23 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Worst Groupism in College !!!

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        Yesterday, I told you about my group and friend circle in Nashik. I told you how they gave me a golden period there. The characteristics of all the three groups was that they accepted each other with an open heart without showing a sign of unhappiness that they are interfering in our group. This is what made my period in Nashik wonderful because I was free to roam with any group and share my time equally with each of the groups. After I left Nashik, I came to Mumbai in 2009. I never talked to anyone in my society as I felt new and it was hard for me to mix up with those people who are living together from last 15 years. They are the childhood friends while I have shown them my face after being 19 years old. There is always a difference between a normal childhood friend and current best friend. Your heart will always pull you towards the childhood friend because that face is part of your life from last 20+ years. 

             Now, the only sign of having a group circle was to attend my new college. On the first day of college, I was damn disappointed to see my new classmates with whom I had to spend 3 most important years of my life. Some of them were stupid while some of them were very quiet while some of them were boring while some of them were over-talkative while some of them were exposing themselves a lot. I wanted people with moderate behaviour having all types of qualities rather than a single one. Anything in excess is harmful. This implies with the attitude and nature of the human being too. Finally, the first person I met was Yusuf. This guy was damn conservative then and therefore I never got a chance to meet other classmates of mine as I used to be engaged with him all the time. After 1 or 2 weeks, I got a group which consisted of Arya, Richa and Umera. Arya and I, both were secretly behind Umera but we never shared with each other. Arya told about his crush to Richa and she was helping him to achieve Umera. I played a silent game and got Umera. This made me and Arya strangers for some weeks.

              After 3 weeks, I broke up with Umera and I didn't talked to anyone after that. Then, I, Yusuf and Arya became close friends and started spending time together. Arya and Yusuf used to taunt each other while I used to enjoy. All three of us belonged to Panvel so it came easy for us to be together all the time. Now, Arya used to flirt with Umera as I broke up with her. So it used to be a fun to listen to his chats with her. While the friendship of our threesome was rocking, Arya backed up from us and we got two new friends - Vandana and Prema. I never thought before joining the college that I'll talk to girls because I had no confidence in myself and I always used to feel that I am the most bad-looking person on the Earth so I always felt shy while approaching any girl. After Vandana and Prema became friend of me and Yusuf, the conservativeness of Yusuf started disappearing and a new boy came out of him.

              For a while, I also got a new group where Arya, Sameer, Vishal, Arun and Manoj were the members. We used to hang-out at Inorbit mall, Vashi for 3 times a week. This was the first time in my life when I got addicted to malls and the Italian foods. We used to bunk numerous lectures and visit Inorbit mall. During this period itself, we had a party at Vishal's house where Vishal made chicken for all of us and I bought rotis from my house which my mother made for us. I had superb fun in this group itself but I left it because of some unmatched thoughts. You can never enjoy in the group where nobody is ready to share the money and everyone wants a single person to spend for the expenditure of the whole group. This made me little uncomfortable and I had to cut off myself from the group. I kept talking to them still but they stopped talking to me after ignoring me and making me realize this. For a short time in between, I formed a group with Saquib, Prashant and Arya and I started hanging at Inorbit mall with them. But this series of Inorbit Mall visit ended after I saw that people weren't interested in going there again and again except me.

             After this, many groups formed and many broke, many members were added and many were signed off. All this happened just because people were not interested in forming groups but in breaking other's group. Every group was jealous about others group. It was hard to survive in any group because everyone wanted to overcome the achievements of another group and then boast about it. Currently, I am a part of a very big group of my class where I, Yusuf, Sohail Mulani, Sohail Shaikh, Saquib, Tushar, Gaurav, Prasad, Siddhesh, Samadhan, Vandana, Prema and Sulkshana are the members. All the names taken here have understood that groupism is a disease in our class and we will have to vaccinate ourselves to fight against it. Now, we share our time together and there is no back-bitching, just lots of laughter takes place. I am happy with this group I am currently into and I hope this group doesn't divide because it is hard to deal with my classmates with the groupism everywhere in the air.

              Thanks to all my friends who have made my life happy by breaking the groupism system and being together.


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hamaarethoughts.com said...

very nice...reminds me of my college days,,
you will miss this time in future...enjoy!

Writing Buddha said...

Im happy that my blog is letting someoner emember of their college days.

Yusuf Dawawala said...

Thank u for making us understand the theory on groupism

Writing Buddha said...

Kya udaa rahe ho yaar

nikhimenon said...

veeru, i think there s some sort of grammatical error here..

//I didn't talked //

i think when we use 'did' t shud be followed by present tense..thats t shud be
i didn't talk' rather than i didn't talked..


hens night said...

It is ok, these things happen to other people in college too. Just make friends with positive people. More positive = more better outlook. Just keep looking for people who have strong image and follow their footstep.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks nikhi sir.

Writing Buddha said...

Very nice Hens night.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the "straight from the heart writing" bro

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