11 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

My Goddess's 44th Birthday !!!

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       The clock has alarmed 12 AM and hence its 11th April today. I celebrated my mother's birthday yesterday i.e. on 10th April. I was damn excited for my mother's birthday from 1 week but I didn't tell her about the excitement as I knew that she don't remember that it is her birthday in the same month when Cricket fever is on its par so I decided to give her a surprise. Everyone is engaged in Cricket and so is she. The fever of Cricket is such that person may take some time to tell his name if asked while a nail-biting match is on. So it was somewhat obvious that my mother will forget her birthday. This time, my mother turned 44. There are some similarities and co-ordination between my birthday and my mother's birthday. Her birthday is on 10/4 (10 April) while my birthday is on 4/10 (4 October). She was born at the time of Summer Navratri while I was born at the time of Winter Navratri. She was born in 1967 while I was born in 1989. Remove the initial 19 and unite both the years which will make the number 6789. I feel so joyous to see such miracles of number between my and my mother's birthday.

            For my mother, I arranged cakes and cold-drinks so that as soon as 12 will strike on the clock, I'll greet her with cakes, pastries and cold-drinks. I did the same and she cried. She has seen very painful days recently as there are some problems creeping at her native place. I have told her to forget all those things as those things will always restrict you from smiling and compel your tears to open the doors and flow from the eyes. But saying is easy and suffering is difficult. She is already emotional and touchy that even a small mistake from my side moves her. So in comparison to this, the problem with which she is dealing is highly moving and disturbing. I hope my mother cope up with all those matters as soon as possible and starts smiling and celebrating the life so that even I can feel relaxed and cheerful. In the morning, an aunty arranged the breakfast of Idli-Sambhar and it was a great surprise. In the evening, our neighbours - Mr. and Mrs. Goswami bought sweet dish for her and we celebrated by tasting it. It was a delight to see them celebrating my mother's birthday as it's the birthday of someone closely attached to them. They are the best neighbors I have ever seen. I always heard people talking about the people living on the same floor they live on and now when I am experiencing the same fun, I am just enjoying it with all my heart. In the evening, they arranged the Chicken as the dinner but my mother refused to taste it as Navratri is going on and she performs all the ritual purely. I ate the chicken and it was damn tasty.

             When neighbors bought the sweet dish - Rasmalaai for my mummy and served it on the table and offered her initially with the best wishes for her birthday, she started weeping. That cry was because no one ever celebrated her birthday with such charms ever. She never thought that she may ever receive so much love and humbleness from the people she never knew. I don't know how much pain my mother is carrying in her heart but my only demand to the God is to please keep her happy and tension free. I don't like her crying for the reasons which has nothing to do with her beautiful life in Mumbai. She is little childish by nature so all the things just attack her heart first and not the mind which ruins her life and her beautiful moment of life. 

              I have already said that in my previous blog post that whatever I do and try to do is to make my parents happy and proud of me. When I see the smile on my parent's face because of me, I feel that I am living a worthy life and not wasting myself. The day I brought that Trophy at home and my parents saw it, their eyes were seriously dazzling and shining. That shine like a diamond flew an ocean of satisfaction and happiness in my heart. It is hard to impress parents because they expect a lot from their children and if the child is single without any siblings, the expectations rise phenomenally. I try to augment my efforts so that I can manage to keep that smile on my parent's lips and face for lifetime. I have done lots of thing so that my mother can feel that her son is hard working and he will gift her something big in the future but she is still busy in being tensed about the issues which has nothing to do with her life. I don't know how to control that feeling of her's but I just pray God daily that keep the smile on her face intact and constant. 

              On her 44th birthday, I am just wishing her lots of love and affection. May God always help her meet some good people who may keep her happy for the whole lifetime like some of the family friends who keep visiting our house occasionally to meet us. I pray a good health and a good future for her. May God bless me with all the Ups and Downs of life but give her only Ups and Ups in her life. I love you mummy and you are the best ever mom in the World. That's proved and I hope I'll prove myself to be the best son of the World. Love you lot.

            And, I would also like to thank all the Twitter friends those who know nothing about me but still wishing my mother a very happy birthday. may God bless you all.



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Priya said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom.
She must be so proud to have a lovely loving son around her.

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa. I hope she is.

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