10 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Girls, GAIN RESPECT, Don't ASK for it!!!

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            On 8th March, the world celebrated Women's Day. I had no one else to wish except my mother and my best friend. These are the only two ladies who are bringing a sort of change in my personal life. I didn't write any post that day probably for two reasons: First was not letting my post on women get lost in numbers of post that were written on 8th. Second was to avoid writing because some might say that I am writing just for the sake of incremental in my Blog Post numbers. But today after I read Chetan Bhagat's article in The Times of India, I felt that there should not be any such dilemma in mind about what I should write and what not when I feel like writing on a topic. And then I thought how can I not wish my female readers. Blogging is the major part which rules and define me and my life. And it is big only because I have potential number of readers. And most of them are females. :-) Lucky to have them. And then they have always been wonderful in complimenting me for my posts. Boys never compliment regularly. Only girls do. And deciding that I won't be wishing them this year sounds so unfavorable. Hence, a Very Happy Women's day to all of you. May God Bless you all with more power and pleasure in life. May you achieve whatever you need and I hope you get the safety and security that you need to progress more in life.

               As men, we do think that we are stronger and tougher than the opposite gender. It is true but only up to an extent. When a girl learns Karathe, she already becomes stronger than 90% of males. Out of 100% males, only 10% goes to gym or have better stamina than the girl who have learnt Karathe properly. (I am not trying to sound like Justice Katju) In the shows like India's Got Talent and EKLKBK, we have seen the group of girls performing such arts that we, men, can never even imagine ourselves doing. They showed a woman pulling truck through the power of her hairs. Then they showed a girl who lied down and a truck crossed over her and still her stomach was fine and she started jogging just after the event happened. Am I powerful than these ladies? No. Is any male in my contact powerful than these ladies? Extremely a big negative nod. Such is the dimension up to which a woman can decide to make herself stronger and tougher. Let males go through a rough procedure by toning lots of iron and make their muscles as hard as metal but when a woman decides to overcome all the possibilities, she reaches the zenith. 

              We feel very sad to hear the condition of women in our country these days when almost 4 rapes a day has happened in Delhi itself since the provenance of 2013. Just imagine the case of whole India and then consider those cases too that goes unregistered. Isn't women somewhere in fault? No, they aren't when they roam after sunset but they are when they consider themselves as a weaker section in terms of physicality. They should prepare themselves for such animals to attack themselves, if they are unlucky enough. And once they do, they should start hitting them with the strength and skill embedded into them through such training. Rather than wasting money on stuffs like Jhumka and nail paints, for some days, they should put their money into making themselves tougher. Asks your father to make you join a gym at least if there's no Karathe or martial arts training available near your residence. But show the men who think that you are not stronger the power that God has imbibed in you. 

               No man look much beautiful and good to eyes than a beautiful woman. Right? This is what God himself has sent you with- Beauty. He gave you same number of bones and muscles as men. I think he has given little more muscles to you than us. Ok Sorry for the Cheapiyapa. :-) So I'm saying that when we are equal even here, how can you get typecast as the one who is weaker? Show us. Show us that you have better strength than us in any condition and case. And yes, I'm repeating, when a woman decides, she conquers world. Do conquer rather than under-estimating your stamina, will, past, interest, confidence, body etc. When you can give birth to a child which we, men, starts shivering just by listening to the pain that you have to go through for nine months and those last minutes of delivery, you are already capable to beat us in almost any field you decide.

              Once, it was been said that woman are not much smarter and intelligent than man. In last decade, we have seen the kind of percentages in board exams that girls are scoring in comparison to boys. I was just discussing the same with my friend that whenever I visit any branch of any bank, I find only girls sitting at every counter while only a male or two in comparison to them. She agreed with me. You have shown us here too about the excellence that you possess. You are sitting in good positions in almost all the IT based industries. Please stop under-valuing yourself. Next time your boyfriend tries to scold or hit you, throw him out of your life and do something that makes him realize that you are not weak. Next time a man in local train sends wrong cue, hit him in front of all and let the world see how it is changing because of the power that the so-called weaker section holds. You have already seen how two ladies have screwed our whole nation and boys respectively even by being outsiders- Sonia Gandhi and Katrina Kaif. :-) Be like them. Haha!!!

                Respect yourself to get respect. You can not ask for respect. Kiran Bedi,  Karnam Malleswari, Priyanka Chopra, Saina Nehwal, Sunita Williams aren't asking for respect, they already have it because they are showing men their potentials which is far much than the combination of the potential of 10 average boys collectively. The amount of respect Delhi Rape victim gets is because she fought against those men rather than giving herself to them. The respect is not because of sympathy but because of the aggression she showed. You see images of women making pots with their own hands, stitching cloths, working on mechanical machinery etc in villages. When those ladies who are not even getting basics appropriately are trying to get themselves above the men of their society, how can you, the girls of urban environment, waste time in watching movies and giving your bodies to numerous boyfriends? Please, respect yourself. That's all I wanted to speak with all my female readers. I want some news of betterment from all of you. 



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