no one who was leading India), people made him the GOD and started following his play.

               Everyone knew that Sachin Tendulkar is disastrous but no one knew that he will play for Four decades. Yes, Four Decades. He played in 1980's(as he started playing from 89), 1990s, 2000s and he has entered into the 4th Decade- 2010s. This is why Indian team players call him Grandfather while teasing. Sachin Tendulkar is the most humble player I have seen in this era. He never talks about his performance and keeps praising the other boys from his team for their out-standings. Sachin Tendulkar lost his father when he was playing for the World Cup, he came back to India and because his mother said that his father would have wanted him to play, he returned back to London, played against Kenya and scored 130+ runs. Just imagine how difficult is this that you lose your father in the same week whom you loved and admired the most in the life and then coming to play leaving his broken mother alone in India. The only thought rotating and revolving in his mind would be of his Father's. Only his Father's face and the time spent with his father would be going in his mind, the tears of his mother would be the face in his mind which would have saddened his soul. But the greatness comes here that he scored Century in "SACH" a condition. He thrashed 6s and 4s even in "SACH" condition. This is the Greatness of this man for which he is called GOD. 

                People can crack joke on Rajnikanth whose banner and statues are washed with milk, Prime Minister can be questioned in our nation (as said by Siddhu) but no jokes can be cracked on Sachin and no one can even point a finger on Sachin. Once Sachin was blamed for ball tempering and the case was then and there closed because it was announced, "What Nelson Mandela is for politics, Sachin is for Cricket". Everyone wants to be like Sachin but one can be because such people come once in Century and this man is someone who will not be repeated by any mankind in the whole Millennium I think. 

                Every writer writes about Sachin in his style and with his observation and the miracle is that everyone of them is right. Now, I don't think that I should think about continuing this post even more because if I'll write little more now, a book will develop about Sachin Tendulkar named "Only God between 100 of Dogs". So let me leave you with an information that Sachin Tendulkar is playing the 7th over of the match with 27 runs in his account. He has got the hold on ORANGE CAP again on his birthday. Nothing can be better than this in the IPL tournament. I am still not expecting anything from Tendulkar because he will remain GOD in any condition for me, you and everyone. 

               Wishing The GOD a Very HAPPY 38th BIRTHDAY !!!

                Thanks. I hope my words has done justice to this GOD figure - SACHIN TENDULKAR.

Sorry If I haven't.

400TH BLOG is coming up in few hours.


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Asit said...

ohhhh its awsum......just loved it.....thank tou vry much....liked alot

hamaarethoughts.com said...

lovely...I have lot of respect for Sachin tendulkar..
he made us proud on international platform jus like AR Rehman and Ashwariya Rai...people in US know them...very few Indians made up to the mark and we are proud of these Gems ...
God Bless the Cricketer!

Writing Buddha said...

Yes mam..

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