22 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I Miss Rockstars of Nashik !!!

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        Every person wants some lovely people around him with whom he can share everything we wants. I was in search for such a group from last so many years. Whenever I got any group, I changed my city because of my father's unstable job. He just keep moving here and there in search of a good salary. Even when he gets the best job, my pocket money remains the same. Leave this. Its a controversial issue for which I am going to merge with Shiv Sena to fight against it. Lets come back to the topic. In Nashik, I got a group of Arun and Manish. We used to hang out every time at restaurants. Manish's father had a factory and a shop. He used to visit the shop every morning and steal 500 or 1000 bucks and come to my area. Then, he used to take me and Arun to a theatre and we used to watch movie. Sometimes we saw a single movie for 3 times in a day. After theatre, we used to go to a restaurant and he used to give us an open invitation to order anything. We used to eat Tandoori chicken daily or a Chicken Handi. This group was wonderful. I enjoyed a lot here. 

              I also had another group in Nashik where my group partners were Mahesh, Bezaad and Salman. Here, the financier was Bezaad. Bezaad's father was a manager of a society where the bungalows were given on rental basis to rich society people. His father used to get lots of commission for it. Bezaad's parent used to give lots of money to him without asking where he spends them. We used to go to Chate coaching classes regularly. After the classes used to end, we used to go to Cyber cafe and book a PC per person. No one used to share PCs. I and Bezaad used to download computer's softwares. After sitting for 3 to 4 hours at Prashant Cyber cafe, we used to go to small thelaas or small dhaba type hotels and eat Dosas or Chinese or Pav Bhajis. After having a light food, we used to go to a Soda shop. This was the first time when I drank soda with these guys. Before this, I used to think that Soda is a alcohol but Bezaad told me that soda isn't an alcohol and its very tasty. We used to order Jeera Soda or Goti soda and have delightful drinks. After this, Bezaad used to take an auto and march towards his home which was some 5 kms away. I and Mahesh used to ride on Mahesh's bike, up on flyovers, behind colleges, near girl's hostel and at last used to pass his girlfriend's home. It used to be a total fun every evening. 

              I had one more group in Nashik where Abhijeet and Pranil were the members. I know you may be thinking k sirf group me hi ghusta rehta tha ye aur koi kaam nahi tha isey but I don't know how every group used to involve me into them and I used to be happy with each group as there was no politics between the groups. Whenever all the groups used to unite, we used to have 100 times better fun. Here, in this group, there was no financier. Everyone used to pay their parts and have fun. All three of us used to sit on the College katta or somewhere near to my house and crack jokes. All three of us had good sense of humour and a unique one too. So it was a fun to sit together and talk about our friends and imitate them and laugh madly. Pranil used to have a good sense of predicting future of everyone's life which used to make us laugh. Abhijeet had a good style of mimicry which used to be damn perfect. He used to imitate teachers and friend's parents. I had the capability of creating new abuses which used to be funny. This used to make both of them crazy. I still own this art. ;-) So, this group was damn funny and crazy. Whenever I used to sit with them after college, after reaching home, my jaws and stomach used to pain because of excessive laughter.

                When I left Nashik in 2009, I was feeling very bad because these friends were awesome and I never wanted to leave them at any cost. I never imagined before that that I would be the part of 3 different groups where I will be always loved and cared. One group where I got to watch movies and eat non-veg foods at the best restaurants of the area. Second group where I got to sit at Cyber cafe and get the rides of the whole city. Third group where I got the reason to laugh as I was going through the bad phase of my life during those period. I always heard that Mumbai is crazy and the youngster can drive anyone mad here but I had less confidence because I didn't imagined myself matching up with the Mumbai's youngsters.

                It took a time period of 2 years for me in Mumbai to get a perfect group in my class where I can laugh, enjoy, celebrate, share secrets an Yes, Abuse too. Here, the only problem is that there are various groups in my class but there's jealousy and politics creeping among each other. No one is happy to see a person from different group laughing and enjoying. I don't know how this grew but I really miss Nashik after all this. I'll talk about my Mumbai's groups and groupism tomorrow. 

                This is the first time when I thought that I should write about my friends from Nashik who gave me a wonderful life in that city. I want to be back there and tonight I am missing Nashik very much. I love you all, my friends !!!




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