22 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

"1,00,000" Readers of ARB !!!

            394TH BLOG -->>

         On 21st April, 2011, my blog surpassed the readership of 1,00,000 members. I am just flying in air since then that 1 LAKH people have visited my blog and read it. I always liked to give my views on several topics even when people didn't supported me. If I am sitting in a group where 10 members are saying that they didn't liked Dabangg or Sachin plays for Record, I don't fear to stand up and be the 11th and the only person to say that I liked Dabangg very much and Sachin plays for the country and not for himself. So, when I found the medium of blogging to speak up, I knew somewhere in my heart that people will like my blogs. I have never been a big fan of literature so I knew in the beginning that my grammar is annoying but still I stood up and started publishing my thoughts. I wanted people to know what I think about different issues and what is going up in my life rather than showing them that my English is very powerful. I never wanted to do any thing with the language, what I wanted to do was with the thoughts and the time they are spoken about.

              When I started writing against MNS and Shivsena, many friends and well-wishers asked me to boycott writing about them. This was a big time for me to think whether to continue the protest of these local parties or to sit quietly and watch them thrash people and snub leaders in the parliament box. I went into the environment when I thought of creating a blog on Internet and started penning my thoughts, I realized that I opened this blog to let people know what I think of various issues which are controversial and interesting. So, I decided that night that I will not discontinue writing about these people and give a loud knock to the people reading my blogs and let them know that these guys aren't doing a right thing to our country and our people.

              My people who knew me were too happy to see my stand on these issues. They got to know a daring and audacious side of me which surprised them. People always knew me as the person who keeps cracking jokes but never speaks at the time of anyone's fight as he wants to be at the safer side. When we used to play Cricket in our colony and there used to be a fight on a Run-Out, even when I used to know the decision, I never used to speak in spite of several abuses hurled on me. So it was a shock and a surprise for my childhood friends to see a new form of me. Today, when I have achieved the love of 1 lakh people from all over the world with America being the 2nd highest readers of my blog after India, I can just say that it is my friends who have made me reach here where 1,00,000 people are reading me. I would have lost my confidence 5 years back when some uncertain incidents happened with me at the time when I had to perform the best, but it is the expectations and care of my friends which compelled me to stand up again and give a start to a new life. 

               I never knew in the start that my Blog will get such accolades but when it started coming, I just kept thanking each and everyone in personal. Sometimes you get so upset with your life that you need people to bring you out from the state of solace. The medium of blog acted as a U-Turn of my life which augmented me from a depressed boy to an ambitious boy. Now, I want to be everything in life. A scholar which I can never be, a cricketer which I can not dream even in my next life, an actor which doesn't suits me because of my bad looks, a writer which I am trying to be and everything possible. I don't want to tell all I want to be because it will be a lot to digest for all of you. This blog has taught me one thing that its not you who do better in your life, its the people around you who push you to do the best. When I stand on the stage and start giving a performance, I always believe that its not me who is going to do the best now but its the people sitting in the audience who will clap and shout which will push me to do something elegant which I have never done before. 

              On this successful journey of my Blogging career, I thank all the 1,00,000 people who dared to type the link of my blog in their address bar and then managed to read the whole post. I want to thank few of them who follow my blog regularly. And going little deeper, all of them who keep commenting on every post of mine, a deepest thanks from my heart to all of you. You are the people who have improved me. This 390+ blog post would not have been possible if all of you would not have commented on my posts.



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Anwaar said...

Great achievement!
I always read your blog!

You should be a famous blogger after a few years

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Anwaar sir. But u never commented on my blog.

Abhinav C.J. said...

Hey Bhaiya,

Is this post written by the same person who told me not to pay attention to blog visits coz the numbers are 'unreliable'??? :P

Btw congratulations on your achievement. It's a big thing really to get a hundred thousand readers within 3 years of starting this blog. I was there pretty much when you started this blog, wasn't I? Great to see what a massive phenomenon it is turning into.

Keep writing, and don't stop raising the bar for yourself. Coz you know, I have a knack for making a special appearance when things go offtrack! :D


Angry Ganu said...

Congratulations for the milestone.

Writing Buddha said...

Hello Abhinav. Hey buddy, Not 3 years. just 1 years and some 9 or 10 months. Yes, I did said u not to concentrate on number of people reading your blogs bcoz many a times what happens is that u write ap ost with lots of research and effort but nobody comes to read it and u feel depressed. I also told it because if u have a blog, ur aim is to write and not to see how many people are visiting your blog and how popular you are turning into. Even i dont see. You may be knowing that I never write about my number of visits and all. I do it very very rarely. So, its for the first time that I have written on the number of people reading my blog and that too because I have completed 1 lakh. It is just bcoz of this achievement I have written. now again I am not going to concentrate on the numbers I am just going to write. I just want to keep writing. Wat matters to me is the number of comments on my blog and nothing else. This just came in the way and made me happy so I shared it with my readers coz they may feel blithe in knowing this too. else, Thanks a lot for reading my blog regularly since u came to know about my blog. I hope you will remain until this blog gets a big recognition. And plz keep giving a cameo even when u like a post very much. Hahaha.. Chalo then. take care.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Angry ganu

hamaarethoughts.com said...


Writing Buddha said...

Thanks mam.

esh said...


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