17 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I am 2 years old as a Mumbaikar !!!

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         Let an Indian live in Bangalore - a high-class city, Jaipur - a Pink City with lots of talent, Shimla - a city with nice scenery, Pune - a city with numbers of students or Kolkata - a city of Joy but everyone wants to visit Mumbai - the city of dreams once. The mindset of people living out of Mumbai with respect to Mumbai has been like the attitude of Indians towards foreign countries. In my childhood, I used to live in Sukeli village which is 100 Km away from Mumbai city. In those days, a bus used to go to Mumbai once in 6 months so that the people from our colony can visit Mumbai and do some special shopping. My father never booked the ticket of those buses because he felt that we would shop much and his middle-class budget will be drastically effected. I always saw my friends returning with big bags and packets full of new clothes and toys. Since then, I always dreamed to visit Mumbai.

               Whenever the guests from Mumbai used to come to my house to stay, they used to boast about the houses of various celebrities near to their area. They used to lie that they met several superstars and actors and I used to feel depressed. I always asked them to call me whenever they meet Salman Khan(my favorite actor then) so that I can touch his muscles and feel its hugeness. Mumbai is always a dream city for everyone. Everyone want to visit it once so that they can share their experiences with their relatives who haven't still seen Mumbai. In my childhood, I saw the tallest building with 4 floors without parking space but whenever I saw TV programmes and movies, I used to see tall buildings in Mumbai with lifts and different types of cars. All these were just dream for me. I had my Mausaji living in Nerul. I asked my father in 5th class if we can visit there once again as I don't remember the last trip to his house because I was damn chchota bachcha then and the memory has faded. He planned the trip to his house and those moments of 3 days are still alive in my mind. That craziness and that excitement to see new new things in Mumbai was a very positive feeling in the mind of a 12 years boy. That was the first time I used Lift to reach the 4th floor of a building. That was the first time I saw swimming pool. That was the first time I saw girls with white skin who looks like foreigners. That was the first time I saw groups of young boys and girls roaming around. That was the first time I saw showrooms of branded products. That was the first time of many incredible experiences.

               Till 10th, I lived in Sukeli village itself. In 11th std, I visited Pune and Aurangabad. I repeated my 11th again and completed my 12th in Nashik itself. After completing 12th, I had an option to manipulate my parents and migrate towards Mumbai for my further education. I succeeded in convincing my parents and my father arranged an accommodation in Panvel which lies in Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai is the posh part of Mumbai as there's no high density of population, there is no clusters of colleges, there is no dirtiness around as everything is planned and accordingly executed. After reaching Panvel, I messaged all my friends who resided in Mumbai that Now, Even I'm a Mumbaikar and even I'll travel by Local trains. I always wanted to be a regular Local train traveler. I always heard about Local trains whenever a news of Mumbai used to flash on Aaj Tak or Star News. I heard people talking about the overcrowding of local trains. My friends who visited Mumbai used to tell me that Local train starts with 3 accelerators and then runs on a same fast speed. On the very first day, I traveled by local train and went to my mausaji's house in Nerul.

              One thing I always liked about Mumbai was the tall buildings with artistic architecture. While traveling by local trains, I always watch these buildings and dream of buying a flat on the top floor of any such towers. I want the lightning of whole city to be visible from the balcony of my bedroom. After coming to Mumbai, I just don't miss Pune, Nashik,Aurangabad and any other metro cities like Delhi I have visited. Now, being a Mumbaikar, I feel a positiveness in me and around me. I feel the whole aura of Mumbai as a spirit of achieving something. Sachin Tendulkar belong from this land. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsale belong from this land. Amitabh Bachchan has achieved everything after shifting to this land. There are many more people who have gained big achievements in their life after stepping into Mumbai. I have seen a lot of positive changes in my life too after I have made Mumbai my permanent location to live in. Even if my parents would want to shift to their native place after their retirement, I am not going to leave Mumbai and I'm sure that I'll have my parents with me in Mumbai all my life. 

               On 15th April, 2009, I came to Mumbai and its 15th April, 2011 tonight. I have ompleted 2 years in Mumbai and I am proud of being a resident of this city where even nights are productive, where even a slumboy carries a talent, where even an old man jogs in early morning. 



P.S.:- I forgot to publish this blog post on 15th so its published after 2 days. I haven't edited this blog post so you'll have to deal with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.



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Unknown said...

Hey Mumbaikar, well I agree with what you said in the beginning of your post, that everyone not living in Mumbai wants to be there.
But after living there for 3 years, my collage days, in a hostel, and let me also tell you those were amongst the best days of my life.
I was in Jai-hind, used to stay between Pedder Raod and Breach Candy, THE location to be at, but still I never liked the pace, I feel, this is purely my opinion, people in Mumbai are moving so fast and so furiously, that they dont have time for themselves, their families or friends.

I hope you dont loose out on who you are, to become who you want to be.

Vyankatesh said...


It's an addiction which fails to leave you. And you don't have to complain.

Priya said...

The city has it's own charm like every city has. But the attraction for this place is unmatchable. Though I never was fascinated or attracted to Mumbai but I like the place now.

Actually there are certain advantages in this city that you find no where else in India.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Pooja, u r right...

Writing Buddha said...

Vyankatesh, I didn't understood what u r talking abt.

Writing Buddha said...

Priya, not some but there are many things wich we dont get except Mumbai

Anonymous said...

Nice one


Writing Buddha said...


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