28 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Learn to exaggerate life... !!!

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            Holi is over? A Very Belated Happy Holi to all of you reading this. Hope you wasted lots of water and still tweeted and updated about how others should save it for you. :-) This is what generally happens. The one who talks about Global Warming the most is the one who sits at home surrounded by the accumulated air brought together by Air Conditioner. :-) The celebrities like movie stars, cricketers etc tweets about saving water as if they really care. They get all the luxurious treatment but still they show as if they have the most concern for us- the middle-class and poor. Sub dhongi hain. Sub. They bathe in tub in any condition but still show us as if they are sponging water over them rather than showering it. Whatever... Let's leave the issue and get ahead with whatever I have to speak. Why should I talk about something which I can't change, right? As always, you people will reply "yes" to whatever I'll say. Haha! Sorry Sorry. :-)

             One thing that I have learnt in life is- Learn. Learning is the best way of progressing. Until and unless you keep your arrogance and egoism in prioritization, you will never be able to learn new aspects. Life does not have limits. It is vast, dynamic and interminable. What has limits are just and just our thoughts. If we align them to infinity. If we customize them from 0 to a number that is imaginary only by God then we will get a chance to subscribe ourselves to many things. The basic example of understanding what I am trying to convey is our college lecture. The day we keep ourselves intrigued in mobile or sleep or chit-chatting with our friends on the last bench, we know nothing about what happened in class. But the day we sit on any of the front benches and listen to what teacher is trying to make us understand, we get the concept so easily that we feel as if the topic is made for children and why does it even have a place in our syllabus. Right? Now you understood. An example is must when I talk. Hai na? :-)

             Not everyone is excellent in every part of his/her life. Even if one seems to be almost perfect, there are some defects and things that are below par. Or if someone is not very good in things that you do or see him doing, he might be best in something that you are still unaware of. Hence always keep an approach of asking people as to what they love doing or they are good in. Everyone loves boasting about their good qualities. And then don't skip it by saying that you aren't interested in the particular thing. Learn some basic features through them and start trying things. Learn it. And you will find a profound reason to live. Just breathing, eating, talking, surfing internet and sleeping is not THE LIFE. It is just a survival- a method of it. And who survives? Poor who does not have chances or opportunities. Or the one who does not have brain to think about it. Are you any of them? No. You have all the powers- Mental, physical and financial. Go For Things.

           People always abuse me for my working culture. Even when I watch TV, people look at me as if I am doing crime. Because I always watch things that can teach me something. And even if I watch something entertaining, I observe Arts and then try to implement it when I am doing it sometimes later. I ask my mother to let me watch The Newshour because its something that teaches us- debating, use of English language, thoughts related to different topics etc. I watch Brahmakumaris on Aastha. It tells the power of meditation. I watch only those parts in a Cricket match that shows a Cricketer scoring a Hundred or when Sachin Tendulkar/Virat Kohli bats. It gives me energy. When I see a Dance reality show, I try to observe new steps so that I can implement it next time I dance. :-) When I watch an Award function, I keep on observing the hosts and learn the timing when a joke or filler is to be inserted. I want to be every thing. And thus I want to learn every thing. I feel that I should know little bit of every thing in life so that I always have some knowledge about any field people are talking/discussing about. 

            I don't feel weird when I see that my doings are related to learning new things. Recently, I participated in a competition named "Mi Mumbaikar" in which there were different levels of Quiz Competition based on questions about Mumbai. A girl who participated in the group in which I also was a part of cleared the next level which I didn't. When I asked friends I got to know that she used to analyze the places/areas of Mumbai when she used to roam/hang-out with her fiancee. Then she used to come home and search about the whole history of the areas she visited. Impressive! And what other girls/boys do? See into eyes of each other and come back. What the .... !!! Drown into each other's eyes but remember, life is beyond this sanctity. Hahaha! Sorry hansi aa gayi. Is shreni k logon ki lene mein mujhe ek vibhinn aanand milta hai jo sirf mera hruday samajhta hai. :-) 

             Basically, what I am saying is- LEARN THINGS. If you are a boy, learn every thing that's possible. We have more areas to visit in comparison to girls. We have many fields in which we can try our hands in. So why not be dynamic and Jack-of-all? If you are a girl, try everything that's related to indoor activities and then also that are meant for a gutsy to execute. Right from cooking, sweeping, washing to getting official works done to driving car to traveling alone.. Learn!!! And when you learn, don't feel ashamed about what others are thinking when you are falling again and again. To learn, if you have to approach someone who is a master of that Art, go with confidence, again, don't be ashamed of this. 

          Once you learn almost every thing that you hear about from people around you, you feel independent. Why to be dependent on someone who is born with the same number of bones and muscles as us? Why not challenge and get ahead? Why not? No reason, right? So start learning and exploring. I have used this word- "Explore" number of times in my posts. Because I myself want to explore many things but I am confined to very few. These days I am trying to do what I used to do when I was child. Because when we are child, we fear none and hence we try every damn thing. Let's do the same now. We are just 20s or at most 30s... Right? Even when you read this medium, you learn something, right? No? Ok Sorry. I should move now before something terrorizing happens. :-)

 Thanks. Bye.


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Its Awesome!! your writing is so lucid..It gives a clear picture of whatever you want to convey. Thanks for your this very post!

Pratik Mantri said...

Great post.!!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Shalini mam and Pratik sir.

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