7 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Shahid Afridi - A Jealous & Bloody Neighbour !!!

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        I remember the excitement I and my friends had for the India-Pakistan Semi-final match which was to be played in Mohali on 30th March, 2011. Everyone was talking positively as nobody wanted to hear that India can lose to Pakistan. I am one of the regular Twitter micro-blogging site user where I like reading people's view about any issue. I have never seen a better platform in my life where people have got such a medium to speak truth and whatever their mind says. Twitter has been a controversial and polemic place for many celebrities but for the people who are here to know what people think of various issues always love spending time on Twitter and talking to different types of people. 

              Before the India-Pakistan match, when all my Indian friends whom I'm following on Twitter were talking about how to thrash and snub Pakistanis on 30th march and send them back to Pakistan, I thought to check out what Pakistanis are writing and thinking about Indians and the match. I searched out and found a reporter from Pakistan who said that Muslims are always greater than Hindus so Allah is going to listen to us rather than those bloody dirty people. I was shocked to hear this. I have heard Indians hurling abuses on Pakistanis but I never ever knew what Pakistanis think about us. But, this was damn shocking that they believe they are the nation of Muslims and we are the nation of Hindus. Either the Pakistanis are too dumb to realize or observe anything or they are too aggressive to speak anything. I may not call them Muslim extremists because they have never done anything in their life because of which Muslims residing in other countries may feel proud of. Muslims in other nations have always hung their heads in shame because of these jihadists. 

             I always believed that we should never typecast the whole community because of a small group of people breaking all the norms and rules of the community. If someone will judge Hindu religion or India country by viewing at me, it will definitely bring some bad image to the community because I am not perfect. People shouldn't ever define a community or a place by judging few idiots from the same. We, Indians abuse Pakistanis but we don't mind thinking that there can be many Pakistanis who may think India as a wonderful country. Everyone in the world abuse America but for me, America is a wonderful nation which loves to be at the front and take the lead in any issue concerning the world in any nation. Americans may be rude and arrogant but America is a wonderful country with beautiful people and beautiful places to visit. They are dominating the whole world. This is not as easy as it seems to be. We, Indians can't stop Pakistan from attacking on us even when its a broken part of India. If the partition would not have taken place, Pakistan would have been a state of India which would have been in our control but now as its an independent nation, we are pleading infront of America to ask them to stop bombing on our land and be friend with us. So, America is having some damn wonderful qualities because of which every nation scares when they pass an order or give an ultimatum for their next action.

             After the Pakistan's cricket players reached their land which is just 250 kms from Mohali, Shahid Afridi gave several interviews where he clamoured that Pakistanis are blessed with large-heart from Allah which we the Indians can never have. He also said that Indian media is a nonsense and they are the one because of which the enmity between India and Pakistan is augmenting and they are not letting both the nation come together and be one. He just shocked everyone with his quote. In India, he was praising the Indian audience and Indian people and also said that he loves to visit India again and again because the people here loves him so much. But, who would have expected that Afridi is so double-facet and he would speak such words after returning to his mother-land. When Pakistanis said the Indian muslims as Kafir on my Blog, I thought that those small community of people are crap and mindless but after listening to what Afridi said, I am sure that all the Pakistanis think the same about Indians. 

             We never want to kill Pakistani, we never want to ignore Pakistani, we never want to murder a Pakistani, we never want to throw bombs on the land of Pakistani, we are just in love with Pakistanis those who come forward and wave the flag of unity, love and togetherness. Afridi, when you say that Indians can't possess a large-heart like you Pakistani possess, just go to the concerts where Atif Aslam sings in India. Each and every song of Atif Aslam is a Super-Hit here. More than Pakistan, he has got opportunity in India to perform and earn. See the aura of Adnan Sami. The Veena Malik who is ignored by the Imam Sahibs of your nation was so much accepted here that she was saved by the people of Indians for 9 times in Bigg Boss. She stayed for a long time in Bigg Boss house. Even today she is a part of India TV and she is getting the best opportunity of her life here. Your actress Meera was given so much space here that she started participating in Indian issues with Mahesh Bhatt. Your comedian Shakeel is still the favorite in the comedy-show - Comedy Circus on Sony Television. Your actor, singer, writer - Ali Zafar acted in a movie Tere Bin Laden which wasn't allowed in your Pakistan but it was a big hit in India. The oldest and the most renowned Singing competition show - SaReGaMaPa on Zee TV gives a great chance to Pakistani singers to try their luck in India. I have just named few of them, there are many more Pakistanis who are heart throb of many in India but Afridi, can you name even 1 Indian who is accepted by heart in your Pakistan? 

               Afridi, the example of our large-heart is the respiration process of your buddy - Ajmal Kasab. He and his friends killed 183 Indians and foreigners in India 2 years ago and he is still surviving. How much large heart do you want from us now? Should we reward him with Bharat Ratna or a Bravery Award that you will feel we are having a large-heart? The total money which would have been earned by all your players in all the 3 IPLs (if included) would have been less than what we have spent in keeping Ajmal Kasab safe. And if you think like those Pakistanis with whom I debated where the mentality says that you consider India as Hindus and hence you feel that Allah is the almighty and you are blessed, then a kind information to you, the number of Masjids in Pakistan is lesser than the number of Islamic people here. And before all of you claim Indian Muslims as kafeer and muhajideen, see what the people from your land are doing to the world rather than our Muslims. They are Islam by soul and Indian by heart. Never try to judge Muslims of India. You can never match them. 

              And Afridi, a last notification to you - If you would have just pointed on our Indian media, we would have definitely supported you but you have pointed towards our patriotism which is unacceptable. Your people attacked Taj Hotel, your Pakistanis attacked Sri Lankan players when they visited your land to play a friendly match, three of your players are caught in match-fixing scandal and banned etc , still you talk about who have large-heart. What's your problem if Gautam Gambhir dedicated the World Cup to those who suffered in 26/11 attack? Why are you feeling bad about it? Just because you know in your heart somewhere that you Pakistanis hurt us a lot in the 26/11 attack. Even Sangakkara's Sri Lankan team was called Raavan by Indian media but Sangakkara didn't spoke even a word which was anti-Indian and therefore we respect him. He showed his decent behaviour and hence we never abused him and he will always be respected while whenever you and your team will visit India, you will be looked as terrorists and enemy of our people - Indians. Better mind this and remember it the next time you visit India. Thanks to Allah that we didn't selected you and your team for IPL. You never deserve this, bloody anti-Indian.

               Thanks Pakistanis.


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hamaarethoughts.com said...

Well done DOST..I am proud of you my blogger friend...
you have made us proud by this post!
thats a true Indian!
its very easy to pass comments on other countries but one has to kill themselves to make a country proud!Remember That!...its a malice..which is shown by Afridi..But look at the past..what neighbouring country has done...never upto what they said!
Muslims in india are respected and as part of democracy and practising their religion which surprises most of the Americans here when I tell them..Since indians and pakis are biggest rivals..the whole world knows about that...
India may have said harsh words to Pakistanis on Semi finals...But I can say ..it was a benefiting reply when India won the world cup...You shld have checked Fb what comments were given by pakis when we lost sehwag 's early wicket....
both teams played well..But the best will be the winner...
that shld be remembered!

Writing Buddha said...

Wow mam. I am happy that u felt so proud of me bcoz of this post where anybody else feared to post a comment bcoz everyone wanted to be away from this controversial post. Even I am proud of u that u dared to comment on this 1.

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