11 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Main Der Karta Nahiii.. Der Ho Jaati Hai!!! Really? WTF!!!

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             Every day ends with a settling of alarm in our handsets. We expect our next day to begin on time with freshness and aggression. Aggression not in the form of violence and deterrence but the outputs of our performance. One always needs 100% perfection even when he delivers only 60-70 or 90% of what he can. I always have problem with such expectations. The amount of force that you will apply to an object will move the object accordingly. If you want to push it by applying 60 units when it needs 100 units to move, which theory of Science says that you will be successful in moving it from its place? :-) You got my indirect message, right? I know my readers are intellectual. A paragraph by me can itself bring the result, I don't understand as to why I even write so many words every time to prove what I need to say. :-) So, when we need to get the same result that we expect, we need to put the same effort into it. How is it possible? By lazying around? By procrastinating? Definitely Not. One has to show punctuality in what he/she does. If morning's alarm is not able to wake you up on time, let me bluntly say that you are going to achieve NULL in your life. You will always see failure as the result in whatever you do.

               From last 20 days my mother was not at home and I was managing the whole house because of which I was unable to give time to my writing. The result of which can be seen- Just 10 Blog Posts in 20 Days which is far below than my regular frequency of delivering a post for all my readers. Because of tiredness, I used to sleep at 11.30 or 12 which is kind of dream for some people for me. :-) But I am not happy with it because every day I kept promising myself that I will be punctual and on-time. And every day, I slapped myself and slept. This is the punishment that I give myself when I fail in achieving what I decide or expect from myself. More than anyone else, I have lots of expectations from this guy called Abhilash Ruhela. Because one day all would leave me but I'll stay with myself till the end. If exists, even in Hell or Heaven. 

              Punctuality is the most promising factor for achieving success. Every time I have seen myself achieving, I have realized the fact that I have been punctual for that very target. And not only me, you see your achievements and your commitments for those very things. You will find the same conclusion. And I tell you, punctuality is something that turns on people when they see this trait in you. Every time, someone gives me a time for meeting or calling, and I find the person on the landmark or my phone ringing exactly on the said time, I feel too happy and the respect for the person grows. I will give you some instances. Every morning, I leave my home at 8.35 AM for college. It takes me 20 minutes to reach station. There's a turn some 100 meters before station. Every time I reach there, it's 8.50. And when I look towards right towards the turn, I find this particular bus of ONGC coming in my direction. I feel so happy to see it that I can't control myself and start walking with more speed to not to miss my train of 8.58 as I get to see many familiar faces in my coach.

              Later, when I reach Seawoods station and step out, I always find this little Muslim girl who would be of 14-15 years old walking in opposite direction towards station. She is little challenged with her legs but she does not take any support. Sometimes I see her brother with her asking continuously to help her in walking but she keeps smiling and says NO with confidence that she can walk with perfection. I find it very very amusing. I am too fond of this scenario and whenever I am punctual and catch the same local train, I get to see this girl showing me the spirits one should have for living life. All these things get missed out when I'm not punctual on any day and the day turns out to be not as awesome as it always is. While returning, I reach Panvel station at 5.15 or something and get to see a college bus that reach the railway station as soon as I step outside and I love seeing the same students walking across me daily. Such is a pleasure of being punctual.

             The sun rises and sets at the same time or in accordance of its periodicity. The Artis at temples happens at the same period. The call for Namaaz from a Masjid is given out in the same accordance. The bell at a Church is rung at the same period. When God's system and God's best believers' system is so synchronized with this thing called "Time", how can I and you misuse it when we really want God to focus on us and his best believers to take us in good note. If you are punctual, you are already a Mr. Perfectionist up to one level. After that you just need to arrange block of your life with genuineness so that you end up doing it within the time limit so that the punctuality of life does not break in middle. If I forward messages to my friends when I get a great SMS plan, even then I make it sure that I'm making a good time table for it so that the SMS reaches everyone at the same time itself. So that they know at what time this boy is going to disturb them. :-)

              Anything that is being asked to be on time when does not happen, we don't like. Then how do we disrespect punctuality when it is to be given to others who expect the same? Making someone wait for you is the worst that you can do to someone. I always make it sure that I am not making anyone wait for me in any kind of event. I ask them to go ahead. Sometimes, people go and sometimes they don't. Because they know that I don't let it happen usually. But whenever I do this, I try to rebuild the loss so that it does not get termed that I have started being late every now and then. People entrust me and I want to build trust as much as I can. Trust is all that makes relationships strong. If relationships are broken because of these stupidities by you, you can never blame the other person for not trusting you or not building trust in the relationship. The blame game starts once when one is perfect while other is not. And the perfection can be delivered only when you are at every right place on right time. That makes the person with you feel special that you acknowledge him/her a lot that you always turn out on time whenever a meeting is been planned. 

              Why are we so much attracted towards television? Because it always telecast our favorite shows or any show on time that they promise. The day we will find out that we are being fooled and they never telecast the show on time, we will start hating television. You can easily relate to the example of Cricket when there's rain in the city where the match is to be held. The match gets delayed and we feel so cheated that we don't like watching the match even when it starts after an hour or two. The same happens with the other person when we are not punctual and on time. When we are punctual, the world around us respect us and everything, even nature starts trying to build our day for us. And I tell you, there is nothing as good as a better day than yesterday. And it happens when we regularly respect our days, time schedule, every breathe and in a package, whole life. Today itself, promise yourself that you will invest in a good watch and will make it sure that you are at the spot when it needs you there. I am telling you your life will change by leaps and bounds. Just follow and you will see magics. When you will put maximum, you will get maximum. And there's nothing more than maximum. Is there anything? So let's maximize our life. :-)



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