12 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Anna Hazare is the true Indian !!!

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        I remember the post I wrote recently with a title - Can Indians be Egyptians? If I would have known that my countrymen are better than those of Egypt, I would have changed the title or if I would have known that my countrymen are going to prove me their credentials, I would not have attempted that blog. When the destruction of the country was carried out by the Egyptians at Tahrir Square, I was thinking just a question that will anything as such will happen in my country too? Will the people of my country unite to drop the government or make the government bow down to them to stop everythnig and agree to them. But the only answer extracted after thinking for several times was No. I believed that my country will always remain the same and my countrymen will always sit quietly like me and will wait to see miracles happening naturally. Every Indian has a tendency and propensity to wait for someone else to stand up against an evil cause and then everyone will follow him/her so that whatever stringent action are to be taken will be implied on the originator and not the motivators.

              One day when I was walking from Belapur station to my college, I was handed a pamphlet which said India Against Corruption. It also carried an image of Anna Hazare which said that he is going for a hunger strike to challenge government for their faults. I thought that this is one more fruitless and null movement against Government. I literally thought that how can the hunger-strike of one such man will change the country's hereditary blessing of corruption. I concluded that this is one more nautanki in my nation. But, on the 2nd day when I saw on the media channels the support of this man - Anna Hazare, I came to know that what he was fighting for and the purity behind his standings and voice. He is called Gandhian as he follows his way of avoiding violence and convincing people with non-violence and silence. 

             Suddenly, I got into the protest and fasted with Anna Hazare for a day to let the government know that people and youth are with Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare wanted Lokpal bill to be active and a panel to be formed who will probe into all the corruption cases of the nation. his demand also said that there will be no politician in the panel. He wanted common people like us to be in the panel and he had some recommendations which consisted of the former judges of Supreme court and High court. Government seemed to be shocked to see the support of people with Anna Hazare. It is very rare in our country that we see all the people together fighting for a single cause. Mostly, we see it when Sachin Tendulkar is batting. Recently, India won the World Cup and the unity of people was scene in the late night parties after the win. Everyone was dancing and celebrating together without bothering whether the person with whom I am dancing can be of my opposite caste, creed, region or language. 

              Anna Hazare received a tremendous support from everyone in the country. There were incidents shared on media channels where they told that one man saw an another man shouting in support of Anna Hazare, he asked him did the Lokpal bill got acceptance? He turned around with a grin on his face and asked what is this Lokpal bill. Such was an effect of Anna Hazare that people didn't knew what the case was but still they were supporting him because it was something which would help corruption to disappear from the life of Indians. There were many people who said that will the corruption really stop after the panel is formed? After they got the answer as No, their next statement was - Then why is so much nautanki in the nation? On this, my friend Rohit on Twitter stated very correctly that the charge on Murder case is to hang till death but did the murder stop in India? No. So, corruption will always be there but people will fear and panic while thinking about corruption. And I wanted people to support rather than thinking what would happen after the protest and will the corruption really go or not and if not, then why am I wasting my time here. See, at least we got a man who challenged the government against corruption, so what's the problem in supporting him. Let the circumstances be opposite to what you thought but at least a support of ours can strengthen the side of Anna Hazare and we will get something related to managing and confining the corruption.

             At last, Anna Hazare won and government had to surrender. They agreed to form a panel till 30th June and Anna had warned them. He said if I don't get your proper response on the prescribed date, be ready for the dharna. It is wonderful. The whole world knows about Anna now and his Gandhian approach of breaking the government's wrong policy. It is definitely better than what Libya and Arabians adopted. We won it without any tod-fod and violence. There was no curfew and no traffic. There were just heart-beats and several chants in chorus to support the man. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian - everyone celebrated together for the man because he did as an Indian rather than as a local party or a state. The people of India got its Mahatma Gandhi and a National hero. People have started following his path. It is very difficult for a 74 years old man to survive without food for 4 days. I fast for a day and I start clamouring Food Food as soon as evening begins. I saw the last days of my Dadaji and he expired with a suffering body at the age of 72. I just can't imagine him being hungry for 5 days. Anna Hazare is 2 years old than him. I respect him a lot. He is the real champ. No one can ever point his character as he dedicated all his life for India rather than continuing his job.

             A big salute to the man.



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Priya said...

I am a big fan of this man now. I lit a candle in support of him, though dint fast.
Initially I never thought, it will be such a big movement. Really, getting so many followers for a good cause is very difficult today and this man has done it.
Now, lets see how it comes out. The govt. has promised but will it follow it's words........???

Writing Buddha said...

This is the thing to watch for in the future.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice..at last..some body woke the whole nation ..it can be done ..all it needs is effort and support..to kill corruption...until and unless...there is honesty within ...which should be a motivation to serve the country with good intentions..
lets hope for Best!

Writing Buddha said...

U sud have been in India mam.. to experience all this.

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