24 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Never Compete with others, Look at your last Performance !!!

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        Everyone have competitors in his/her life. I never understood what competitors are. For me, the people who aren't doing well than me are the people who are putting lots of effort to be better than me and the people who are ahead of me are the people whom I consider an inspiration to learn and do things as they do. I have no competitors in my life as such. If my friend does better than me, I feel happy that my company is good and if my friends aren't better than me, I am still OK as I have someone in this talented world who will listen to my advice and follow the same. You should never look at any person in your life as competitors. If you are sitting for a job interview and a candidate comes and grab the post and u miss it out, go to him and ask him what different did he did in the interview which you were unable to. If a person you think is deserving but lost and you won, go and give him a free advice what to do at the next interview to grab the post. You should act amicable with everyone you meet in your life rather than racing with him/her.

            If Sachin Tendulkar would have seen other batsmen as his competitors, he would not have been the biggest batsmen of the world, he would just have been someone whose runs would have been more than couple of players. He kept playing just looking at his score and his performance and became the biggest player of this world. Sincerely, if I would have been at the place of Sachin Tendulkar and if I would have seen that I am 1000 runs ahead of the 2nd highest run scorer, I would have started playing easily without any pressure in my head of making my team a winner. I would have been satisfied with my score because I would be competing with others and once I got more than everyone, I would have achieved everything what I wanted in my life. 

             In my class, all the classmates see each other as competitors and doesn't help each other during the exam time as they feel that this 10 marks can make this child ahead of me and my rank will drop down. They fight for the 1st rank. 1st rank in my class seems to be immunity for everyone. The range of the marks scored by the 1st Rankers of my class in last three semesters has been between 62% to 65% and they are proud of scoring these marks. They don't have any idea that the pupils who are our seniors have scored more than 75% marks in each exam. Just because they have achieved the 1st Rank they never think of scoring more than 70% or 80% and try to get the best out of them. Tomorrow when you will apply for a post, you will find those seniors sitting in the queue with you for their turn. When you'll go and show your 65% to the interviewer and tell him that you were the topper, he will not give even a chchota-sa-DAMN because a candidate from your college itself have scored 78% marks with the same portion and answered the same type of questions you have answered. My classmates can never think so because their attitude is to compete with these 30 students sitting under the same roof. They will never think of the world outside the four wall.

               Whenever I perform and I score 1st in any competition or even in academics, one thing I think is "Is this the best I can do or I have much potential to perform better than this?" On 14th February, my 3rd sem's result was out and I scored below-the-par. The next day we had Traditional Day which I desired to skip but my mother gave me confidence and sent me in a Bengali attire. I won the 1st position in the college even when I performed my worst because of sad mood and sorrowful heart. I was just thinking after the announcement of the winner that how much better I could have done to win the same position.I didn't even counted the number of boys who were standing with me in the queue to win the same position just because I wasn't competing with them, I was doing everything for me. Next day I lost Tie Day even when I was cheerful that day after winning Traditional Day, this happened because I took this competition as a competition. Last time I lost it with the best tie in the mob, so I wore the same Tie again and started comparing my tie with other ties wore by other students. Result: I Lost. 

               The only thing I want to speak from the medium of this post is: Stop competing with others as there are unlimited number of people in the world who are unlimited times better than you. Just focus on your attitude of doing things and try to raise your performance every time you stand up to do something. I have adopted this part in my life and I can see the benefits coming out of it. I am the happiest person in my world. My Group has all the 1st rankers of my class. If I'll start competing with them, I'll die because of depression or shame or inferiority complex or jealousy. But, I know I have many things in me which can turn out to be a good gamble for my life and I can turn into something big overnight. There is 99% chances of my confidence being a house of vacuum but this is how we should think of ourselves rather than competing with few people around us. I hope you get my words right.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

very true!
lemme tell you something....the key to sucess is not jus books or big grades ..its being practical...the more you are exposed to society and handle the problems .better...it shows up your competence!...its crystal clear who is good!
do ya know why Indians Docs are respected in US?? its their experience in diagnosis to varied patients in india ..which makes them stand out in their medical fields...compared to US born n raised docs!

Writing Buddha said...

Wow. thanks for the information mam

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