24 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

MaLiNGa's Gr8NeSS & IPL-4 cRaZiNeSS !!!

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       Lasith Malinga is playing a wonderful game in the fourth season of IPL. He started with a Five-Wicket haul against Delhi in the very first match of Mumbai Indians and since then he has managed to take 13 wickets which is the highest wicket taken by any bowler this season. He is the owner of Purple Cap. There are three bowlers who are at the second spot competing with him for the Purple Cap with 7 wickets each. Just see the difference between Malinga and other bowlers bowling in this season. It seems like a champion is playing with newcomers. You see the fight for Orange Cap to be the highest Run-Scorer in this season and you will find Ups and Downs in the spot. Sometimes its Kallis, then its Tendulkar and now its Valthaty. Even the batsmen who are at 4th, 5th and 6th spot aren't much behind. So you can't state that Valthaty is the leading batsman or Tendulkar or Kallis but seeing at the chart of bowling, MALINGA can be undoubtedly announced as the best bowler of this era in T20 cricket. 

              While Malinga is giving a chilly treat to all the batsmen facing him, SriLankan Cricket Board was continuously troubling him to return to the nation to play the forthcoming test series against England. He reasoned them that he can't play the series because of the long standing degenerative knee injury but they still called him and asked him to go under rehabilitation and then play against England. He got frustrated and resigned from Test cricket at the energetic age of 27. Malinga is known as the fastest bowler ever produced by Sri Lanka. He is also called as yorker-on-demand after his performances in World Cup and the current performance in IPL-4. Many interrogate the style of Malinga's bowling but it is as unique as his hairstyle. This IPL is showing numerous incredulous performances.

              The new team of Kolkata is rocking at the No.2 Spot as compared to the old team which never qualified for the Semi-Finals in last 3 years. The cool team of Delhi is at the bottom of the table which is quite unbelievable. Sehwag is known as the hitter and perfect for the T20 format but he is not doing anything worthy. Paul Valthaty, a name which no one heard before his marvelous 100 in 52 balls is holding the ORANGE CAP and surprising everyone with his consistency. The leading wicket-taker of this World Cup - Zaheer Khan isn't proving worthy for his team. The Pathan brothers are competing among each other to prove who is more useless for their respective franchisee. Chris Gayle wasn't in anyone's eye at the time of auction as all the franchisee thought that he is not ready to play the T20 format, but as he returned back as a replacement, he scored Century and made his team win proving everyone wrong. Dhoni, recently placed in the list of 100 influential people in the world for his Captain-Cool image and known to be India's best captain ever cannot show the jalwa of his captaincy in this IPL and is in the bottom 4 teams of this IPL. 

              Sachin scoring his first IPL century in this season and Harbhajan returning to form with 4 wicket haul over Chennai is something which people didn't expected in this season. Today's match where Delhi scored a wonderful 231 runs - the highest total of this season and then Punjab chasing it and scoring 203 (forgot the accurate runs) - the second highest total of this season summing upto 400+ Runs in 40 0vers in a single match is much better than the opening ceremony of this IPL season. Punjab is at 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in this IPL to hit the highest totals in this IPL season.Marsh's 95 runs of 46 balls was a treat to watch. Even after losing, Marsh gained lot of respect. One of my friend told me an interesting fact that Marsh is the only batsman who play IPL with a pure form of batting with straight shots rather than sweeps and other types of fancy shots. This IPL is still buffering and there is lot more to come. I am expecting something very big from this season of IPL. Lets see what more is in the way to come.

              IPL ROCKS.




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Deguide said...

Malinga seems to be preserving himself on the lines of Brett Lee and Zaheer Khan

hamaarethoughts.com said...

..I think more then anything...Malinga's hair is very funny..he waz kinda scary ..during the world cup!

Writing Buddha said...

hahahaah... but his bowling is really very very fast.

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