22 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Funny Scenario of Today's Practical Exam !!!

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        Today, I gave my Practical exam of Semester 4. In my childhood, my teachers never taught me that Time travels very fast instead they taught me that Light travels very fast. On 17th January, 2011, our college was reopened. I got my result on 14th February. After getting ****ed up in the Semester 3's result, I promised myself that I'll do my best in Semester 4 so that I can bring my percentage back in the form. When Sachin slows down the run-rate, Sehwag beats the ball and augments the run-rate. When Gambhir waste the ball, Sachin hit boundaries and manage the run-rate. So, I thought that my average percentage has been dropped down, so I should start studying from February itself so that I can perform in the exam going to be held in May. But, in India we say that kuttey ki pooch kabhi seedhi nahi hoti and hence I remained the same as I was in the Semester 3. I had my exam today and last night, I didn't even know how to start writing a Visual Basic program. All this happened not because the subject is hard or the coding is difficult, this happened just because I never concentrated in the laboratory and even in classroom, I keep dreaming about something else and flow in the world of Writer's Dream.

             Yesterday i.e. on Wednesday, Yusuf came to my house at 8 AM as promised. We promised our conscious and heart that we will not divert our mind anywhere and we will just try all the programs so that we can run all the programs in the exam easily. I didn't had VB and ORACLE's software in my PC kyuki poorey semester mein kabhi bhi jaroorat mehsoos hi nahi hui program run karne ki. ;-). At 9 AM, we understood that these softwares can't be installed on my computer because of the Anti-virus program or compatibility issues. Yusuf wanted to see ROBOT and hence we became the follower of #RajniIsGod for 3 hours. ROBOT ended at 12 PM and Yusuf realized that we have our exam tomorrow. We went to college at 2 PM to get a new Set Up file from our friend Prasad who had original files. Yusuf went to his house and I don't know what took more than 2 hours to get the file copied into his pendrive that he returned back after 5 PM. Ultimately, we lost the whole day. Yusuf told me to come to his house after the Mumbai Indians match because his PC already had VB installed. 

              After Rohit Sharma hit that Six on the last ball and made my favorite team win, I marched towards Yusuf's home. After going there, we started studying seriously. I was thinking about VIVA again and again and I used to lose focus from what Yusuf was teaching me. I sat with him from 8 PM to 2 AM. In this 6 hours, I understood only one thing and that is "Computers" is a wrong field I have selected for myself. Whenever Yusuf used to feel little confident about himself, I used to make him remember that we have two thick books to read for VIVA tomorrow and he used to lose his focus too. We were also talking to students from our class and everyone was at someone else's house for practicing the codes but none of them were working. Everyone was busy in chit-chatting. It has been my childhood problem to chat with a friend when no one's around. I am too naughty and raunchy so I keep on talking weird things which excites my friends. Hahaha. Even if someone don't want to concentrate on girls, my talks can make him imagine that his bed is flying in the air and his girlfriend is sleeping with him on the bed. But I am not that fool too. Once the person is lost into sweet dreams, I make them remember about the exams and they get confused whether to concentrate on studies or complete the half-done job with his girlfriend on the bed of dreams.

               At last, we sat in the exam hall at 10 AM today. I slept for just 1.5 hours in the morning - 5.30 to 7 AM. I saw the question paper and said to myself - lag gayi beta. Suddenly, I remembered some codings of some programs which Yusuf taught me and I started doing them. I was successful in doing 2 programs of Oracle correctly but I got choked up when VB came at the front. I did 1 program using my fundas which madam rejected but still gave me few marks for it. The 4th program of VB was very hard which I unfortunately had to skip. I remembered the coding so I wrote it in the answer paper without performing the practical. 

                When the VIVA section began, all the classmates started shivering and I was confident about my prediction that someone will surely faint in a minute or two but my friends were mentally prepared for the F***ing session. No one fainted. Finally, my turn came. The external faculty was taking the VIVA of 3 students together. I went up there and sat in between of Siddhesh and Tushar. I answered the very first question as Sehwag hits the boundary on the very first ball of the inning. But the session after the first ball didn't acted as a good inning for me. Like a bad day of Sehwag, I got out at every question asked to me after it. In all, 10 questions were asked to us, out of which we gave answers of 2 questions. 1 was given by me and another was given by Tushar. I didn't had any idea about the answer given by Tushar about whether it was right or wrong but still when madam asked me "Is he right?", I confidently said, "NO". So, out of 10 questions, my group gave answer of just 1 question. At least I can feel proud for giving that 1 master stroke when my team lost by more than 200 runs. 

                This is how the practical exam ended. All the students of my classmates are thrashed today. No one performed brilliantly. Everyone cursed themselves for chit chatting with their friends the last night rather than running the programs. Now, my exams are starting from 29th April, 2011. I am just praying God and asking just one favour from him - My books have proposed me, I just don't love it and I don't want to accept its proposal but still I don't any other option so do something so that I can start loving my books and accept the proposal and start an affair with them. I hope God is working on my Lokpal Bill otherwise I'll have to start fasting and sit on Anshan. 

                 I hope external faculty would have given me Maximum Sixes award for that master stroke on the very first question. 



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