21 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Badminton Girl with Open Legs ;-)

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Saina Nehwal
        I'm an Indian. I know that there are some faults in me which I also know is known to everyone but I have an Indian sentiments because of which I feel bad when those things are spoken in public about me. Every Indian have the same problem of hiding some things just because they are not proper according to our previous generation which may speak in our protest. If a friend asks all his girl friends to wear one piece and come to the party, majority of girl will try to show that it is not their style of dressing and according to them, wearing such cloths is very obscene and impermissible. But you go to their Facebook profile and you will find 200 pictures in their album containing all the pictures in one-piece where legs are in display and the darkness of cleavage is visible. 

              Today, I heard that Badminton fraternity has passed a dress code for all the girls playing Badminton to wear mini-skirts. According to media, the fraternity wants to add the flavor of glamor. Mostly, women play badminton and other court games in shorts or tight dresses. This news became a topic of debate on all the news channels and a part of the editor page of all the newspapers. When a law is passed in a certain region that the Burqas will be banned, Muslim extremists over-reacts. Even the Indian Imams starts speaking about the rules and regulations of Islam. They have nothing to do with the region but just because they are of the same religion, they try to show that the Muslim women are disrespected. They just can't keep control on the Muslim girls of India but they have the whole list prepared for talking on the Burqa ban in Japan or France. When our neighbour country Pakistan has Veena Malik who exposes herself at the set of Bigg Boss surrounded by 85 cameras located in Pune, these Muslims advocators can't even ask the girl to stop but they have a big deal with the burqa ban at a place which is 1000s of kilometers away from them. 

                I remember when Sania Mirza was sent a notice by a Muslim group for violating the regulations of Islams by wearing short skirts in court while playing tennis. Sania Mirza didn't even gave a damn to the notice and she continued playing and became a role model for many girls looking sports as their future and passion. In today's world, you take the name of sports and relate it with the girls, the first name which will creep your mind is Sania Mirza. I feel that this is truly a proud moment for all the Muslims to have a World Champion Tennis player from their religion but they feel that she should travel her journey to success without violating the laws of religion. They may be right but Sania Mirza's stardom has washed everyone's doubt.

Ashwini Ponappa
               Now, as badminton women players are asked to wear short skirts, Indians have started over-reacting to it. They have started boasting about their culture and tradition. Now, they don't remember that even Kamasutra is a part of Indian culture. If Kamasutra can be accepted so widely, what's a big deal if your girls are wearing short skirts. Go on the streets where youngsters roam and hangout and check out the dresses of the girls. You will be shocked to see that 95% of the girls are either showing their upper arms through that sleeveless tops and others showing their legs through that short pants or one-piece. If your Indian culture is so pure and soulful, how are these girls roaming freely on the streets with their skins in display? All the Indians are interested in following western culture but nobody wants to talk about it in public. Nobody dare to speak in public that they are the one who love to practice western culture over Indian culture. 

               News channels showed that people have problem with the new rule of badminton where the girls will have to wear shorts compulsorily. Now, everyone of us know about Saina Nehwal - The Number. 1 Badminton player of this era. Saina Nehwal says that she has no problem with the rule as she is used to play in shorts. Ashwini Ponappa - the girl who rocked the court in Commonwealth games also says that she don't have any problem as she is comfortable in playing with shorts. Another Indian badminton star - Jwala Gutta says that the girls who don't feel comfortable in shorts may face problem but I don't have any. Even, Deepika Padukone has been a state-level badminton champion and I think she would have agreed to play even in bikini. Now, the conclusion is that girls don't have any problems in playing badminton without covering their legs but the people of India who don't even watch their matches have so much problem as the girls are asked for a nude fashion show. 

Jwala Gutta
                Indians should learn to be broad-minded and live over-their-fake-culture-prioritization. If I would have had sister and she would have been a national-level badminton champion and if she would have been playing for the country, I would have allowed her to grow her passion rather than asking her to sit at home just because the rule has passed that the legs will be shown. In Delhi, girls wear Kurta-salwaar at home and after reaching the college, they change their attire into sleeveless pellucid top and short pants or jeans. In Mumbai, girls wear Burqas while leaving their home and after reaching the garden, they take off their burqas and get intimate with their lovers. So, the clothes never matters. What matters is the attitude of girl. Veena Malik's attitude was wrong so she is abused and people are pissed of her. Sania Mirza's attitude has been respective and therefore people respect her for her achievements and many people dreamed of getting married to her. Even I don't have any problem with my Indian girls playing badminton or any game in short cloths till their attitude is right.

               This is all I wanted to speak on this issue.



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Anonymous said...

Nice to know your point of view, interesting article. :)
Just one point:
"If your Indian culture is so pure and soulful, how are these girls roaming freely on the streets with their skins in display? "
What is impure or unsoulful about skirts?

Will be back for more of your posts.


Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Ruhi for popping in into my blog for the first time.

Even I dont understand that what is their problem if the skirts are wore while playing games.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

very well...
does short clothes matter that much...at professional level if thats a player??
weird....media and those idle-people have tyme for all this....and major issues are sitting and waiting for years!

Agar USA aah gye toh faint ho jayenge..Summers are here...most of the crowd is in shorts and teenagers in halters or bra tops..
I mean whts the big deal!
I understand we should be modest in our dressing as india is concerned...But then again players should be out of all this and they are more focused towards their goal to reach international level!

Writing Buddha said...

ab inhe kaun samjhaaye madam.

Deguide said...

I believe the glamour quotient is always prevalent, and the Indian heat is so scorching, it is better to play with shorts or mini skirts.

Angry Ganu said...

Well said that it is the attitude that matters over the clothing.

I wonder how much is the difference between skirts and short pants that are common in badminton to create such a ruckus.

Also Sania was more famous for her "tops" rather than the skirt I suppose :P

And we can consider it the job of the fundamentalists to always poke their noses in their community matters.

Vyankatesh said...

A silly law!!

Writing Buddha said...

Deguide, Right

Writing Buddha said...

Angry Ganu, right buddy. I dont know why do they poke their religion in any activity. Why don't they stay away from all these.

Writing Buddha said...

Vyankatesh, yaa buddy

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