19 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

My Best Performance After 15 Years ;-)

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        After my 6th std, I didn't performed well in my academics and not even in the extra-curriculum activities. My father always wanted me to go on stage and perform something so that my confidence level will boost up but I never concentrated on what he said as I always had the same thinking that my father expects everything from me and I am not capable of giving him everything what a child can do. I tried to study but I never gave an outstanding performance because of which my intelligence would have been proved or my father would have been satisfied with his only son. He bought mouth-organ for me so that I can learn an instrument and entertain people on stage, he bought skates for me so that I can dance like those Western skate-dancers who does some spectacular act on wood stage, he bought games related to English language so that m English can improve and I can speak fluently which he can not. He did many things so that I can become an All-Rounder child but he never got any pragmatic response from my side.

             When I was in my Pre-Primary section and Primary section, I was an All-Rounder child. In my 1st std, I won an All-Rounder award for which audience clapped like a thunderstorm for me. I still remember the day. It was mind-blowing. I was quite small so I didn't understood much but I knew that I have done something great which has made me above the other students of my school. I was feeling very proud and thankful to God. I was thinking that I'll do this every year and I'll take this Award every year. That year i went up on stage for 5 times for 5 different awards. One snap is shown below where I am carrying my All Rounder award on the stage. 

All Rounder Award in 1st standard
         You can see the glow and a desired spirit in my eyes. The confidence in my standing posture and a pride which kept my head high and a will to do it again and again. But after this performance, I never got any special awards in my life. Being an All-Rounder is a big thing but at least winning an award for any activity in school would have made me smug and my family satisfied but the only thing I used to do in school was to enjoy and ruin my life. After some years, I understood that its not possible for me to get any felicitation in public because i am someone who's talent has died and which can't get a rebirth.

             But after I came to BCA in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai, I had one thing in mind, let the students from this college be smarter and more confident than me, but I'll still perform in all the activities. Let the people laugh on me but I'll still do everything I haven't done in my life. This resulted into a fruitful result for me. My academics has been better than the those of last 5 years. My impression in the minds of teachers, students and friends is of a performer. When I don't perform, everyone shouts at me. What can be better than this for me. After the quotient of 1st std where I won 5 prizes and gave my parents a satisfied heart and a glittering eyes with lots of hope, this year I have again won 4 Certificates and 2 Trophies. I don't know how this miracle happened with me but the one thing I know is that I dared to enter all the zones which I never accessed before this in my life. I was never sporty but I still participated in sports. Friends laughed at me but I continued to strike the cords of my will and desire. I participated in all the DAYS function of college, won in a single one but still did a wonderful job what I feel about me. 

             I would like to share all those moments with all of you where I ran up till stage and took my certificates with lots of joy and pleasure. Please see all the images below :-

This is the 1st award I got that night. Being 1st in Traditional Day

Being 1st in Carrom Doubles. That's Siddhesh-my partner standing behind.

Receiving the Certificates for Being Captain of Runner-Up Volleyball team

Our cricket team receiving Certificates for being 2nd

With my trophy at home - The 2nd day

On Traditional Day, Answering to Teacher's riddling questions in 2nd Round

Standing at the right end of boys queue

Standing at the 2nd from left

Its me in Orange T-shirt walking from the middle of winning team after my team lost

We are sad to see our batsmen falling 1 after another

My class's cricket team. I am sitting in Orange Tshirt at the extreme left.

              Today, I am very happy to share these pictures with all of you. I need everyone's praying so that I can keep performing in this way for the rest of my life. God bless to all of them who pray for my well beings.



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Anonymous said...

ruhela...ji ki jai ho............

Priya said...

Congrats Dear.
I was also very bad in sports though I participated in each category every year.

My younger brother brings loads of prizes every year, which is a gr8 achievement for all of us.
Nice pics.
Did u represent a Bengali man in Traditional clothes? Looking cute as always.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u anonymous

Writing Buddha said...

Yes dear, I represented a bengali man in traditional cloths and thanks for the cutie compliment !!! ;-)

hamaarethoughts.com said...

congrats buddy!awesome....may you have lots and lots of success in future..and be a pride for your parents...
I jus miss sometimes to comment..for my bsy schedule
but I just take a peak to your writings..something I never wanna miss..
you are budding star..keep shining...!!

Subash Vaid said...

Very nice.

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, I am so happy that being so much elder to me u like my writings. I am happy that I am able to keep u satisfied with what u expect from me and my writings. thanks a lot. love u mam..

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Subash.

nostalgicpen.blogspot.com said...

I had one thing in mind, let the students from this college be smarter and more confident than me, but I'll still perform in all the activities. Let the people laugh on me but I'll still do everything I haven't done in my life. This resulted into a fruitful result for me.---
you would have forgot these lines after long years but those are indeed true...little related to me also..

Writing Buddha said...

Good Krishna. :-)

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